41y/o Mom of 4. Extreme Weight Loss and in Need/want of Repair. Hails from Austin Tx.

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Putting in time on myself has not been easy. I've...

Putting in time on myself has not been easy. I've always taken care of everyone else for as long as I can remember. At my heaviest I was 331lbs, and the last 4 years of my life I have spent working on myself. Losing the weight, getting fit not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. At my heaviest it never occurred to me to have breast augmentation even though they didn't point quite the direction I wanted there was at least volume there, I was always a D, during pregnancy a DD, however since losing a 140lbs and keeping it off for 3 years now Kama it has taken a toll on my body the volume is nonexistent and I basically have skin flaps. Because of my skin I can fill C cup bra but after having my initial consultation with Dr Reid, it was revealed to me that with the removal of the skin I have A cups. So over the last 6 months I've been going to the gym and really putting effort into toning up (building muscle) because the reality is I have excess skin all over my body. But the one area that is not making improvements is my chest therefore after much consideration and deliberation I've decided to go ahead with a breast lift and augmentation. So here I am 3 days out from my post-op visit. Excite and, nervous, I'm ready to embark on this life changing adventure!

Pre Op visit today. 10 days till the surgery

So I went in for my pre op appointment, and honestly had so many different emotions going on. I was a bit intimidated by all the warnings and risks. I had to keep reminding myself why I am having this procedure done and that there are thousands of women who have it done. We got to the bra/inserts fitting and I gave her my wish pics...and I started getting excited.
I'm having a lift and implants and the Dr is adding the gala flex piece for extra support since I have zero volume or tissue. It was explained to me that with the gala flex, I would likely experience more discomfort. I forgot what kind of silicone implants he's using, it's in my paperwork, I'll update this info later.
I added some wish pics... and now the count down begins!!

5 days till surgery

I'm starting to get nervous... I'm completely boobied out on wish pics. If my sons were to get a hold of my phone they would think I am now interested in women. The obsession has finally died down and now I'm just ready to have this surgery.
I believe as of now I'm looking at getting a 400cc to 450cc. I definitely want to go bigger but not ridiculously huge just proportionate and I completely trust my doctor to make the final call in the operating room. He has enough wish pics, he gets the idea of what I'm looking for. I added some pre-op pics. Being over 300lbs, and having a 140lb weight loss has really done some damage to my body. I think this is going to be a great confidence booster just as losing all the weight has been a confidence-booster as well.

3 days until surgery!

Ok, I guess I'm not boobied out enough because I keep looking at the pics and reading everyone's blogs. I notice a lot of women saying they didn't have as much pain't as they thoughtry they would,post op. I hope this is my experience too.
I'm also seeing some comments like they wish they had gone bigger. I'm reconsidering going a little bigger, but I'll talk to the doctor about that the day if the surgery. Going tomorrow to get all my stuff for after the procedure, and I'm super excited!!!

1 day out..

My anxiety is trying to over take me. I am getting nervous. I'll be going into surgery in about 30 hours. I'm sure I'll consider changing my mind about this operation several times, but I know I'm gonna go thru with it. I've worked too hard to go back now. I am excited when I look at my pics of me in the bra with inserts. It is a nice view.

Morning of.... today is the day!!!

I'm all changed and hooked up to the iv.
Not as nervous as I thought I would be.
The staff here is super nice!

Several hours post op.

Ok so here are the girls. Everything prior to the surgery and the surgery itself went beautifully. I was no where as anxious as I thought I'd be. I don't even remember being in the operating room I was out 1hrs, 48 mins while in recovery. Then they sent me home. I am hurting like a mover-lover. The pain is intense for me. I'm so very grateful to have my support people, seriously if you are going to have this procedure done get a support group of a couple of people that you know will not get upset if they're waiting on you hand and foot. I am gladly taking the meds that Dr Reid prescribed. The pain is that great for me, however i do not regtet anything! Here's some after pics.

1 day post op

Well it's been just over 24 hours since I went in. I am in pain but it's not asure bad as yesterday. I am faithfully taking the meds prescribed, and getting up and moving around every few hours. I'm grateful for my boyfriend, he's been a blessing. Tomorrow I'll take off the gauze and take a shower. For now lots of sleep.

Day 3 post op

Less pain yay! But still very tired and sluggish. I am experiencing the "sloshing" sensation every time I move. My Dr said it's the fluid and air around the implants. Oh I forgot to mention my implants are 450cc on both sides. I'm still taking my pain pills and muscle relaxerstrength, they are amazing. The constipation is no joke! Definitely important to stay on top of that too. Took all the gauze off, and changed bras. So far no regrets!

