25 Yo 3 Kids Been Self Conscious for Years - Austin, TX

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Looking for a fuller medius,I've been working out...

Looking for a fuller medius,I've been working out 6 days a week for 3 years, and squats every other day. Ive made my butt firmer and rounder but like any personal trainer will tell you,you can't chose where you gain weight so after realizing my body is not going to make gains in That area I'm ready for implants!

date moved up!!!

Moved up my surgery date to June 3rd!!that's 12 days !omg! I requested for 960 ccs but all in all the doctor will decide what I need to reach my goal. Since he is quite a drive to get to from me I arranged my pre-op the day before.I'll keep everyone updated !

pre op

1st day pre op

Not gonna lie leaving the hospital is kinda painful but after two pain pills and a nap I was just a little sore. So far I'm in love!!!!

2nd day post op

Pain is definitely bearable! The hubby when took me to shop for some pillows to help me sleep tonight. Very little pain walking (with meds)

5 days post op

5 days put now and almost to no pain just soreness and tightness. Still have the drains in but I'm glad they are because I've heard horror stories or doctors that don't use drains. The not sitting is a little hard to get used to and swelling isn't all the way down but so far it gets better everyday and the results are turning out exactly how I thought.

8 days post op

2 weeks post op

Feeling great! Still have drains in. Going in tomorrow to possibly get them taken out! This procedure,and doctor has all went perfect and smooth . exactly what I wanted.

5 weeks post op

Feeling finally normal again ! Swelling is all down.

5 1\2 weeks

Feeling back to normal. Normal activities and no pain. Still a little tightness but almost all gone!

7 weeks post op

So I'm 7 weeks out now and it was completely worth it. I've gained so my I confidence from this surgery . I wore a bathing suit today and for the first time ..EVER! I was not insecure at all! What an amazing feeling. I got to actually enjoy playing with my kids without tho long about how I looked . I'll post some pictures later ! Thank y'all all for the support I'll. W posting less frequent but I hope I helped someone make a. Educated decision on whether or not this surgery is right for them or not.

8 weeks post op

All healed and completely happy! Go in for my last check up this Monday.I'll keep everyone posted

6 mos post

Couldnt be happier!!!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! He's a perfectionist and his works reflects it!! If you go in and just talk to him you'll know he's the right doctor, he listened to all my questions and concerns and told me everything I needed to know! I couldn't have had a better doctor or better results.

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