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I have had full breasts since about 18 but always...

I have had full breasts since about 18 but always manageable. Over the past 10 years they have continued to get larger. People suggested reduction but it seemed so drastic. I kept hoping if I lost weight they would reduce to a reasonable size. A 20lb loss did not do much for the boobs. 3 months ago clothes shopping and nothing fitted - A sudden "A ha moment" - this could all be fixed in one day. Each day is a challenge - is it cool enough to wear a spanx top to push them together? How many layers will I wear today? The aches the pains - clothes too tight on the bust. Feeling matronly. I am self employed and could not take the time to start the process. I have a window and saw 3 ps this week. I wondered how I would choose but turns out you instinctively know who is the right one. Hoping to do the procedure on November 4th!

Before pics


Is it standard procedure to get a mammogram prior to the reduction?

I did it!!!

I decided on my surgeon last week but today finally took the plunge and booked the date. It feels like a weird surreal thing but there is no option - I cannot tolerate the weight and size of these boobs any longer.
It is going to be a short lead up time - 3 weeks only! Started tidying the house today. Will make a shopping list. I started doing yoga a few weeks ago so will continue with that - healthy eating. Try to resist going out with friends for a few glasses of wine...........Gosh - I can hardly imagine the difference it is going to make in my life - there are soooooo many things that will be better!!!
I have my own business - I coordinate everything from my office at home so hopefully will be able to keep all that going. I am in the middle of my biggest sales time but I have structured the next few months not to have any business travel. My dad has unexpectedly asked me to go to England for his 75th birthday so I will have 3 weeks and 2 days before I fly post op - not sure if that is crazy or will be okay - we shall see. I am a big believer in positive mental attitude. ;-)

Making progress........11 more days

This week I had my first ever mammogram on Monday, pre-op and EKG on Wednesday. told I have to go back for a second mammogram. Kind of funny that this is a crazy busy week - we have an international conference in town and I am doing 4 events and then another fund raiser on Sunday while trying to run my business and do these medical appts. Bad timing but perhaps good to be busy. Someone recommended staying overnight but this surgery center does not offer that so home it will be. took some boob pictures and will try and get them up tomorrow. Sure is tiring carrying these boobs around!! 11 more days

Advice please ladies........

I am from England so the only family I have here is my 22 year old son who I am close to and is very responsible.
The question is how much help will I need after the surgery and what kind of help. I have several friends that are very keen to help. I am not sure why I am a little uncomfortable. I think I will be feeling very vulnerable. I am used to being in control and I am worried that I will get upset if they are too bossy. At the same time perhaps I won't care and be glad of the help. They are telling me to schedule a meeting so they can work out a timetable. Not sure - please let me know what you all think and how much help you needed and with what. Thanks so much!

Bit scary.....

I thought the recall on the mammogram was due to not being clear. Radiology told me today there are some issues of concern on my right breast so having an ultrasound - it was a bit upsetting. My friend says this happens fairly frequently and it could just be fibrous tissue - I will know tomorrow afternoon.

34H for 7 more days


One more week...........

Today I had my blood work done. Also a second diagnostic mammogram as they had "concerns". Thankfully I have the all clear. Spoke to the surgery center - no intubation just something to hold the airway open. No catheter........Good news all around. Went to Trader Joes to get some easy to prepare food in the house. Now just need to pick up my meds, extra bra and easy tops. Hard to concentrate on work - this seems so much more important at the moment!

6 Medications.........

Picked up the prescriptions today - 6 different ones. A pre-op anti nausea (one tablet $86.00) , post op anti nausea,/sedative/sleep aid, anti inflammatory and pain, anti infection, pain reliever, muscle relaxant. Crickey. I looked at all the strips and tapes but did not know which one to get. Also sore throat lozengers and dulcolax. Never spent so long in CVS!

Not long now.

Not sure why I am so calm and sleeping well with 4 days to go. I am on this site twice a day though reading everyone's updates. When I do my last check in at midnight the 2 ladies from Australia suddenly pop up with their updates as the are 14 hours ahead of us and then in the morning the European ladies have their updates. thank goodness for this site with people going through the same thing. Finally going to get the back up bra this afternoon - was looking a demi bras from Chantelle yesterday for fun (post op) - they are so gorgeous - cannot really believe that I may be able to wear one........

