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Hello everyone! So I'm 5 days away from my surgery...

Hello everyone! So I'm 5 days away from my surgery and decided like many others to share my experience with others. I know that all the personal stories on this website have been so helpful and comforting for me through this process and I would love to provide the same support to other women!

So my stats are: 20 years old (21 on August 7th),
5'2”, and around 105 pounds (I dont really weigh myself so its a guess)
Current Bra size : 32/34 A.
Surgery Date: August 10, 2012 at 9:15 AM.
350-375cc Smooth, Round Silicone Moderate Plus Implants, Under the muscle, inframammary incision

I've wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I'm obviously a petite woman but have always had a bit more of a bodacious bottom and I was a little disappointed when my top half didn't quite catch up. I absolutely love the look of full, large breasts and when I did realize I was going to be lacking a bit in that department I decided that some day I was going to get my boobs done. Well a few years later and everything has fallen into place. A few months ago I got very serious about my desire to get a breast augmentation and announced to my family and closest friends that it would be happening very soon.

I met with one of the most known and reputable surgeons in Austin and immediately knew he was the surgeon I wanted to help me have the breasts I've always wanted. My consultation was on July 9, 2012. I provided my surgeon with pictures of breasts I really like, celebrities whose proportions I like and some pictures of things I dont like. We decided that in order to produce the results I wanted and to stay safe at the same time that I would get 350 or 375 cc( he will decide in the operating room) Smooth, Round, Silicone Implants Moderate Plus profile placed under the muscle through an inframammary incision.

I tried on the sizers and loved how it looked! It still felt so far away then, still sort of like a dream. My PS has a very low complication rate due to the precautions he makes the patients take before and after and because of his use of the Keller Funnel. The Keller Funnel is basically an icing bag that they use to place the implant once theyve created the pocket. It allows the plastic surgeon to drop the implant directly from the sterile packaging into the sterile funnel and then after placing the narrow end of the funnel in the incision he has already made, he is able to easily squeeze it into the pocket without the implant ever touching the patients skin or his gloves. This no touch technique has proven to reduce the amount of bacteria (naturally occuring from skin flora and the air) that can contaminate the implant/implant pocket. This is said to reduce the chances of infection and capsular contracture! It also allows for an easier recovery process because the PS can easily place the implant which reduces the trauma to the tissues. AND it allows for a smaller incision for silicone implant placement! I WAS SO STOKED TO HEAR HE WAS USING THIS. You can find out more about it online. It is the new big thing in plastic surgery!

Anyways, My pre-op appointment was on July 27, 2012. I met with my pre-op nurse and she went over all the do's and don'ts before and after surgery and I brought my surgery vitamin package by VitaMedica. They are specially formulated vitamins that are made to help with recovering and healing from surgery. It also came with Arnica 30 and Bromelain that help with bruising and swelling. I was a little nervous before my pre-op appointment. I had been reading a lot of personal stories which helped but the lingering worries of complicatoins and pain were getting the better of me. Luckily the pre-op nurse and the rest of the staff were awesome in calming my nerves. Many of them had gotten theres done with Dr. Reid which definitely made me feel better. I left my pre-op appointment feeling super excited.

It still seemed sort of unreal at that point but now that it is August 5, 5 days from Surgery I am starting to realize this is happening soon! I'm so excited!! My boyfriend and mom will be taking care of me for the few days after and I'm so happy I'll have them there for support. My 21st birthday is on Tuesday which should help time go by, but Im just so excited I cannot believe it is so soon and that it is acutally happening!! I'm just hoping all goes well! Anyways, thats enough for now. I'll update soon!

AY! So I am sitting at work and I just got a call...

AY! So I am sitting at work and I just got a call that my surgery has been moved up tomorrow morning from 9:15 AM to 8:00 Am. So now I must be at the surgery center at 6:30 AM! I am so excited!

I spent the entire morning cleaning my house, getting all the laundry and dishes done, and giving my dog extra attention. We will be boarding him for several days because he is 80 pounds and a high energy dog so we figured it would be best for us and him for him to be at his boarding/daycare place that he loves!

