Getting my implants out tomorrow!!! 37 years old, 16 year old implants, saline, under muscle.

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I've never been more excited. Like many on this...

I've never been more excited. Like many on this forum, I had implants done too young (21 years old) because of my lack of self-esteem. I had NO boobs, none whatsoever, and just wanted to feel more feminine, more proportionate. I can honestly say that I've hated them since the first year I had them. I didn't go too big, just enough to fill out a C cup, but as years went by, I became more embarrassed about having them than before when I was completely flat.

I had saline, under the muscle and as you can see from the photo, they are now wide-set and hang off to the side. When I lie down they are almost in my armpit. Sleeping is uncomfortable, exercise, yoga, laying on my stomach for a massage, and I often get sharp unexplainable pains in the chest area.

Tomorrow is set. At 3pm, these toxic bags will be out of my body forever and I couldn't me more excited.

Will post updated photos.

They're out!

It went quite well. I wasn't nervous at all, went into it very calm and confident. Local anesthesia, and I didn't even take the proposed Valium. The only sensation I felt was the warm saline that spilled down my chest and a slight tugging sensation. It was totally surreal. The first thing I immediately felt while lying there was how light my chest felt. The pressure was gone, I was able to breathe deeply. It was actually very liberating. I highly recommend Dr. Caridi if you are in Austin. The staff was friendly and professional and I felt very comfortable. It's admittedly scary to see yourself at first. I am hopeful however that they will shape up a bit. The nurse thinks my skin will retract nicely because I didn't have very big implants (probably around 270CC or so). I'm going to have to wear a tight fitting sports bra for at least 3 weeks, making sure to place my areolas straight each time so they don't go all wonky on me. It was definitely worth it.

24 hours later

Don't see much of a change since yesterday. They are starting to itch. I went bra shopping today to find a nice tight sports bra and was so excited to be buying such small sizes!! I'm really hoping they start to fill in a little more soon!

Day 3

Starting to love being flat chested again. Day 3 is looking a little bit better. I've been massaging 2x a day. Still wearing the compress at night and tight sports bra during the day. Stitches are healing up nicely with some slight bruising around. I have no pain whatsoever, just starting to itch a lot. My nipples are still concave as is the area where the implant sat. I can feel it slope in when I massage them. It feels so nice touching a real boob and not a round hard plastic bag. Only one pic tonight because my phone is out of space. I'll post more tomorrow.

One week update

Well here I am, one week free of those awful implants. I've never felt so good. Everything just seems easier without them constantly in my way or putting pressure on me.
I've only slightly started to fluff. My nipples still go inward and I still have a dent where the implant sat. It's only been one week, so I'm hoping they'll fluff out a little bit more. I'm totally content with my size, and whatever they look like later, I'll just have to live with the biggest mistake I ever made!
Good luck to all of you ladies who are considering implant removal!

2 weeks post removal

Not much difference from last week, however the do seem to be slightly less saggy. Still massaging and still wearing compression bras. Scars and small and healing nicely.

2 months post explant

Hello ladies,

It's been awhile, so here's my update. I think they are a little better, but it's definitely a slow process. They have fluffed out and are less concave. My nipples sit oddly, and I'm not super happy about that, but if that's the worst, I'll live. I love my flat chest now and those plastic hard boobs just seem like a distant memory. It was the best decision I've ever made!

Update - one year later

You can see my scar is barely visible, and they have definitely fluffed up a bit. I'm happy and healthy and that is all that matters. One year without my implants has been fabulous. Wearing so many things I would never wear with them in! I absolutely love being flat chested!!!
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