Count down is almost over........

I am not as prepared as I was expecting with one day left. On Saturday had a 5 am start to travel to Houston to sell my products at a British holiday bazaar - home at 8.30pm - long hard day. Sunday planned to clean house and instead when on an architectural homes tour - I guess I am keeping myself busy so I won't get anxious. Tomorrow need to get the business in order and get clean and tidy so I will rest easy after surgery and not be embarrassed if my friends are in my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom - hee hee - I don't clean as much as I should :-). All the ladies that have had the surgeries done in the last week or 10 days all managed the surgery so well and seem positive and managing well - yay for them and a good inspiration for us all - thank you ladies!

The night before.......

Slightly regretting my busy weekend but that's the way I roll.....Busy day at work - so much to deal with - I sell my products at Costco and Whole Foods so have to stay on top of everything. Think most stuff in hand - then super fast clean up. Got last minute stuff - dial soap, arnica, tylenol, prunes. My friend is coming with me in the morning and feel glad to give over charge to someone else. Got one more hour to hydrate. My surgeon gave me a pill to take tonight - think it is a relaxer or something - can't remember. then an anti nausea for the morning. The surgery is at 8.00 - arrival time 7 am CST. Gosh - seems like a crazy thing to be doing but of course we know it isn't. Hope I don't miss my boobs. Several ladies are seeming a bit sad or disappointed - hope it works out well for everyone. Guess we have to know they didn't start out perfect and they may not end up perfect. ;-) but better,,,,,thanks for your support ladies - sure would be a lonely journey without you.

Not sure whether photos exagerate ;-)

Oops pics

The day has arrived

6 am - Slept reasonably. Taken my emend. All tidy and ready. shower then off to arrive for 7 am. Till later or tomorrow. best wishes

On the other side..........

Thanks for your support and encouragement!
So here I am post op. Doing really well. Trying to follow all instructions - resting, using a 45 degree wedge. Taking all my meds and arnica and ducolax. Eating healthy food. I have not taken off the bra or looked - just done some peeping. Looks pretty clean from what I can see.
The PS gave me celebrex for the night before so I slept reasonably well. Up at 6 am had emend and drove over there with my friend.
The nurse had trouble getting the IV in and I had a VasoVagal reaction- kind of like fainting. We had to wait until I recovered to do it again. The second time the anesthesiologist gave my a lidocane shot and put the iv in himself no problem. I guess I passed out within seconds = have no memory of any of it which is kind of cool - certainly was not scared or anxious - amazing really.
The surgery was around 3.5 hours. They removed 750 grams (2.25 pounds) on left and 630 grams (just under 2 pounds) on the right .
I took about 1.5 hours to come round in recovery. They were trying to get me out quick but i delayed 30 mins - I barely felt conscious. It has been good being at home - my son and 3 friends have been giving me my meds and meals. Trying to do everything that I have been told so hopefully will be a fast recovery and no complications
Scared to look at the moment - perhaps tomorrow> ;-)

First post photo

Hi ladies. Thanks for all your well wishes. I guess this is day 3 post op. i have been sleeping on & off since the operation. Getting up and walking a bit. Was not prepared for the confusion & memory lapses caused by the meds. Felt like a 90 year old lady! So far almost no pain. Apart from a stiff bum from being in bed ;-). I have unstuck the edges of some of the tape as that was a not sore. I am thinking about removing the gauze but i do mot have any replacement. Am i supposed to get some & put it on? I am being a chicken & avoiding checking out the whole result. More later.

First post picture

I have been trying not to touch - leave them alone to heal. Had a friend help me change the dressings to keep the strips dry. I do not see anyone medical until 8 days post op!! They have checked in by phone daily.

Starting to let myself be happy......

Yesterday my friend that helped me with the dressings said my boobs looked wonderful. Today a different friend came over with a bagel. I asked her if she would walk around the block with me - I wanted to get out but was a bit concerned going by myself due to the woozyness. I showed her my boobs and she thought they were great. The interesting thing was that she said my back was straight - that it is usually rounded forward with the weight - I was so pleased. I got dressed and could see so much difference in my appearance. It is starting to sink in that this issue that I was constantly thinking about and dealing with would be over!!! the implications are huge as in out look, self esteem, awareness - how to hide, minimize the boobs, not feeling sexy but matronly. this is going to be amazing! Also feel so motivated to eat healthy and loose a few belly pounds. It is a load off my mind as well as my body. Yippee!!!!


