22 Year Old With LIFT - NO IMPLANTS.

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I have always been a 34DD since I was 15 years old...

I have always been a 34DD since I was 15 years old. They were full and beautiful. He owner my first year of college I gained 35+ lb!! I have never been heavy - I worked it all off through diet and exercise and live a healthy lifestyle now (workout 5+ days a week).

My boobs became flat and saggy :(

after meeting with several doctors I chose one near by me! Him and the entire staff made me feel so comfortable. I will be getting a lift without implants via anchor lift. I also asked him to lipo my arm pit fat. Something I've always had since I was a kid!

I am super excited!


I had my surgery yesterday! On the drive to there I felt a cloud of emotions running though me (nervousness, anxiety, excitement, etc..) But as soon as I walked into the door the nurse introduced her self and made me feel at ease!

Thankfully, my boyfriend was there to comfort me and ended up making jokes the entire time to keep my mind off the surgery! The doctor came in to review the plan and draw it out. WOW! Seeing those "x" marks where my nipple will go made me more confident that this is the right decision for me. Also, look at all that arm pit fat!

Upon waking up after surgery, everything is a blur. I remember being in a lot of pain and seeing beautiful full breast when I looked down. It is worth it from what I can see now!!! :)

I expected pain, but I did not anticipate this much pain!! It felt as if an elephant was sitting on my chest from the tightness and pressure. I was pretty much miserable all day yesterday ( even with the prescribed pain pills).

I took my surgical bra off to "peak" at them and they are beautiful! I sent pictures to my friends and they all said "I thought you weren't going to get an implant??" and I had to tell them I didn't :)

I know they will go down and not be as perky but beside the blood and pain they are PERFECT right now.

It is the morning after the surgery and I feel better compared to yesterday but I am experiencing intense pain.

I should also mention that the nausea is NO JOKE. The doctor advises to get up and walk around for blood flow but I was only able to walk around twice yesterday for a minute or so. I attempted to walk around 10+ times but I felt light headed, dizzy, sore, nauseous and HOT. This felt like the flu times 100. As soon as I laid back down it went away. It is most likely a side effect from the anesthesia and taking pain medicine without food in my stomach ( I was not hungry at all yesterday). After forcing myself to eat some soup and drink a small amount of a protein shake I felt much better getting up to go pee. Make sure you eat with the meds!!

The hardest part so far is the pain, nausea, and not being able to lay on my side or stomach.

From what I can see now it is SO WORTH IT. I will post more updates as time passes.

Day 2 post op. Feeling much better

I'm slowly starting to feel less pain! My boyfriend sponged bathed me last night and washed my hair in the bath tub... That was a new one! lol

Today I got up, took my medicine and made my own breakfast.

I've read a lot of reviews where people are fine day 2 post op.... I feel like I'm healing slowly maybe because of the axillary lipo also.

If it wasn't for my boyfriend, I would be absolutely miserable! Hoping I feel better to attend classes on Monday.

Day 3

I slept all the way through the night without needing pain meds which is good! But I woke up in pain and it seems like the soreness is gone and it's mostly incision pain now...

I have quite a lot of blood underneath my garments, I hope this is normal. Can't wait to see them on Friday for my first post op appointment.

I took some pictures to compare them to my "before pics" I know it's early but it reassures me that I made the right choice and all of this is worth it!

Day 6

It's amazing how the human body is able to heal! I am doing much better. Still a little sore and erratic pains but nothing ib profen can't fix.

They seem to be "settling" a little. I am excited to see them for my first post op in 2 days for a bandage change! :)

Day 6

Today was my first post op appointment. I got my bandages off and saw my (frankenstein) boobs for the first time. I absolutely love them.

I can't wait for them to heal and start scar therapy!!

Two weeks! Sutures are out.

I had my sutures taken out yesterday. The doctor says I am healing great. Some scabs around the incions but that is normal.

I have hypersensitivity in my nipples! It's almost painful (difficult to explain) but I am so glad I have feeling in them. I was nervous about losing sensation as many people do. I've had sensation since the first day, so I can't complain!

I am taking vitamin A, C, and a daily women's vitamin along with eating at least 60 grams of protein a day to speed up the healing process.

They have settled, but I still love them!

Three weeks

I finally started scar treatment. I am applying skin medica scar recovery gel twice a day and massaging it in. There is an open spot on my right breast- the "T" incision. Doctor said its nothing to worry about and fairly common. He said to just let it heal. However it's been there for a few days and I'm worried about it creating a "worse" scar. Has anyone else experienced this??

Scar treatment

Okay I'm posting updates non stop, probably because I'm a little obsessed with my perky boobs and I encourage any women out there thinking of getting a lift, to do so (if it's really what you want). I have been trying on swim suits and low cut shirts. I no longer have to wear a bra in order to have cleavage ;)

Also, my confidence is higher with them. They are still healing as I am only 3 weeks post op, but I can't wait until the scars are diminished.
I'm applying scar gel twice a day and massaging it religiously and wearing brown micro tape over them.

My spot that I was worried about before is starting to heal (it's a scab now) and there is no longer any leakage from it.

Quick update

Nothing really new to say... They have "settled" and I have some erratic pains in my left breast. No more hyper sensitivity! Yay! Oh and I definitely pass the pencil test!

I am so much more confident now!
For any of the younger girls out there who are thinking of having this done but people told you to wait to have kids first.... Don't.

Do whatever makes YOU happy.
Body image and confidence means so much and don't let any one tell you what to do with your body :)

3 month update!

Not too much to update other than I absolutely love not wearing a bra in low cut shirts or dresses. I am a 34 D now or a full C. It's amazing how many compliments I get on the new girls. It's still the best decisions that I've made! I recommend it to anyone who feels self conscious about their breasts.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Trussler was the fourth doctor that I made breast lift consultation appointments with. On my third consultation I enjoyed the doctors results and scheduled my surgery. The following week I received a reminder call from Dr. Trusslers office for my consultation with them that I had forgotten about. I was about to cancel it since I already had my surgery scheduled with another PS, but I decided another opinion wouldn't hurt. I AM SO GLAD that I went to that consultation. I left Dr. Trusslers office with a mastopexy surgery scheduled with him. I unfortunately had to call the other PS and cancel my surgery with him, but I went with my gut and it was worth it. Dr. Trussler makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable through the entire process. He is rather thorough with his explanations and takes the time to truly listen to your goals. He has a genuinity about him that the other plastic surgeons didn't have. His staff is also amazing. During my recovery his nurse Brooke was always available and answered any of my texts or calls within 5 minutes. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Not to mention, I absolutely love my results.

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