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The selection of a doctor (the most important...

The selection of a doctor (the most important part!):
I have a larger frame, somewhat athletic build and my left boob has always been larger than the other. I always thought one day my boobs will come in...but they didn't. And I have a larger frame, I wear a size 10 but my boobs have always been about 36-38 B (sometimes even an A!)

My goal: To get a boob job but no one really notice. Yep--something proportional and modest, but not going to make me look bigger, but no more padded VS bras!

My breasts had always made me self conscious and weren't proportional to my frame nor one another. Decided to take the plunge and start talking to a few doctors. Some encouraged me to go to Ds because of my "frame" and height. Some mentioned me getting the shaped implant (aka gummy bear) which worried me some, but I looked into it, and I just didn't think it was for me, but perhaps for someone smaller and flatter-IMO. (and two of those quotes were in the $10-$11k range). Doc #5 I spoke with I liked, he mentioned a regular silicone implant, yes, that I could go small, not a D, no problem, I was about to choose him, but I had one last appt with Dr. Trussler (who was also referred to me by a co worker) and I went to see him. What I liked about our consultation was the fact he told me I couldn't go "small" and that I needed to stop obsessing over the CCs, because they look different on every female. He explained why a 270cc under the muscle would actually not fit my chest and make it look strange and not fitting for my frame. And not to be worried if we did 320cc's. I had my surgery in early March (procrastinated writing a review but very happy with them!) Now, because my left breast had a lot of bands and tissue and was larger than my right the goal was to get that one to the same size as my right and then use the same sized implants. I was under the knife for quite a few hours. The ladies who assisted Dr. T were awesome. They got me all ready and I stressed to them before they put me under "ladies I am not trying to look like Pamela Anderson, don't let him do that to me."

The healing: I am a very active person. I had to wrap my head around not working out for a few weeks to heal and that was hard enough. I have a lot of chest muscle so the healing process and tightness I felt was difficult. I compared day 1 to feeling like you had 20 bricks duct taped to your chest. The simple act of flushing a toilet, pulling the fridge door open, taking off your pants was painful. You do NOT realize how much of your pecs you use until you have surgery. The first two days my gracious mom stayed with me and helped me a long. Day 2 was 15 bricks, day 3 was about 10 bricks...and then it got better.

The thing I mainly regret was not resting more, this is what took me "so long" to heal (6wks) Again, I am super active and strong, the mere act of sweeping my kitchen would get the chest aching shortly after the activity..when I didn't need to do that activity. I had some of the sutures come out and a little hole under the left boob (it gave me the most problems healing bc it had all the issues before cut out from it) and I wasn't resting enough.
In early May I was released to go to Hawaii with my active friends, I jogged, padddle boarding, jumped from cliffs and went swimming-when I did the breast stroke I remember it feeling tight in my chest and it tingled/felt like it was asleep when I went jogging.
It is now November and I love how my breasts have dropped. I will admit I am not that strong in my upper body. I do crossfit type workouts-- it took me about 3mo to get back to doing pull ups without feeling like I was going to tear my skin (that wouldn't have happened but that's how it feels) and I am still pretty weak, can't do push ups the same--they feel different (but I don't care because I never liked them anyway!) I try and lay off the chest exercises in all honesty.

The perks (literally):
I LOVE that I can now wear things without a bra...I have never been one to do that. And now I own lots of backless summer dresses. It's wonderful (the con would be under the boob sweat just dripping down your stomach ha, but still worth it). I will admit it is 9mo later and it still feels weird at times and when I flex my pecs and do push ups.
Overall my confidence has spiked, I feel like I look better in clothing but more particularly naked. I will say after they first got done bc they were so swollen I was self conscious about people noticing and looking bigger or them looking rock hard. But this summer I had friends of friends who didn't even know I got them until I said something--which was my goal. They dropped nicely, they fill out well, look real and yes there are scars but even when I show my friends they say "where?" (mine are anchor scars) and FYI SCARS NEVER GO AWAY, but you can't even tell around the nipple and only see them when you lift them up.

Follow Up:
The follow up the days after surgery and check ins a month, 3, 6 and 9 after surgery were all great and Dr. T has a great memory (or takes great notes at least) and is very particular. He even wanted to do a little scar revision to let out some skin on one boob to make them more "perfect" but I don't even notice, so I am not sure if I will do it.

Overall everyone that works with Dr. T is really nice, he is great, thorough and smart and I like the way he takes the time to address concerns, gives me multiple options on the Qs I do ask, but explains why he thinks what is best for me. Visit him, you won't regret it!
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