52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

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Thanks to all who are on this journey with me. ...

Thanks to all who are on this journey with me. Your posts have inspired me to blog my experience. I too developed early and continued well into adulthood. After years of wanting to be free of the pain and discomfort, I was finally approved for BR. Surgery scheduled for 10/14.

My PS and staff have been great. Pre-op tomorrow. Full of questions of course. I'll get a packet of information along with a prescription for pain meds to be filled prior to surgery (very important!).
Expecting great results. I have a lot of breast tissue so the smallest he can try to get is a D cup. I'm thinking I'll be a large D or DD when its all done. So looking forward to not spending a fortune for one bra.
I do plan to get my body ready beginning Oct 1. I'll do a cleanse since it sounds like constipation is par for the course. Avoid a lot of heavy foods opting for soups.

52 yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Hello all. Pre-op done. Just waiting for the big day! I'm so excited! Many of my questions were addressed and I'm feeling good about the process. I was instructed to start taking Arnica Montana to help with post-op bruising and swelling.

Anyways... I go in at 6:45am October14. I should be in recovery by 10am. On my way home within a couple of hours after that. Truly mind blowing! I'll post before and after pics as soon as I can. Thanks again to all who have shared the good the bad and sometimes ugly part of this beautiful journey to being all we were created to be. Talk with you all soon! Be blessed!

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

52Yr. old, 38G, Austin Tx

52 yr. old, 38G, Austin Tx

Good morning ladies. Hope all is well. I am 14 days out...wow! It has been years in the making. My journey started almost a year ago and here we are. This site has helped me prepare tremendously. Thanks to all of you. You will never know how much you help me and others to go through. I can look at the photos of happy faces and know that's going to be me real soon. I'm staying positive and not even thinking about going back. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and positive thinking.

Ok... Bra shopping has been fun. Ordered one from Amazon (miles kimball). Its a back support but it looks comfortable. Regular front close sports bras from Wal-Mart too in a couple of sizes. We'll see. Its hard to buy when you haven't had surgery.

Other than making a list of things I think I'll need to do and buy, just waiting for my date.

Blessings to all!

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Good morning all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. For those who are ahead of me I hope you're loving your results. For those who are along with me I say let's get this done and on to a better life. For those who are contemplating and searching out a good PS do your homework.

Since not much will be happening over the next week or so, this will be the last post for a few days. The next post will probably be the night before surgery and so forth.

My plan for the next week is to get things in order at work and home. Make sure everything is on track with the Ps etc... Forgive me for being anal but details matter... After all this is a huge decision. Make lists... Check them as needed.

I've also decided to not spend as much time reading reviews as that can take hours out of my day. I will prepare, have the surgery, follow doctor's orders and let my body tell me what it needs as every body is different.

Anyways, good luck and God bless to all!

I'll post day of pics as well.


52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Hello ladies. Someone suggested a really cool website: breastreduction4you.com
Lots of good information and stuff I didn't think about.. Like making sure I have a can with a lid in case I get sick in the car ride home... Who knew?? Lol.. Anyways, a lot of their information echoed what was in my PS packet which was reassuring.

Will post on the 135th and post-op after that. Good luck to all!

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Morning all.
I read a blog from someone who didn't have a good PS experience. Its taken a year but things are finally on track for her. She had a lot of problems which her PS brushed off. Her pics were horrific! Sorry I don't remember who's blog I read. From what I read her PS removed too much and didn't put in drains. She was infected with wounds that wouldn't heal. Unfortunately her PS was no help post operatively. She had to buy this lesson. I can borrow from her experience.
For me:
1. Don't go too small. After being a G I would love to be in the D range but if my PS can only get me down safely to a DD I will accept it. Who wants perky breasts and no nipples?

2. Don't despise drains. Par for my course. I've heard they're a pain but no pain no drain.

3. If my PS isn't responding or his nurse in a timely manner and I feel like there's something wrong I will make haste to get to the ER.

Just thought I'd share....

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Good morning all!
I am 3 days out from "D" day (no pun intended..lol!!). Not going to bore you with minor details of housecleaning etc... However I am in that mode.