How many days after do you keep icing?
my surgeon put these 1 inch thick pieces of foam rubber in my bra on the small lypo sites where he lypoed the side a little bit - Should I keep them in - they are uncomfortable but perhaps fulfilling a function?


Ready to be better

Pictures for day 5. Feeling okay. Would like to be all better but that is unrealistic. Think i will take a shower to buck up a bit. Tired of being in bed. The lipo sites are the sorest @ swollen. See the ps in 3 days. .

Wish I hadn't done that.........

Yesterday I took my first shower and washed my hair by bending forward under shower so I did not lift my arms that much - all worked out pretty well. Went for a drive with a friend and then later out with another friend for early small dinner. It is odd being out - walking slowly and trying to protect yourself.
Today I made a mistake of working too long at the computer - I have my own business and office at home. Planned to just do 2 hours ended up 5.5 hours resulting in alot of swelling in my breasts and sides where the lipo insitions are. i have retreated back to bed and my propped up position - taken some anti inflammatory (Aleve). Really not sure if the arnica is helping with bruising and swelling.......You really cannot rush this healing. I will only do very essential work things for the rest of the week......

Post - Op - that was easy!

Had my post op - 8 days post. The nurse removed all the tape which had been put on on surgery day. I had anticipated it being painful as it looked messy under there. No pain - came off pretty easy and she applied more tape that I need to replace once a week for 3 months. Saw the surgeon for about 5 minutes. He said it had been straight forward. He had taken 630 grams from each breast but then realized that to be equal more needed to come out of the left - total 740 left and 630 right. I did not get the weight fro the lipo - did not like to ask.....So still swollen and bruised but doing well. Bit of training on daily massage from the nurse. Surgery bra at least 3 months. Made me feel better all round today - more myself. Had fun last night trying on some blouses and dresses and seeing how much better they looked. Pictures to follow. ;-)

Looking small.....

Looking small continued....

This morning I put on this old white t-shirt and thought my boobs look so nice and small - yippee!! I really have felt quite back to myself again today and have not taken a single drug or painkiller ALL day! I just put in about 4.5 hours at work - Twinges of pain - not too bad and in bed at 8.30pm to rest up. Still swelling from the side chest lipo but I think that may last a while. I am optimistic that my breasts will end up a good size - small enough. I had a card from the shop where I buy most of my clothes saying they are looking forward to seeing me and the new boobs - they have witnessed the trouble I have had for the past 3 years. What they don't know if the clothes I already have feel new now that they fit so much better.................Wishing good recoveries and happiness to my fellow early November ladies!

A bit of relief.....

I have been doing exactly as i was told by PS & nurse (this is unusual for me). I am supposed to wear the cotton compression bra for 3 or 6 months. My poor boobs were feeling kind of chafed. I am giving them a break in this soft spanx bra. I wore my big 1 inch thick foam pads all day. They are the only thing that keeps the swelling down. Researching lymphatic massage. I think i will book one.

Healing nicely

Today i had to change my tape myself which i was a little concerned about. Turned out to be easy. I got my first look at incisions. They are so flat i think the scars will be barely visible. Good surgeon choice i think. Phew!

Playing dress up......

Staying to rest & reduce swelling so decided to play dress up with my recent summer dresses & tops that i was either A. busting out of. B. had to buy a new bra or wear an old small one to squash the boobs C. Spend hours trying to find backless/ strapless big enough to fit but stay on. D. Wear a spanx top or cami in 105 degree TX heat to squash boobs or because "wrap around" does not wrap around these boobs E. wear a cardigan in Tx heat to hide massive bra straps. Next summer is going to beca breeze for us ladies!!! And you know your closet has plenty of items you never wore because you did not have the right under pinnings. Yay for us !

not to be a Debbie Downer but............

