No Kids, 5'8, 135 Lbs - 435cc Silicone Under the Muscle - Austin, TX

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I have been saving up for a little while now and I...

I have been saving up for a little while now and I finally had my surgery today! My doctor and I originally decided on 475 cc silicone, but we ended up going with 435 cc instead. (I was nervous I would be top-heavy and look unnatural). I think I could have gone bigger now that I see them but I love them anyway! Perfect size for my body :)
I went to the surgery center at 8:45 -am this morning and went into surgery at 10 am. I was strapped onto an operation table with my arms stretched out. I could only count to 2 before the anesthia knocked me out.

I had a little nausea when I woke up, but the anti-nausea Meds help a lot! At first, I wasn't in too much pain- probably - 5 out of 10. As the day has gone by, though, the pain got worse. (Thankfully I have narcos for that!)

So far I really like the result and I can't wait till they drop!

Day 2 post-op

Only woke up once last night to take my antibiotic and muscle relaxer, which is surprising considering I couldn't sleep on my side! Woke up around 11 with major morning boob though. I was super tight in my chest and needed my boyfriend to help me up and pick up my glass of water for me.

Took my narcos a while ago and those seem to help a lot. I don't seem to have much bruising at all, and the swelling isn't as much I expected to have, either- no "rectangle boobs" haha :)

One thing that i driving me crazy is the itchiness on and around my boobs. And forget about scratching your own back! Ha!

Over all, the pain isn't too bad, the size is not too big (I was worried about them being huge), and I'm feeling good :)

Pain and Size - Day 3 Post-Op

So today is day 3 post-op and I slept almost all the way through the night. My boyfriend came home at 3 am (he works at a bar) last night and startled me, causing me to jump and stretch my arms out - PAINFUL. I took 2 pain pills and was able to sleep until noon.

When I'm just laying down or sitting, my boobs mainly just feel really tight, but anytime I lean forward, it feels like someone is digging from the inside out with sandpaper through my nipple. (I know that's graphic, but it's really the only way to describe it) It also hurts badly to breathe deeply or yawn. I think I may have tried to do too much by myself yesterday. (Getting food for myself and adjusting heavy pillows) Hopefully I didn't do damage!

The bra is also incredibly tight around my incisions and ribcage. It says it fits sizes A,B, & C. I think I may have needed another size up since it's so snug.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this just the way it's supposed to feel?

Day 3 pics

I LOVE the way they are looking so far! I expected the bruising and swelling to be much worse, so maybe those VitaMedica vitamins helped with the healing process.

I can't stop checking them out every time I walk by a mirror haha… I'm so in love with the size- perfect for my frame! I'm so excited for them to drop and fluff so I can go bra shopping!

Day 4- Healing

It's my 4th day post op and doing things for myself is getting a little easier. Still not lifting too much weight at once, but I think I may have hurt my right implant a bit by cooking yesterday. Both feel tight, of course, but my right has this continuous painful stinging.
Has anyone here had pain in one but not the other while they were healing?

I;m slowly gaining sensation back and I'm not nearly as itchy as I was at first! I started rubbing cocoa butter into the skin around my boobs to help with itching and to avoid stretch marks. I've been downing water as much as possible too.

I haven't had to use laxatives since I haven't had any trouble going to the bathroom. BUT- bloating is no joke. I look pregnant and when I try to suck it in, my abs cramp up! Good thing I knew this happened after boob jobs, otherwise I would be horrified right now! Haha

Day 5 Post Op -Pain

So I'm 5 days post-op and my boob finally feel like they aren't just stapled to my chest! They feel like part of me (a painful part). The itching around my boobs has subsided so I guess the skin is getting used to stretching.

When I use my right arm for anything, I get this tight, sharp, burning sensation in my right breast, but that doesn't happen on the left. It also is extremely painful on the right when I lie down at a 45 degree angle, but it feels perfectly fine when I sit all the way up. Anyone know what gives?

Day 5- Bra and I'm excited!!

I unbuttoned the bottom of my surgical bra since it hurts to keep it closed. It's so tight and rubbing my incisions! I wonder if it would be bad to take it off completely.. (Advice?)

It's finally starting to hit me that I have boobs! I never hated my little boobs before, but I always wanted something more up top. It feels surreal that I actually was able to finance the surgery all on my own and go through with it. I'm so excited to order some Traingl Swimwear and go shopping for pretty strapless dresses :)
I'm in a really good mood and want to spread the vibe! Comment below and I'll check out your journey, too :)

2 Month Post op Update! :)

So I haven't updated recently but I haven't really felt anything needed to be shared! Everything is going great and I'm happy with the results!

I was cleared to go back to my regular exercise routine about 2 weeks ago. The only exercises I can't do at the moment are push-ups and pull-ups. I'm sleeping perfectly fine, scars are healing up, and they are getting squishier and bouncier!

I am bad about remembering to massage everyday but I do so at least very other day.

If any of you recently got your boobs or are thinking about having surgery and have questions, I'm happy to help :)

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