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Not quite sure how to categorize what I had done. ...

Not quite sure how to categorize what I had done. Breast augment with lift? Breast implants with lift? Reduction with implants/lift? I wanted it all. I have big boobs, but I’m 6 feet tall, so in clothes, I didn’t look crazy big. In a swimsuit, they drew alot of attention. I could manage that attention before I had to chase my kids at the pool. Once I had kids, I’m sure people were just waiting for my boobs to pop out at the pool while chasing 2 little ones. I was worried it was going to happen! My boobs were just a nightmare to fit into bras and clothes. I wore 2 bras for working out with a shirt over both bras. And the weight of my boobs left marks on my shoulders, my ribcage, pretty much anywhere on my upper torso. Oh and I had to stop drinking coffee a year ago because my boobs hurt for 2 weeks out of the month (cysts). The kind of pain that made you want to snap at someone if they even bumped into you. So here I am with giant pain in the neck (literally) boobs that don’t fit in clothes and can’t be touched most of the time. I never wore fitted plain shirts because I couldn’t wear padded bras (none were large enough) to hide my nipples thru plain shirts. So I chose bigger shirts (that ended up making me look heavier) or shirts with designs or patterns. I haven’t worn anything with spaghetti straps or that was strapless since college. My posture was terrible. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry or pull my hair out! I had been uncomfortable since I was 21 when I went to talk to a surgeon about a reduction. He confirmed then that insurance would pay for a reduction. I cried. But I wasn’t ready to make the step then. When I nursed my girls, my boobs were porn sized. I couldn’t hide them even in bigger tops.

In my fantasy world, here’s what I wanted. Take my boobs away and give me nice, round, weightless ones.

I got something pretty close to that. I talked to numerous doctors. Some didn’t understand what I wanted (that’s fair, because I wasn’t sure it could be done). I never found anyone on realself.com who had boobs like mine and ended up looking the way I envisioned I wanted to look. So I wasn’t sure it could be done. One doctor told me it could be done in 2 procedures--a reduction, then later implants. One doctor referred me to someone else lol ! I knew it was unlikely I would go under for 2 procedures. I was also a flight attendant at the time I did this and I knew it would be hard to get time off for one procedure, let alone two! I also have problems with anesthesia. So I was not interested in going under 2x.

I met Dr. Thompson. He understood what I wanted. He said he could do it. And he did.

Thoughts/tips that I wish others had posted in their reviews:

Recovery. Recovery time is longer with the surgery I had. I had it done May 15th. I still couldn’t get in a swimming pool in July for my husband’s birthday party. I had one or two spots that were a tiny bit open (where stitches came out or little blister from the tape...all normal things, but seemed to take longer than what I remember reading here)

Kids. If you have kids, teach them to do things themselves. My girls were 3 and 5 when I had this done. I taught them to open and close car doors, how to buckle themselves in their carseats. I stopped picking up my 3 year old before the surgery, so she would get used to it after surgery. Figure out how to do stuff! Life goes on right after surgery, so figure out some shortcuts before you do it.

Sleep. This was GRUELING. I don’t know how many weeks it took to sleep thru the night, but it was torture. That was the #1 hardest thing about recovery. There was some pain, but sleeping on your back and not being able to roll was torture. And trying to get up from a sleeping position to get off the bed...hard. I tried sleeping in a recliner and that was okay but it is just hard. No way around it.

I didn’t write my review right away because every little thing that happened along the way stressed me out! I am a chicken little and I know it. So, I knew if I posted pics here, some comments may have only made me more anxious. So I waited. Dr. Thompson and his staff were very patient with my anxiety and helped calm me down when I freaked out along the way.

But I wanted to post to show what I wanted can be done. I never saw pictures of what I wanted done, so I’m posting so I can show other ladies there is hope! It can be done! Dr. Thompson rocks.

Post Surgery

I was under alot longer than I expected. I went in around 1130, 12. I woke up out of anesthesia after 7pm. I have a history with anesthesia, so I knew that would be a challenge. He took 475 grams off the left breast and 425 grams off the right breast. I had silicone implants put in. 450ccs each side.

First day post op

I was so sore and barely slept. Anesthesia still was making me feel very weird.

Still sore

Mostly sore from sleeping on my back and not being able to move from side to side in my bed.

9 days post surgery

There was redness underneath one breast. Doctor checked it for me and assured me all was healing well.

2 weeks post op

My back soreness continues.

19 days post op

I wondered if I was almost swimsuit ready, so I tried it on. I definitely wasn't ready to wear underwire. That was not comfortable at all!

22 days post op

I had some areas the seemed to be 'leaking' thru the tape. No blood, but some fluid. I panicked, of course. It ended up being some stitches were poking out (teeny, tiny clear ones) and they needed to be taken out. It was quickly solved in the office.

25 days post op

I have some spots that are getting irritated by tape, so the doctor told me to take them off for awhile.

1 month post op

They are finally taking on a more normal shape!

3 months post op

Look! No tape! Well, on the nipples. There is still some underneath.

3 and 1/2 months post op

No tape anywhere, woohoo!!

10 months post op

I love them. I finally started buying swimsuits and bras. I don't have pain on my neck or shoulders. i can wear plain Tshirts now because I can fit in bras that have padding. I can wear a strapless bra!!!! My life is different. I feel good.

He did what no other doctor could. He took a lot off, then made them pretty and perky. I'm so lucky.

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