This healing is quite challenging.............Now I understand the ladies who went ahead of me and voiced various issues. Such uncomfortable twisty stinging sensations in the under incisions. I was determined to follow the PS and nurse instructions to the letter however I am a bit off track right now. I am supposed to keep the tape on for 3 months and the bra 24/7 for 3-6months. Last night I took off the tape on the under incisions. Discovered like an allergic reaction on the skin which is stingy and itchy. The bra is chafing so I am taking it off at bed time. I hope I will replace the tape tomorrow. Feels like a tight pinchy elastic band under my boobs. I have an idea - perhaps I should take some Benedryl.......On a more positive note - It got really cold in Austin yesterday. I wore my new coat from last year - it fits much better and looked super with the small boobs. It is great to feel that your personality is what you represent instead of the giant boobs being your defining characteristic! Okay - wonder how many more weeks of stingy, itchy torture we have before we heal. Any more suggestions ladies?

21 day anniversary

Incisions looking great. Just one slight weeping area. Had a few "zingers" today. Thought i was going to miss out on them ;-) not too bad. Phone the PS nurse about my ooze area. She told me to email a photo & they would advice. Modern medicine. Ha ha. Had first lymphatic massage yesterday. It was interesting. Almost could feel pathways unblocking. Slight reduction in swelling. Need to continue myself till next appt. flying to england tomorrow for 6 days Family will see new smaller boobs. Yay. Happy thanksgiving!

I uploaded multiple pictures -

The pictures are missing - will try again.

Pictures take 2

Back safe and sound...........

I got back from my trip to England yesterday - all went well. I ended up with 2 roll a boards - I checked in both on the way there so I did not have to lift up to the overhead. On the way back I had one but asked another passenger to lift for me. Still trying to be careful about my movements.
So yesterday was one month post. Doing well but had not really believed how long the healing takes. I still have some swelling but MUCH better - the lipo area is much better - the outsides of breasts are the worst. Plenty of slightly uncomfortable feelings particularly on under incisions - sometimes I just have to take the bra off for a bit. Yesterday I realized that some of the sutures were sticking out in various places. Perhaps I will snip with sharp scissors - will no be doing any pulling!! Avoided wounds so far - not going to jeopardize anything at this point. Still enjoying the novelty of small boobs. Will post some pictures shortly.
Noticed lots of ladies have had their surgery this week. I really hope you will rest as much as possible and give your wounds what they need to heal. Someone told me that - I took it seriously and avoided complications - yay!!!! Be well everyone.

Fun fun fun

Fun fun fun cont.......

Life is sooooo much better with smaller boobs - being able to wear your clothes well - feeling light and energetic. There is this guy that I have liked for 2 years but I felt self conscious about my matronly breasts. Went with him for brunch today - I love my new confidence. Swelling improved again. Perhaps some new clothes require soon - something a little sexy for the holidays. ;-)

One more pic. Look tiny boobs!


I had been thinking my nipples looked a little on the small side. this morning I had an "a ha" moment.....My breasts are still quite swollen - once they reach their final size which may be 15-20% smaller perhaps the nipples will be perfect! ;-)

Nipples......part 2

I knew I had another thought about the nipples..........As the breasts are swollen on the sides more that the middle it is also impossible to judge the symmetry and direction of the nipples as they could be skewed by swelling - in summary - be patient and not rush to judgements.

Making progress...

Now between 7&8 weeks post. Many of the bothersome issues are mostly resolved. The swelling is mostly down. Just a little bit left on the left which results in a boxy shape. Glad to be over the itches Still taping as directed. Scars totally flat still wearing surgery bras Have not been bra shopping yet. Did wear several strappy tops at christmas with no bra- that was fun. Loving having small boobs!

2 months and counting..............

My surgery was 2 months yesterday - seems so long ago. Not much to update - getting close to full healing but not quite there. The incisions are perfect now - the swelling virtually gone - just a little left on the outsides. Generally the tissue seems to have softened. Still some odd internal feelings if I lie sideways or occasionally when getting up from lying down. Still taping and wearing my surgery bras - 3 months are my instructions. I have not been bra shopping - just biding my time. Love how much easier life is with small boobs - much easier on the brain which is crazy - major problem solving does not have to occur every time you get dressed! ;-) Photos below - still hoping to get some rounding/shape on the outside of the breasts but overall pretty happy with result.

2 month photos

New found confidence.......

