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I have been considering having a reduction for...

I have been considering having a reduction for years. I will be 39 in May. I am 5.6; 165 lbs (but carry it pretty well); and a 36DDD. Even when I was 25 and weighed 130lbs I was still a large DD-DDD. I have always disliked my girls, but have just dealt with them. I hate being pulled forward all the time, and constantly have aching neck pain and aching between my shoulder blades. I love to run and ride (my husband and I have horses), unfortunately even with two sports bras on I still seem to be holding my breasts down whenever I ride. I also have indentions in my shoulders constantly from my bras.

I was really considering the procedure about three years ago and even spoke with my OBGYN about it at my annual. I was going to college and decided to wait unit I finished my degree. I finished, went in for my usual annual, my doctor noticed an area in my left breast where the tissue just seemed a little dense. She had me go for a mammogram- where they ended up following up with a sonogram. It was discovered that I had two very small masses (one in each breast). They did not appear cancerous and after seeing a surgeon it was decided that they would monitor the masses for two years with mammograms and or sonograms every 6 months. In January I was cleared as there was no changes which means they are benign and I do not need to go in again till I'm 40.

I discussed the breast reduction with my surgeon and he said he thought I was a good candidate and recommended a plastic surgeon. I met with him and with another surgeon two of my co-workers had used for a breast reduction. I really liked both surgeons for different reasons, but opted for the one my doctor had recommended because he would keep me overnight for observation. Also when we were discussing size, and I said a B he pointed out that I have a deviate septum and that if he went smaller than a C I would not look appropriate. I never noticed this before, but it makes sense because I have never been able to get a bra to fit flat between my breasts.

After receiving approval from insurance (YEA!), I have scheduled the procedure for June 3rd (I teach so this will give me the summer to heal). I have always been healthy and have never been put under so I am very anxious and nervous about this aspect. My pain tolerance isn't as small as some but it's not as high as some either. However I have been assured that it will be completely worth it in the end.

So here we go I am 10 weeks away. Just hope I don't chicken out.

Really strange dream last night. I'm 9.5 weeks...

Really strange dream last night. I'm 9.5 weeks away from surgery and haven't even had my pre-op appointment yet (scheduled for May 20th). But, I'm already having weird dreams. I dreamed last night I was running naked down the side of a street that bordered a beach in public. I didn't think you were suppose to have weird dreams until you were on doped up on medication.

I see a lot of people talking about silicone...

I see a lot of people talking about silicone strips; I've looked these up and there are many different types. Which ones should I consider purchasing?

Pre- Op today

Well I went in for my pre-op today. My doctor could see how nervous I was and really assured me that he would take good care of me and to focus on the positives we've talked about. I told him I had been reading blogs and he said well, when all this is done I'll be blogging about how wonderful I feel. I'm nervous and excited, I just really wish they could wave a magic wand and it would all be over with and not have to deal ugly stitches, bruising and recovery. Two weeks away now.

Is this really going to fit!!!

I went today and bought the three of the bras my PS recommended I get in the size he suggested; I'm looking at them going no way! I tried one on and just thought to myself, this is never going to fit me. Then I got a little excited about the prospect that it just might fit! Now if I just wasn't so scared!!
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