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Hellooooo:) I've been obsessed with this website...

I've been obsessed with this website and have been reading everyones wonderful stories on here. Finally get to share mine now :) I hope my journey can somehow give you all answers to what you might be searching for...or even help me with my journey through this :))

Because of this website, my 'doctor shopping' was really easy. I went to a couple of great consultations & researched on a few great surgeons BUT recently I've found the perfect doctor for me, which is Dr. Reid here in Austin, Tx. Not only that I don't have to travel out of town to see him, but he is credibly genuine with his work and a very knowledgeable man. He has many years of experience in BA and I was very comfortable and impressed with my first consultation with him. At that moment, I knew my search end right there!

I am 21 years old, 5ft tall and 95lbs. I used to be a full B, but I shrunk to barely 34A now. Ever since college I was losing and gaining weight like an on going cycle. If I am not binging then I am skipping meals because I had no time to eat. There was a moment where I started a healthy diet, went to the gym almost everyday to be fit and healthy...but there was NO WAY I could ever get my boobs back. Its so sad because when we lose weight, the first thing that disappear are our boobies :( why can't it be like the thigh fat or love handles!?!? 

Anyway, my pre-op was monday the 6th. It went by really fast. I had caught a mild cold the week before so I was in the process of recovering AND I also had finals to study for (which was pretty stressful and frustrating)... so all the excitement that I had towards the office visit went away :( while I was there. I just hope this journey goes well *fingerscrossed

Im getting the 5th generation Sientra silicone gel implants, 475cc High Profile, inframmary incision (which is placed along the crease or fold of the breast where the breast and skin come together), submuscular (under the muscle).
I am 8days away from the my surgery date. More nervous than excited at the moment......OMG>OMG!

I got my blood work done today. I think i was...

I got my blood work done today. I think i was supposed to fast before going in but I ate a bananna & a lot of cough drops. ehhh, hopefully the results will be good. As for my psychological needs, my nervousness towards the procedure is increasing enormously. This is my very first surgery ever so it might be the reason why I am feeling this way. Sighs, I just hope I'll get the support that I need from my family & friends as I expected.

Oops, my surgery date is actually Thursday the...

Oops, my surgery date is actually Thursday the 16th, not 17th. I'm just so nervous/excited....mixed emotions arghhh.

My surgery time got moved to 7am on the 16th which...

My surgery time got moved to 7am on the 16th which means I have to be there at 5am. Not bad. The time actually works in my favor :) I'll just have to start packing and get everything I need by tomorrow. I'm counting down the hours & getting nervous more and more by the minute.

If anyone is interested I will post an update of Dos and Don'ts later tonight:)

The twins are here :)

My surgery time was moved to 2pm instead of 7am which wasn't a problem for me. My boyfriend drove me to the hospital around 12pm. We were greeted by so many nurses and every single one was nice and understanding. i was soooo nervous. Dr. Reid arrived on time and he was very professional. He reminds me of a big teddy bear :) lol. Once he was done marking on me, i rested for a little bit in my recovering room. Then one of the anesthesiologist gave me a dose of "margarita mix" through my IV to reduce my nervousness. And it was HEAVENLY. All I remembered was switching over to a different bed and booom, I was out. I woke up around 6pm and all i felt was the tightness on my chest. The nurse greeted me with a very nice tone and asked from a scale of 1-10 how much pain I was in. Honestly I was so drugged up to decide if I was hurtling. I fell back asleep and woke up in my recovering room & my boyfriend was sitting there right next to me :) I was so happy to see him. I slept for a little bit and when i woke up i was really nauseous. We didn't check out until 8:30pm. I was so drugged up and sore to even want to look at my boobies. I slept most of last night & this morning. I have a posture tempurpedic bed but I still couldn't sit up straight or get up by myself so my sweet boyfriend helped me get up and down every time I had to use the restroom.

