Healing: What a LONG journey!!

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Hi Everyone! I've been trying to post for a...

Hi Everyone!

I've been trying to post for a while but my damn laptop keeps crapping out. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello and tell you a little about myself and what I'm going to have done.

I'm a 38 year old mom of one. I got divorced back in Oct 2010 and have been staring at my beautiful wedding ring since wondering what on earth to do with it. I know my ex spent at least $20k on it (1.5 carats, platinum bands, etc) and when he decided to get remarried last year, I decided I was going to sell the thing and do something for myself. This is my post-divorce, post-weightloss gift to myself and I'm so excited that I finally bit the bullet, sold the ring and got all the financing in order to make one of my biggest dreams come true - breast augmentation and labiaplasty.

To give you gals a little more 411, I have recently lost 25 lbs so I now weigh 113 and am 5'4''. I'm really fit and look great but I've never been happy with the size of my chest. My boobs have always been small. I think I'm about a full B, post weightloss. I went up to a D when I was pregnant and I loved them but, as usual, they deflated after the first few months. Because I have pretty decent sized hips and butt, I think a full D will make me look more balanced and proportioned. My surgeon just told me that they ordered 400 cc implants (which kind of freaks me out b/c I'm worried about them being too big!!) but I trust him and know from his before/after pictures, my boobs will look amazing!

Additionally, as you see on the subject line, I also opted to have a labia reduction. I've always, always hated my bits. They are uncomfortable as the minora is longer and sticks out from the majora. I feel like a dude who always needs to adjust, especially if I'm wearing tight jeans. I think between giving birth and losing weight, the vag has seriously taken a beating and has had it! It hangs and there is so much extra skin that I can pull it out about 2 inches!! Ugh!! I just cannot bear to have anyone take a close look! My ex-boyfriend never seemed to mind, but I do and I know once I get things nipped and tucked, I'll be way more confident in the sack! :) Plus, since I'm now single, I don't have to worry about having to explain the procedure to anyone and this little surgery can remain our little secret. ;)

Anyhow, I am anxious, excited, nervous, scared, worried and just have a whole other host of feelings coursing through my head. Some thoughts have been keeping me up at night - should I really spend so much money on myself? Will it be very noticeable? Will they be too big/too small/too high/too hard/too insensitive? What will my parents say? I don't want for anyone to really know or be aware of it. I know they wouldn't understand and would probably judge me....sadly.

Well, I better run. Today, I'm going to pick up my meds from the pharmacy. I will post more later but feel free to write and ask any questions about either procedure. I look so forward to being on the other side of this experience.

Peace & Love.

I'm officially a PROUD citizen of Bobbieland,...

I'm officially a PROUD citizen of Bobbieland, USA!! Life is beautiful on this side of the world! I am ecstatic!

So, I had my procedure this morning at around 1:30 pm. Dr. William Gorman and his staff here in Austin, Texas are phenomenal and I am eternally grateful to. They were so kind, friendly, caring, professional and helpful and I recommend them to you with the highest level of enthusiasm. They really made me feel like family. I cannot say enough kind words about them, especially Dr. Gorman. I mean, what other surgeon gives you a big, warm hug before surgery like an awesome friend or father?

Anyhow, I ended up having 375 cc's placed under the muscle with an inframammary incision. In addition, I had labiaplasty, or a reduction of the labia minora and majora (innies & outties).

After surgery, I felt no nausea but just a little short of breath. The nurse explained that this was because I wasn't used to the weight of the breasts. In fact, I did feel a little better immediately after she propped me up.

Incredibly, I still have yet to feel any nausea. I think it was because my anesthesiologist was such a master!! I had lipo done 12 years ago in NYC and I had the hardest time coming out of it and was so queasy for days! Kim Russel is just the bomb!!

Anyhow, the boobs are a little sore, Luke I didn't 2,000 push-ups or something and the are, of course, so numb and swollen. But, what really hurts most is the vag! There's no describing that pain because there's nothing like it! Just raw, even with pain meds. Plus, it burns a little when I pee. Yikes. The physician's assistant told me that I was going to have to be very patient because the stitches were going to poke and itch, so I'm keeping all that in mind. She's right. Already feel a little itch on one spot. Grrr...

Overall though ladies, I'm so surprised at the level of pain! I was really so so so scared, anxious and nervous but I expected it to be a lot worse. (I might be eating my words tomorrow , though. Lol. Watch this space!)

Anyhow, I would definitely say to be 100% SURE you take your vitamin C (I've been drinking a packet of EMERGEN-C, once a day for 2 weeks) and I also started taking 5 little Arnica Montana pellets, 3 or 4 times a day, for 2 days). Pah-leez do yourself a favor and buy at least 3 little bottles of this stuff to help with bruising, inflammation and swelling. I aware by this stuff and my doc recommended it for me. You can actually order it from the Wal-Mart pharmacy, if they don't have it in stock. It cost me $7/packet.

Ok, I better run for now. I just wanted to update you all and let you know that investing in your own self and happiness is so worth it! Don't let anyone make you feel bad about your decisions. By far, best thing I've ever done for myself.

Lots of live to you all! Will try to post before afters now!!!


Forgive all the typo's above - I'm using an iPhone...

Forgive all the typo's above - I'm using an iPhone plus I'm still probably a bit high! :)

Trying to see if these go through! :) I still...

Trying to see if these go through! :) I still haven't figured this site out, so we'll see!

Hello lovely ladies, So, yeah, I'm crashing...

Hello lovely ladies,

So, yeah, I'm crashing hard. My euphoria has totally subsided and I'm now feeling the full brunt of the trauma and pain. It's so weird to be so limited and incapacitated because I'm used to being so active and independent. I can't even open my pill bottles by myself & can barely go to the restroom to pee! I keep trying to take deep breathes and remain calm but even that hurts! I feel a burning, tearing pain that goes fromy left nipple all the way down to my chest wall. Ouchie!

Thank goodness I have you ladies and this forum to vent and commiserate bc I think I might be very regretful right about now.

On the positive front, my boobs seems to have changed a little. I really, truly hope they are evening out. I need dome feedback on them because I feel they look very lopsided right now. I always had a bit of asymmetry but my Dr said it was not enough to use 2 different sized implants, but I don't know. After looking at them, I'm wondering whether they will shrink down and look somewhat similar. Will post pics later today. Please tell me what you think. I think they look amazing from the side but straight on they look scary - Frankenboobies!! Yikes! Lol.

Also, it is just now dawning on me just how limited I'm going to be for the forseeable future! I had a date for next Friday, a week from today and a photography gig for next Saturday! Before surgery, I thought this would be plenty of time but now I'm really, really worried! The date can be rescheduled but thrcswesonr is freaking me out!! How on earth am I going to quickly get nice shots and walk around all day with the camera equipment slug around my shoulders?!?! Omg, this could be bad situation. Pray for speedy healing for me! Cannot let these people down.

Anyhow, hope you're all well out there in Pre & Post Op Boobieland!! So glad to be a part of this little world. :)

C xoxoxo
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