Buh-Bye 36DDD

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After years and years and years of talking about a...

After years and years and years of talking about a BR, I finally had a consultation this afternoon. Like many of us, my boobs were always too big for my body. Big boobs make what you do and wear overtly sexual. And that is just not me. Not only how I felt emotionally, but physically it's been a pain in the neck. Literally! I've been doing acupuncture for years due to the constant creaks and aches in my neck and shoulders. Also working out is just embarrassing. Jumping Jacks? ummm, no thanks. And for sports bras - it is either wearing two bras or having a giant uniboob.

Anyways, I had my consultation and dr took some preliminary measurements. from sterum to nipple it was 26cm and 27cm. Nipple to underside was 13cm and 14cm. He also pointed out the intertigo under both breasts.

I'm 5'2", 140 and am the perfect candidate for BR. The paperwork will be filed with blue cross blue shield tomorrow. I will follow up with insurance in 2 weeks to see the progress. Wish me luck!

Second Consultation = decisions, decisions!

Today I had a consultation with a second ps. My husband attended with me. It was good for him to be there with me. My husband cracked me up when he told the care consultant that I've read the entire internet on breast reductions and he was tired of seeing all the post-op pictures. Hey, I've done my homework!

Now comes the hard part of deciding between the two doctors. Honestly I thought the consultations would be so similar it wouldn't matter who I went with. Boy was I wrong. The first consultation was more relaxed and felt like a conversation between the doc and me. The second consultation felt more rehearsed. First we were in a consultation room and then went to the examination room. Both were genuine and I liked how their personalities showed through.

Both PS's had exactly the same measurements (26cm and 27cm). BUT the first PS guesstimated my breasts were about 75grams different in size and the second guesstimated 150gram difference. Either way both dr's agreed my right breast was way bigger. The odd part is I have never realized they were dissimilar.

Now I wait to find out if insurance will cover the procedure (very doubtful), then which doctor to choose and then the date!

Difference between procedures

So I'm trying to figure out which ps to choose. One said he would do a J incision - or extended vertical. The other would do a T. When I met with him he explained the markings would look like a "W". Is that the anchor scar procedure?

What is the difference between the types?

Before Photos

Date is Set!

7:30 am May 13th!!! Eeeks I am soooo excited! Actually I go from being so excited I want to jump around, to thinking what am i doing?!? Is it normal to immediately think you are making a wrong decision? I have wanted a BR for as long as I can remember.

Comparison pics

Went shopping for post-op bras and thought it'd be fun to see side by side pics of my current 36DDD size and what I used to wear before children....36C. This Bali minimizer is the ONLY bra I have worn for as long as I remember. It got me thinking, what kind of bra will I wear after the surgery? Being so big, there has never been any choices. I was lucky to find a great bra that worked for me 10+ years ago, that after a while I stopped trying out other options.
While in the lingerie section, I looked around at all the bras with matching undies and got excited. I could actually buy something that matches!
I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy, but am only 15 pounds over my pre-child weight was. I don't think 15 pounds puts that much boob on ya. I look forward to trying a 36C after the surgery to compare the pics.

Insurance approved!

I just called BCBS and found out I was approved!!!

I don't know if it helped, but I have been calling the insurance everyday to check on it. I'm so excited and relieved to know I won't be paying $7,500 out of pocket.

Time goes by so slowly

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. My iphone doesn't let me log in, so I have been reading everyone's progress, but end up writing very few notes. But finally I am on my computer and wanted to say hello.

It is 16 days until my surgery. Eeks! I am excited! I've made a list of items to purchase from Amazon. But I still have a few questions I hope you beautiful ladies could help me answer.
First - Do I buy a Marena bra or not for post-op? My doc says no need, but is ok with me doing whatever I think is best. So, what do you think?
- Should I ice my boobs post op or not?
- When could I start exercising again after surgery? Not just walking, but push-ups, weights, etc.?

11 days to go!

...or rather 10 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes until I check in at the hospital!