The earlier time sooortt of sucks though just because I work until 845 tonight and still have some laundry to hang up and want to sweep/mop my floors because my dog got them pretty messy. BUT luckily my wonderful boyfriend lives with me so he will be helping me all of it. I'm mainly excited that it is earlier, especially because I know I will be hungry. The earlier the surgery, the sooner I can eat something tomorrow. phew!

I am very excited. I did have some doubtful thoughts this morning about whether or not I was making the right decision, but I think I can dish most of that up to just some pre-surgery anxiety. I am nervous because I know it is surgery and there are risks, but I also know that my surgeon is excellent and that the odds are in my favor. I cannot wait. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. I woke up early this morning to try and help me get to sleep tonight. Hopefully it works!

Yay!! I cannot believe how fast everything went...

Yay!! I cannot believe how fast everything went this morning!

I did not sleep very much last night. I was too excited and had a million things running through my head. I woke up at about 515 and showered and washed my hair. I blow dried my hair too so it wouldn't be all wet for surgery. I made sure I had all my meds and we left our house at 6AM. My boyfriend whom I live with drove me there and my mother met us there. They took me back immediately to fill out paperwork, change, and start my IV. My pre-op nurse was very nice! Jon and my mother cam back and kept me company for a bit. I was starting to get a bit more nervous but my mom did a great job of comforting me, reminding how much I have wanted to do this. At about 730 the anesthesiologist came in to ask a few questions and let me know what will be going on. A few minutes after he left Dr. Reid came to speak to us. He was very nice and upbeat as he confirmed everything we had decided on. We settled on 350cc size implants because he felt the 375s might be just a tad too wide for my frame. He marked me up and headed out to scrub in.

The anesthesiologist came back in and gave me some IV Verced to help me relax. At first I didn't feel much from it.. Then things got foggy very quickly. The last things I remember were being wheeled into the OR, moved to the surgery table and then the anesthesiologist putting the gas mask on my face.

Next thing I know Im in a different room and feel very tired. I felt very dull pressure/pain and my mouth was dry, but other than that I felt pretty good. The nurse told me everything went great!! They had me try to eat something but All I could get down was 1 saltine cracker.. Just because my mouth was so dry. She started me on my medications and before I knew it I was changing and vein wheeled out to my family to go home.

Man let me tell you.. I was starting to get pretty awake and aware after a little bit in recovery until they started me on all my meds. The muscle relaxer, pain pill, and anti nausea pill had be extremely groggy. I don't remember much about discharging and the drive home.

Once home I got set up on the couch while my mom and boyfriend figured out my medication/supplement schedule and started makin me some soup. I've been in and out of naps all day. I haven't been able to do much of anything for myself. I've had to have my bowl held for me, with some meals I was fed by my mother. I've needed help pulling my pants up/down to use the restroom. Getting up and down from the couch has also been difficult. But overall I haven't felt pain higher than a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Mostly just tightness and soreness.

They are super high and firm but I already know I'm going to be super pleased!!!

Post Op day #1: Hey guys! I'm going to post a pic...

Post Op day #1: Hey guys! I'm going to post a pic of my breasts so far in just a bit. Last night was kinda hard but not bad. Jon had to have me eat and take medication at midnight, 2AM, and 6AM so our sleep was very interrupted. They started to feel more sore when I woke up at 6, but after icing them for about 20 minutes they felt better. Icing feels so good!

They are definitely more swollen today and tender. No pain really though. Just soreness. The muscle relaxer and pain meds are doing a great job at keeping me comfortable. The hardest thing for me so far has been getting my neck comfortable. I can't seem to find a good position to support it well. I think my mother is going to go get me one of those neck pillows later which hopefully will help.

So far I love them!!! I know they are very different looking now then they will be and I haven't seen them without the surgical bra on, but I know they are going to be beautiful!!!! I will update again a little later today.

If anyone has questions please ask! :)
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