I am in San Francisco on a business trip - the first one with the new boobs. On Friday night I was out for dinner by myself and sat at a bar to have dinner. A guy came in and sat down two seats away - we both messed with our phones. I got some wonderful sourdough bread - too much for one person...After much deliberation I asked him if he would like to share the bread..We got into an amazing conversation - turned out he is an amazing photographer in town for the same food event as me and we had many interests in common. 2 hours later he asked for my number and we are going out today. So the relevance to the breast reduction........I guess when you are feeling sexy with your perky boobs in your strappy top you are more prepared to take a risk - fun and exciting! So yesterday had my first wonder around some lingerie - did not try anything on but if was fun to look. Still not ready for an underwire and do not know the cup size. The C cups looked mini - I think the breast are too broad based for C. May look some more today and perhaps try something on - almost time to ditch the surgery bras!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their new selves and having a good weekend.

The date and bras.......

Hi ladies,
Sorry for the delay on the date update. As you know I was super excited to meet someone and have a connection. Most of us see this operation as quite a life changer for all kinds of reasons.
The date was lovely! We met at the David Hockney exhibition that was at the De Young gallery in SFO which we both wanted to see and after went to a cool little restaurant in the Mission District. It was super fun - I felt good - we talked and talked and laughed. Now.....I am back in Austin - he is back in LA. ;-( We text and if our travel plans intersect we will meet again. I am thinking a "business" trip to LA must be in my near future - ha ha! Thanks for the support and encouragement. I am going to upload some photos on my phone and then talk abit about bras...


Bras continued....

I had been told by the surgeon not to wear underwire for at least 3 months so I have not been bra shopping - just worn my 2 surgery bras and one soft spanx. I have been wondering about my size as even though the swelling is almost all the way down I still measure 41 inches around the breast and around 35 inches under the breast. Before surgery I was wearing 34H bra. On Saturday I tried on some 34 C and 34 D cups in Nordstrom but they were much too small. I did not have time to try on anymore. At home I tried on my old bras from about 11 years ago - as in picture 2-4. They seemed to fit well at the bottom - ie the wire part however were somewhat baggy on the upper cup part. Next time I go shopping I will try 36D and 38D. I had told my surgeon I was okay with a full C but he said he would go for small C - I do not think this can happen. The wire on C cup bras look tiny. I just think the base of the breast is too broad. Still very happy with my much smaller boobs and almost fitting in my old bras.........I did actually wear one most of the day yesterday and it did not bother my incisions which was good. So - still looking forward to the new bra spree soon............

One more thing.....

I did interview a female surgeon and she gave me some information that none of the surgeons and no one on this site have mentioned. That is that 200 grams is the equivalent of a cup size. I have 750 grams and 630 grams removed - so between 3 and 4 cup sizes. If you start out at H and end up a C you need to go down 5 cup sizes which is 1000 grams..........Makes sense that I will end up a D.

Takes time......

Takes time......

It was my 3 month anniversary on the 5th. All is well and very happy with my new boobs. I have been surprised that full healing really takes as long as they said. The only issues are still sleeping - I am okay if I sleep on my side only if wear a bra. Last night I tried without and had a few scary moments where I felt I was straining something when I turned & this morning feels swollen on one side- I will keep the bra on to sleep for another month and try again. I am also keeping my tape on around my nipples to protect the tender skin in a little while longer - when I leave it off I get a little redness. Still no new bras - perhaps this weekend - craving something other than white surgical!! One of the most things recently was going dancing to 80's music. Dancing without the boobs is fantastic. I always felt self-conscious before about raising or waving the arms - I had the best time!
I am keeping up with everyone and am glad everyone is doing so well. HVD!! Enjoy all that smaller boobs has to offer! ;-)

I've hit the wall on surgery bras......

I have been told to wear the surgery bras for 6 months. Now at 3.5 months post I am so over these cotton shapeless uglies........This weekend I went to Dillards to see my bra lady. She handed me one bra choice in the "no underwire category"- what the hell!!! We had limited choices prior to surgery and I guess they continue a little longer. So another warcoal pull over bralette -aaarrgghhh - boring. In addition she looks at me and says - you will end up DD or DDD - again WTHell. I understand so many ladies do not end up as small as they wish. I am loads smaller and it is great but I just wish the surgeons would stop misleading almost everyone. So a while longer in the land of cotton ugly.
On another topic - I stopped wearing the micropore tape at 3 months and have so much more redness on the nipples and front scar. It must be friction - I think I am going to start wearing it again for a wishes dear ladies - you and you new boobs are all beautiful.
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