Just ordered bromelain, silicon strips and bio oil from amazon. It's really happening! Monday is my pre-op appointment. This will be the first time my husband gets to meet this doctor.

I've been physically and mentally preparing myself for this journey. I am working out 4-5x/week and eating clean. Though I broke down and had a small, black cup of coffee. But lots of water, veggies and making sure to keep away from processed foods. I want my body to be in its best health possible so recovery will be easier.

worried about width

I am starting to worry my boobs will still be wide after surgery. Ps is doing Lipo on the sides. Will that help? My boobs are so very wide and even if they get smaller, will they still be so big around?

I'm having my preop consultation in a few hours, and will ask, but now I am getting nervous.

PreOp Done

I had my preop yesterday afternoon. It's really happening ladies! And I am so excited.

The nurse walked me through day of procedures with showering with no lotions, no food/water after midnight. I did ask if that meant no moisturizer on my face, because I just am fanatical about keeping my face moisturized. She said that was fine as long as I didn't put it on my breasts or anywhere else. She showed me pictures of the bra they recommend I get. Guess what - it's the Fruit of the Loom bra everyone raves about on here! She did say to buy one 2 bands larger than what I wear now (I bought 36, 38 and 40 to be safe). I will be wearing this bra for at least 6 weeks after surgery. And of course no aspirins, etc. 10 days prior to the surgery. Doctor came in and walked me through the procedure again, explaining his technique. My husband was with me so it was good for him to hear everything. He also said no showering or getting to see my new boobs until my first check up that is 5 days later. Doctor said surgery would be 2-2.5 hours, but husband wouldn't get to see me until closer to 4 hours after surgery. This is when the doctor turned to my husband and said, 'so you don't have to sit in the waiting room. This would be a good time for you to go home and clean the house." Haha.

But seriously, my husband said he was bringing his laptop to work in the waiting room and the dr said hubby was welcomed to go to PS office (upstairs from the surgical site) if that was more comfortable. Very gracious. The surgery is taking place in a private hospital and that is where I'll be staying overnight as will hubby.

The only thing to do now is to keep the house cleaned, get food prepped for the two weeks after surgery and keep exercising and eating right. Also my kids are going to grandparents house for the week so I have to pack their bags this weekend.

Now I am going to write my hospital bag list, pick up the prescriptions and just contain my excitement!

What did everyone wear to the surgery? Right now I am thinking sweat pants and a cardigan with no bra (ahhhh! crazy to write!) with slip on shoes. That with my toothbrush, phone/charger will probably be all I bring with me to the hospital.

On the smaller side!

Back from the hospital this morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind. Checked in at 7am. Pre-op IV/blood pressure/getting asked repetitive questions (what's your name, who is your doctor) by everyone. Doc marked me up around 8:15. Two nurses came to wheel me into the operating room. As I was being wheeled in, the song "Happy" was playing. The nurses said that was a fitting song. Oh, and one of the nurses said she had a reduction done 4 years ago and it was the best decision of her life. She patted my leg and said how great it was I was doing it now. Yay!
I remember being rolled into the OR and that is it....Woke up in post-op and it was 11:45am. I was definitely out of it! The first thing I remember doing is lifting the hospital gown to take a peek at my chest. And smiled. Yesterday was a huge blur. I am very thankful I got to stay the night at the hospital because if anything would have gone wrong, it would have been taken care of then.

Fast forward to this morning. The doctor came to my room around 7:30 to check the bandages. He said everything looks good and I was free to go home. I visit with him Monday afternoon. He did take a looksie at my new boobs and I have to brag - they look AWESOME. haha

A big thank you to everyone on this site who has shared all of their stories. You ladies have made this journey so much easier than it would have been with out you.

Post Op photos

Feeling Fantastic

I'm 3 days out and feel fantastic. The key is to stay on top of your meds - prescription or tylenol, just take it regularly. Also I'm taking bromelain and trying not to do anything physical.

I did take a shower earlier today. I used the handheld shower head to keep the water off my chest.
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