Day 4 post op

The pain is tolerable now during the day. I'm still the most sore in the morning, but the rest of the day I am ok. It still feels like the implants are in my armpits, that's where I'm also feeling the most pain, the Dr's office said that is from the galaflex he stitched into my muscles.
I have started experiencing contractions in my chest, much like the contractions you feel during child birth.
When I compare the pic from wed and today, I can already notice they are coming closer together in the middle.
I'm extremely happy with them so far. I think my Dr did a great job. No bruising as of yet, no stretch marks, they look great!

On day 5 post op

Not having any more pain, just discomfort. My entire chest feels like it's going into labor. I know I mentioned this earlier. It feel very weird to have the breasts contracting. It feels like I have rocks sitting on my chest. I have to go back to work Monday, so I have one more day to rest. Pics look the same as the day before. Still very little bruising.
I'm happy about how they have turned out so far!

Day 8 post op

Finally off the pain meds and muscle relaxer. I had to go back to work yesterday, and because of the meds is was still in a fog, thankfully that has lifted. I'm using only tylenol now. I still have discomfort on my sides, even though the implants have starter to relax and come closer in the middle of my chest, it still feels like they are in my armpits. The discomfort turns to pain right under my armpits throughout the day. My Dr warned me that having the galaflex put in, it would take a little longer for the pain to subside. Has anyone else on here gotten the galaflex?? I haven't noticed anyone else mention it in their postsystem.
Tomorrow is my first visit post op, I'm hoping to get good news and these steri-strips off!

Day 10 post op. First check up with PS

Well I'm on day 10. Finally have the pain meds out of my system, no longer foggy. Went in for my first check up. It couldn't have gone better! My PS is very happy with the way they turned out and how I'm healing so well. I'm still very very sore in my armpits and down my side. My PA said it's from the galaflex. So it's just gonna take a little longer to heal in that area, but it is worth it. My boobs are perky and won't be sagging any time soon. They took the steri-strips off and pulled out the sutures. I have to apply some brown tape on my incisions for a few months. I'm going to do exactly what they tell me. I want the best possible outcome. I added a few pics. I'm grateful my implants never "rode high". They are exactly where they are gonna sit, and they should round out a little more on the bottom. Oh because of the galaflex that was stitched into my muscles, I am not suppose to do any massaging. I was kind of disappointed about that, I need some relief from the tightness of my skin...now I just need patience!

Day 11 post op, just a quickie

Feeling soooo much better today. I almost feel normal!
Waiting on the girls to soften up and just drop a tad bit more to round out on the bottom. I am sleeping better and the pain is pretty much gone, just random discomfort throughout the day, of course they are hard as rocks right now.
I decided to put on a top I've been holding onto just to see.... and I was not disappointed!!!

Day 13 post op

Ok so I'm wondering if I'm the only BA/BL patient that does this. Is anyone else, throughout their day whether it be at home or work whatever, with no reason, make a stop in front of a mirror and look at their boobies??? I do this like 110x a day!!! I am in amazement that I have a great rack now!!!! Teehee!

Just out of curiosity

So I'm just past my 2 week mark and I feel better with each day. I am on an 800mg of IBU every 8hrs regiment for swelling and mild discomfort. Morning boob is nothing to joke about, I still have it very strong every morning. I can not wait for that to end.
I decided to go into VS today to get re-measured and just try a simple light coverage bra on to see what I would look like. They gave me a t-shirt. I am a 36D and fill the bra completely! Now this is what boobs are suppose to look like in a bra! I didn't buy any bras, I know it's too early, I'll stick to my ugly soft bras for now.

Progress so far

Because my implants did not ride high and because of the galaflex, my implants aren't going to drop much. I'm hoping they will still fluff tho.
So I added a day 3/day 17 pic, and I can tell a difference, especially in day 17 my right nipple is lower than the left. I am hoping this is some of the drop and fluff that people talk about, going on. They are symmetrical in day 3.
Even though they are a nice size D, I'm starting to have regrets of not going bigger. They don't look as big as I wanted them to when I wear tank tops/shirts... my PS warned me of the doubt and regret stage after the procedure, I guess this is what they were talking about.
In order to have any cleavage, my tops have to be very low cut. That is not my style. I'd hate to have spent 12 grand on new boobs and have to wear a push up bra for cleavage. Any other women on here going through or have gone through this??


