30 Years Old & Finally Getting BOOBS! I'm Terrified and Would Love Support & Advice! - Austin, TX

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Hello! I'm planning to have a breast augmentation...

Hello! I'm planning to have a breast augmentation within the next month. I've been thinking about it for 10 years and finally decided that it's the right choice for me. I'm small in frame- 5' 1", 105lbs, and have a very narrow torso. I'm worried about picking the wrong size for my body. I really don't want my larger breasts to make my whole body look larger.

Also, I discovered at a consultation yesterday that my breasts are more asymmetrical than average. Plus my chest muscles stick out more on my left side than my right. I guess I never really noticed because I hardly ever look at my breasts. I've always been a little embarrassed of them and just covered them up. Now that I'm examining their every detail, I'm very concerned that my asymmetry will be much more obvious once I get the augmentation. Does anyone have input on asymmetrical breasts and sizes for small framed people? Any advice for someone super nervous about the procedure and making the right decisions would be super helpful. Thanks!!

11 days post-op, feeling pretty good but still lots of discomfort/pain!!

Hello all! I intended on posting throughout my journey, but the decision to get implants and the surgery happened lightening speed, thanks to a last minute opening at my PS's office. I went in for augmentation March 6th. My PS used 325cc on my left and 350cc on my right, under the muscle, moderate plus profile.

I had to go in for emergency surgery to fix a hematoma in my left breast on March 7th. Ugh, what an awful experience. I knew my swelling was significant on the left side but I didn't actually realize that it was SO abnormal. The 2nd surgery set back my recovery a bit, but I'm happy it was fixed, and I believe the damage was most likely my fault rather than anything to do with PS, because I was fine until several hours after surgery. Regardless, my PS did a great job taking care of the issue and now my left breast is healing faster than my right!

My right breast implant feels pretty tight when I move it (as instructed by my PS)- it feels like there's some fluid/blood in there that I'm hoping my body will absorb....eventually. My bruising is TERRIBLE- do other people have bruising like this?? When do people usually start feeling like they have normal breasts? I'm getting impatient, though I know I have a long road ahead of me. Thanks for all your input!!!
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