I do want to address a couple of things with my PS: dog ears and side boob. Quite a few women on RS have experienced it and I'm wondering how to avoid it without having to go down the revision road. If anyone knows or can give insight on how you and your PS dealt with this and your outcome please chime in. Thanks!!

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

It wasn't my plan to post again but wanted to share something with my sister's who are in the struggle.

A concerned friend called over the weekend. She questioned my decision to have BR... You know if I was sure this is really what I wanted to do etc...
Mind you she has much smaller boobs (maybe a C cup on a good day and I'm a G cup everyday).

People who haven't walked a mile in our shoes will never be able to truly understand the weight we carry. How tiring and debilitating it is every single day. I can't begin to tell you how many times I cried and prayed hoping that someday I would be where I am now.

I assured her and anyone else who asked that I am totally at peace with this decision which has been a long time coming.

Also, someone sent me a private message on RS and asked what my husband thought about me having a BR. Well that isn't something I have to deal with because I'm not married.

The last time I considered BR was about 15 yrs ago. I was married to a control freak who threatened to leave me if I went through with it... Ok.. I did say that I'm single, right? Well I didn't get the surgery and he moved out a short time after...you can't begin to know how many times I kicked myself for not doing it then.

Which is why I'm not letting anyone talk me out of it this time. I've read countless stories, watched videos etc.... The good the bad and the ugly. I'm up for it. This time Its all about me and I'm happy and excited about it. A journey that started almost 20 years ago is coming to fruition in less than 72 hours... Its real now...to God be the glory.

"He will keep your mind in perfect peace if you keep your mind focused on Him."

Almost there!!

Morning all! Well it's less than 24 hours now. I have such a peace about it all. Getting things together but that's about it.

See y'all on the other side!

so worth it!

Home for a couple of hours now. Everything went great! It was just as you all said. No nausea at all. Dry throats minimal pain but all and all I'm good.


Morning all. Got through the first night. Very little pain swelling or discomfort.. Taking it easy..

Feeling good!

Thanks to all who are following and posting. Everything is going well. Minimal pain and swelling. Very little discomfort. Only taking ibuprofen... Woo hoo!

And yes I really do think the Arnica helped as I don't have much bruising. Its worth it if your PS recommends it.

I go back for my follow-up on Thursday. Ready to get the drains out. Hopefully I'll have a better idea of my size.

Blessings to all.


Headed in for first follow up and drains out

almost forgot...

I thought my surgery bra was too loose. I did ask about it. Its loose so there's good blood flow. I would think the tighter the better but I guess not. They are itching a little and very tingly! Weird...


OK... Shoulders are kinda sore. It feels like the soreness you feel the day after working out. Not painful jus sore. I'll mention it to my PS on Friday.

Also... Popped in Walmart to try on bras. Right now it feels like DD which I'm happy with.


one week post-op..

One week check up. All went well. All dressings removed... Omg... Don't think I was ready to see the scars.... I still have surgical glue on all my incisions.

Up to this point I hadn't used any hot or cold packs. I am now applying warm (not burning hot but as hot as my hand can stand) wet towels a few times a day to aid with bruising and swelling. I am not putting anything topically on my breasts.

Following instructions...

Good morning! Although I am following my PS directives and it appears to be working for me at the moment, I encourage all who are following me to please consult your specific PS regarding your specific case and any questions you might have. I have found that not all PS give the same information or have the same approach. Blessings to all.

2 weeks post op

Everything going well..so far so good! Still a little under arm swelling on the left side. The right side is doing much better. Ready to transition into sports bras. 2 week post op follow up appointment on Monday. Back to work on Tuesday.

Hope all are healing well!!


I started sleeping on my sides which makes for much more restful nights. For the first 2 weeks sleeping on my back was a hassle. Alot of people suggested wedge pillows. After pricing them on Amazon and other sites I purchased a travel neck pillow for 10 bucks at Walmart or Walgreens..? It provided the support I needed and kept me from sleeping on my stomach which is my favorite sleep position. Hopefully soon the PS will release me to sleep on my stomach again.