Right after surgery

I have been drugged up

These couple of days was pretty dreamy for me:) Im just thankful that my family actually came through and supports me with my decision & blessed to have my boyfriend around 24/7 helping me heal. He's my rock :)

I will write more later. I'm still in la la land. Healing is definitely an ease thanks to all these meds :) happy healing sistas &good luck to the rest


Bloated like crazy

Swollen boobies

Post-op day 5 :) hoping today will be a good day. I have been so emotional and grumpy partly because of the meds and pain. Thank God the soreness is minimizing. I am still on painkillers and I am loving it. I can't really pick up anything over 5lbs bc it messes with my implants...I can feel it moving. My bf is doing everything for me :) makes me so happy!
Ohh and I have to go pick up a new larger bra from Dr.Reid's office today...since my boobs are swollen still its too tight for me to breathe and so hard to move around. Even though the twins are swollen and sore, I love them! They are so big ( . )( . )

Showering tips

I was able to shower by myself. My bf helped me wrap the incisions up with Saran Wrap and medical tape so it wouldnt get wet.
What we did was:
1. cut the Saran Wrap into big rectangular pieces that will cover the incisions
2. stack the Saran wraps onto each other so it's not too thin. (I stacked about 3 pieces)
3. cut up the medical tapes and line them against the outter piece of the cut up rectangular Saran wraps. (you should have 4 pieces of tape on each side of the Saran Wraps)
4. have someone put the Saran Wrap with tape on for you. (make sure you leave room for the tape to line up against your skin or you will have small openings for water entry)
5. Done! now you won't have to worry about getting your incisions wet :)

Sore!!! Pain!!

Omg. I'm having the worst throbbing pain on the sides of my boobs....feels like my implants are ready to just fall off!!!! I am about 6days post op. Is that normal?!?

Morning boobies sucks!

So I found out the reasons of my (aching) boobie problems, my monthly unwanted friend came to visit. Omg. What's more annoying than recovering from your BA & being on your period at the same time?!? Ugh. Must be the reAsons why I have been so emotional and grumpy these last couple of days. The first three days of recovery was a roller coaster. I cried my eyes out for everything that upsets me. And now I feel sad and angry when someone is not there to help or support me if I am aching. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for pain, just not this. The constant pressure and throbbing is annoying and painful.

Solved my constipation problem! Finally!

I'm feeling much better today. I think it's because I stopped taking my hydrocodone. I was bloated and lazy because i would eat and sleep everyday. It was horrible, I gained 10lbs from not being able to go to the restroom :/ I feel sorry for my bf now that I am better because I was so bipolar. He actually was concerned for me (since I looked like I was 6months pregnant lol) so he bought a bottle of Magnesium Citrate from Target. And at first I didnt think it worked because I still wasnt able to go. BUT the morning after, it hits me. I was running to the bathroom like no tomorrow!! All you have to do is chug it straight from the bottle. It doesn't have a bad taste to it. Kinda like a cheap version of 7ups. But make sure you chug the whole thing. Trust me, it works :)

Post op day 12

Meeting with Dr. Reid tomorrow for my 2nd post op appointment. Since the last time I was in the office for my 1st post op, I got my sterile strips removed and recieved new healing strips to cover the incisions up for the next 3 weeks. It's pretty cool because it adhesive right to the skin. I don't even have to worry about it in the shower *thumbs up. The only thing is that I have to change it out once a week but I'm going to have someone do it for me. I dont want to sound like a baby but I CANT and DONT want to look at the cut underneath my breasts. Psychological issues haha. Anyway, excited for tomorrow. My left breast had dropped a little more than my right one and they're getting kinda soft since I started massaging it like the nurse had shown during my 1st post op appt. I just can't wait to be normal again. I want to workout/run and sleep on my stomach again!!!!

Bad day...pretty boobies. Omg

Today was the first day I got behind the wheels since surgery. I'm still aching A LOT. I couldnt do half of a normal turn :/ It's throbbing like crazy right now. the only thing I depend on now is my muscle spasms pills....My nurse told me that it was normal to still be feeling a lot of pain in my case, because I barely had skin to begin with it will take time for the twins to settle in. I'm starting to stress out over my healing process. I am easily bruised...I take forever to heal from a wound...I get sick really easily...Im just weak internally. I wish this throbbing will go away soon :(
I should've not drove or try to carry things...omg.


Last night was the first night in a long time that I had a good night sleep. Bad thing is that I missed my 2nd post op appointment today. I was able to reschedule to meet tomorrow with my nurse since Dr. Reid won't be in office. I really need to go get checked up.