My surgery was 5 weeks ago today. After sending my PS an email about my concerns, the RN who I've been talking to put me at complete ease.
The extra work I had done with the ba/bl (galaflex) is suppose to take a lot longer to heal. I am not able to massage my breasts until 6 weeks after the surgery, to ensure the galaflex has been integrated. Because I can't massage them, they are staying tight from my muscles still adjusting and it's taking longer for the other one to drop. They feel like they are still in my armpits.
My next appointment is August 10th.... it can not get here fast enough. I don't have any regrets with my decision to have my boob job, tho I am seriously impatient at this point!!!

Quick one

Just posting a pic 3 days after surgery and then 5 weeks.... I love the look of the results, if only the left breast would drop already!!!!

6 weeks out

I have finally been approved for some light massaging around my scar!! It was painful at first but then felt sooo good. I go in next week and my favorite RN, will go over a full breast massage. I can not wait to get this going! I am ready for my left implant to drop, and for them to fluff and soften up. So far ZERO regrets, even thru the frustrating times!


Ok I am about 48 days post op.... for most of you who have read my profile my procedure had an added part to it and because of this the healing process has been delayed... so I was instructed NOT not to massage, and there hasn't been much drop and no fluff at all, and they are hard as rocks and even nearly 7 weeks out i am still having contractions in my chest muscles.... so basically I'm delayed. Even though the nurses have reassured me that everything looks and is going the way it's supposed to my frustration is building and building and building. The bottom of my breasts are square and lumpy...(the lumpy is from the galaflex) the square is from not being able to massage, and from them not dropping into the pocket.
I'm not having regrets yet... but major frustrations and impatient to the core.
I feel like I have to keep reassuring my bf, that it wasn't a mistake and they won't look like this in the final result but to be quite honestly I'm embarrassed right now with how they look. I guess I'm writing a whining post. I have not heard of anyone else posting about having the galaflex put in, so I have no one who can share their experience with me. I added some pics, although they don't really look how I am describing the feel.
I go in this wednesday for my 7 week follow up, where the nurse will go over full breast massaging and answer any more questions/concerns I have.
I am PRAYING that this is just a late stage and I will have great results. Thanks for reading!!

7 week check up

So I have finally been released to do full breast massage. The wonderful RN showed me today 3 different massage techniques and I can not wait to get started. She reassured me that the galaflex has been completely integrated in my muscle and it's safe to do the massaging. I am on cloud 9. I showed her the lumps and concerns I have and once again was completely reassured it wI'll get better, that everything is happening the way it's supposed to, just taking longer than I'd like. She was very happy with what she saw. I feel better now. This whole experience has been an emotional rollercoaster....of course I do not regret it at all.
Thank you to all of the other women who have posted on my profile and gave me words of encouragement. I am grateful!

9 weeks po

Well a week ago I was given the green light to do full breast massage.... I have to say I have been very faithful, doing the massage 3 times a day, using the scar lotion, and taking IBU... but my breasts are in a constant state of "sore". Not so sore that I can't function, but definitely a discomfort. Thankfully my breasts are getting softer. I noticed one is bigger than the other, im trying not to panic over this. Im still having muscle contractions, so I am continuing to use the muscle relaxers. Boy this has been a long process..... and I'm not a patient person. I am looking forward to hitting the 6th month mark!

I am at 11weeks post op

Just an update...I haven't posted in awhile.
I have been massaging 3x a week for almost a month now. It's is such a SLOW process for me with the implants dropping and fluffing. If I have learned anything it's patience... I sure do want what I want when I want it.
This procedure, as common as it is, is not a quick fix or a quick recovery, for me.
My right breast has still not dropped and is sporting a sponge Bob square look on the bottom pole and is more "cone" looking. The left breast is looking great. I'm having concerns that the right breast is experiencing capsular contracture but my PS's nurse thinks it's too early to label it that. She wants to give it another month before I even come back in. Her opinion is that the pec muscle is well developed and more resistant to surrendering to the implant and to give it time. I guess at this point that's all I have is time!

12 weeks .... holding on

I'm 12 post op and just not feeling this procedure.
I am continuing to have morning boob and they are still sore with a burning sensation. I was told it's the nerve regeneration. The constant nagging discomfort is wearing on me. I wonder if I will ever feel normal again. My PS keeps reassuring me this is all normal and part of the process but I'm not really reading similar stories on here. Everyone else who has had breast augmentation and a lift hasn't post stuff similar to my experience. I know everyone heals differently but this is crazy! 3 months later my right breast is still cone looking and has not dropped! I haven't seen any other posts with this same experience.
I've had to stop doing the full breast massage 3x a day because it made them hurt sooooooo bad. Now I do it once.
I really don't want to regret this choice :/
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