Sleep well!!

2 week follow-up

Follow-up went well. No tears or infections. Ok'd to start using eucerin cream to aid in the healing process. I am also now able to wear sports bras as long as they aren't too tight which can affect blood flow. Back to work tomorrow!!

3 weeks post-op

Things are going great. Nipples a little sore. Covering them with a little gauze really helps. Definitely checking for separation and any infections. Luckily I haven't seen any.
Hope you're all healing well.

3wk photos


First day back was rough. I missed my nap! It got better as the week progressed. I went to bed early which helps.

Crossed paths with the ex...

So ladies... Yesterday I crossed paths with my ex. A mutual friend had already told him about my procedure. He said I looked good. Although I didn't need his validation a statement was made. Yes it was many years in the making but I made it. My best is yet to come.

To God be the glory...


Morning all. I wanted to share a funny with y'all. Prior to the BR I used to put deodorant or powder under my breast to combat sweating and that nasty smell we sometimes get in the high Texas heat. I did that religiously every day. Over the last few days I've caught myself almost doing it out of habit.
I was like really?? I had to laugh at myself... No more deodorant boobs for me...lol!! Happy Tuesday!

4 weeks..

updated pics

Wow.. I can't believe its been almost 6 weeks. Great follow-up appointment today. PS recommended scar gel finally. Since I'm healing so we'll I can exercise and do just about anything. Excited about that. Hope all are healing well.

updated pics

8 weeks post op

Wow.. It will be 2Mo. tomorrow since my surgery. This has been quite a journey. Scar treatment going well. I'll post updated pics again in a couple of weeks. Take care y'all!

Before pic...and after!!

Will never regret doing this. Next step getting the rest of my body back on track!

10 week update

Hello.. Hope all are doing well. For those who are in recovery congratulations. For those who are preparing for surgery know it's the best decision you can make for yourselves. A couple of pics. Not a lot happening. Will post again in a couple of weeks. Take care and happy New year!

update with pics..

Hello all,
Everything still on track. Tried a couple of different scar treatments. Using mederma right now. Will try it for the rest of January and see how it turns out. Didn't like scar away at all. Not using scar sheets either as they are such a hassle. Be blessed!

recent pics..

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm almost 4 months post op. I've been faithfully using mederma scar treatment. I prefer the overnight cream more so than the gel. Still a long ways to go but I am extremely happy.
Happy healing!

4mo. Dr. visit

Hello all. I'll post updated pics soon. The scars are healing well. I truly recommend mederma intense overnight scar treatment. It has made all the difference. Costs about 20 bucks but it lasts. Its all I use only at night. I am not using that icky gel.

My PS said I am ahead of the healing game and won't have to see him for a year. Its bittersweet but I'm glad I chose him.

If you are anywhere near Austin tx and want excellent results try Dr. Scott Haydon. You won't be disappointed!

Happy healing to all!

updated photos... scarring coming along.. very pleased!!

In a recent conversation someone told me my photos looked great but I must be a little bummed because of the Red scarring.

I love my scars. If they never completely go away I'll still be ok. The scars a reminder of where I started and where I am today. Without my scars I wouldn't be enjoying this new found freedom I thought I'd never have.

To God be the glory....
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I cannot express how pleased I am with Dr. Haydon his staff and his work which I am happy to show off every chance I get! I loved my results and it's only getting better. Would choose him again without hesitation. Thanks Dr.!! My initial consultation with the PS went well. I've been on the PS band wagon for a long time so I knew what to expect. He and his staff were personable yet very professional. I was very comfortable. I Since the initial consultation and surgery I have been so pleased with the outcome. I had my follow-up and was well taken care of. Nurse Wanda was wonderful. She took her time and answered all of my questions. Dr. Haydon did visit with me as well which spoke volume. He was pleased with the progress! I have another appointment in a few days to have the dressing changed. He made sure he was available to see me again. If you're considering a procedure please consider Dr. Haydon. You won't be disappointed! He and his entire staff will take excellent care of you!!

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