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I got saline unders in 2001, went from a 32A to...

I got saline unders in 2001, went from a 32A to 32D. Most docs wanted to do small implants, but I was 19 and dumb and wanted bigger. They looked fake but things were fine. After I had kids I swelled up to a 32H. When I was done nursing I was still a huge 32F. Clothes didn't fit, they were uncomfortable and in the way. Most surgeons I saw recommended exchanging the implant and doing a lift.

I finally saw Dr Caridi and discussed what I wanted - to remove them & see what happened. He was OK with that. I did the surgery on 1/16 with local anesthetic. It was a bizarre feeling to be awake, there was no pain, just strange tugging sensations. One saline implant popped as it was being taken out, the other came out whole. They sewed me up (the local was wearing off, ouch), bound me in ace bandages, and I drove home.

The worst part of the surgery was the tight bindings. I don't know if they were too tight or if it they weren't but they felt *awful*. I finally slightly loosened them and felt a little better. Today my biggest complaint is the incisions feel sore and the binding is still uncomfortable. BUT! I love my smaller size! Shirts fit and don't pull across my chest. I can zip my jacket up without busting out of it.

Yes my breasts are flat and look really weird. I'm hoping they look better with time. If they don't, I'll look into fat transfer and possibly a lift.

I'm not sorry I got implants, I enjoyed them while I had them. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten them smaller initially and then taken them out before having kids. But there was no way to know I'd grow and stay huge.

In the end, all is well. And Dr. Caridi is great!

I'm now over 1 week after the explant and I'm...

I'm now over 1 week after the explant and I'm feeling pretty good! My biggest complaint is the compression bra is constantly irritating the incisions. My Dr wanted me to wear it 24/7 but I take it off at night for some much needed relief. I've also noticed a lump under one of my incisions, which I've read could be Mondor's disease or something regarding internal sutures. I'll talk to my Dr about it at my next appointment. Thankfully it doesn't hurt.

I don't miss my old boobs AT ALL! My new breasts are incredibly deflated and lack fullness -- to be honest I think I'd look like this at my age (37) post kids naturally! All the same I think I'll be going back later for both an internal and external lift. However, even with the compression bra I think I look good in clothes! They look nice and are lifted where youthful breasts sit, not low and heavy like my old 32H ones. (I have no idea what my current size may be.) I swear it even looks like I've lost 10 lbs, even though my weight hasn't changed at all. I was hoping the explant would bring the scale's #s down a little but no such luck! :)

Oddly, I have noticed I am losing less hair in the shower. I never thought I was one of those women who were adversely affected by their implants, esp. because mine were saline. But since the explant I've lost half as much hair in the shower. Strange.

2.14.13 - I'm over 1 month out now and am still...

2.14.13 - I'm over 1 month out now and am still glad I had my implants removed. I'm finally out of that compression bra, yay! Shopping for new bras was NOT fun. Somehow I am still a 30E. I was a 30F before. WTH?! Somehow I don't look as enormous as before... I don't think, anyway.

I saw my Dr & he says I am healing well and that he even thinks my breasts look fine as they are. I told him I was interested in a lift & he said I'd be a good candidate for that, good tissue etc.

That wonderful energy I had before that I thought was a result of getting implants out? And the no-more-hair-loss? Those were short lived, both are back. Oh well!
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