So last night my bf took the healing strips off for me since Im a baby and I prefer not to look at my incisions. The strips were really hard to peel off...slowly we got it off. But it left all this adhesive residue on my skin where the strips were placed. I didn't want to wash it off with soap for infection problems. I just want to take care my incisions the safest possible. I don't know what to do to get it off. Hopefully ill find out how tomorrow...
Happy healing loves! Xoxo

Feeling much better :)

Today was a decent day. I spent most of today studying and laying around the house. I'm so glad the throbbing has gone away :) this means I will be going back to the gym soon. All this laying around being lazy and eating bad was really bad for my body. Excited to be in shape again and show off these tatas hahaa!
Hope everyone is doing well

Trying on old bras with new


Greetings to all my boobie sistas:) I started summer classes & just have been so crazy I forgot to update. Anyway, I have fully dropped & fluffed. They look and feel great. My incision scar is pretty much gone. I feel like all this time stressing and crying over them was a process everyone experience, it will be all worth it. I can happily say that I feel much more confident in my own skin, wether naked or with clothes on. *cheers to that. My 6weeks post op is next week and I can't wait to see the office's before and after of me.
Happy healing everyone!

Beware of hospital charges! Fraud!!!!

So apparently I'm billed extra on top of what Ive paid...My operation room stayed was extended longer than what my PS expected so im getting billed it.
The breakdown of this whole shenanigan is that I wanted to get my surgery done at the 'north' hospital for a better operation room rate which was more approachable in price, time and traveling... and i have already paid (in cash) hospital, anesthesia & operation fees....according to the hospital, my PS took longer than an hour to operate on me in the operation room (which I am not complaining about) so they are billing me for something I had no knowledge of. So be careful when you are paying other fees separated from your procedure. They will try to take your money for seconds, minutes and hours. They don't care!
I wish that the nurse or someone would've inform me of my over-stayed when i was conscious after anesthesia....instead they do what theyre best at which is bill-in-the-mail "(balance total $______, balance due $ _____)" trick. I'm like wth are you kidding me?!? I feel like this whole thing is a fraud from the hospital and that's how they make their money. I seriously shouldn't pay anything more than what I came in for. This is killing my 'boobie journey'. I hate being fooled for money.
I love my boobs....but knowing that they are charging me more than what I've paid for & didn't make it clear not was worth it to me. I'm hate worrying about money....this has ruined my experience!

I can workout now

Boob greed :0

Im at a 2months post & I kinda wish I could've gone bigger....everyone's boobs on here looks so big & perky


I can't find any bra that'll fit me :(

Running errands


Another day, another boobie pic

Walking around the house without a bra :D

3months Post

I feel like my boobs shrunk quite a bit

So small now :(

I don't have a right size bra to wear so this is what I'll be wearing ^^

I'm so addicted to working out now

So it's been 4months post and I still can't do much chest exercises...I just hope they don't start sagging

6months post op

Hello ladies,
I've been so busy with school and the family, completely forgot to reply to some of y'all's messages. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm finally healing & feeling so much more better with them. Still can't sleep on my stomach or workout my chest muscle, which I'm fine with. My scar is getting lighter day by day & the implants are so incredibly soft, they feel real. Lol best thing is that they bounce while I workout instead of just 2balls sitting still on my chest. Haha! I obviously can't shop at Victorias Secret for bras anymore, not only do the wires pinches my extra side boob but the cup size is either way too big or way too small. I found a couple of places to shop for women with breast implants, I'll attach a picture of it under this post.

Ohh& Does anyone have any recommendation on any good scar removal cream/gel?


It's been so cold lately I feel like my breasts are a bit firm.. Especially trying to massage them at night :( is it just me or is there anyone out there feels the same????

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hope everyone is having a happy thanksgiving!!! Stay warm & sexy ;D


Random pics update

It's been quite a while

I've came a long way. They feel super soft and looking great :)

1 year mark!!!!

I'm in love with them more and more each day :) my wardrobe went from sluty to classy in 2sec depending what I end up wearing. Who knew having big boobs could make getting ready so fun! Here's a recent boobg pic of me in the Bahamas with my boo. Xoxo

2 yr update

I love how soft they are now I'll post a vid of anyone is interested.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Reid is a wonderful surgeon! He is very professional, charismatic and generous. I chose him as my surgeon because he made me feel completely comfortable during my consultation. He tried his best to please me with the size and the outcome of what I desire in a very safe way. During my operation, he brought different sizes of silicones with him to make sure that I can get the biggest size I want without any complications :) He knows exactly what he's doing and thats what you want!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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