27, 5'4" 140lbs,560 & 525ccs, Natrelle submuscular silicone round

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I booked my surgery! Pre-op appointment is...

I booked my surgery! Pre-op appointment is November 6. Surgery date is November 18th. I tried on the sizers at the initial appointment and they looked great with my hips and body type. They were a tad big maybe but everyone says they are smaller when they are under the muscle. Doctor also said I needed that size implant to avoid having a lift. I didn't see many women on here with my height/body type so I thought I would share my journey. I will post before pics soon.

Before pics

Two weeks till surgery!

It's getting closer! I'm very excited but I'm also torn with what profile I should get. I like the fuller round look of the high profile, but I'm also nervous that it may be too much and I should just get mod plus. My pre-op is this Friday and I'm going to try on different ones and try and figure it out. My husband says to trust the surgeon, which I do, but there's always a little voice in my head making me second guess myself.
I added "bare" pictures... I know I need to lose a few... It just seems hard to find the time with my two little ones (2 1/2 & 1). Hopefully I'll get it in gear soon.
What do you ladies recommend for recovery items that I need to have ready?
And tips on how to care for little ones while recovering? My mom will be here for a week and of course I have my hubby:) but it still makes me nervous... I keep the household running.... Ya know?
Thanks for listening to my rambling!!! I wish all you girls best wishes in your surgeries

Pre-op complete!

I don't know if many ppl are reading this but every persons profile that I have read has given me very useful information so hopefully, someway I can help one of you


It totally erased what I wrote on here..
I'll keep it short. The picture is the recommended multivitamin and pills to help with swelling and bruising.. Etc.
They let me try on the sizes again and I believe I will be going with high profile 450cc. The surgeon will put pictures in the surgery room of what I like and don't like. I'm so excited!
Next post I will be on the other side!
Wish me luck!

Sientra implants issues

I forgot to mention that when I went in for pre op. They are switching my implant to natrelle instead of sientra. Sientra recently pulled their implant line... They are made in Brazil and are made in a same facility that also makes a non fda approved implant, so they have to switch their conveyor belts and some equipment every time they change which implant they are using. When they did this they found tiny cotton particles on and on the non fda implants themselves.. So to be safe they stopped production of both implants.
I'm sure if you are getting sientra you have been told but if not just fyi and ask your doctor.

Today's the day!

Surgery is at 1:30. I have to be there an hour early. It's pretty surreal still but I'm beyond excited! I'll post pictures asap!

Officially on the other side

I'm doing way better than I expected. I just feel pressure on my chest and a little woozy from the muscle relaxer probably. I went in an hour early.. They hooked me up to my iv and my husband and I waited till the doctor came in and makes me up.. Then they layed me down on the table said they were going to check my vitals and next thing I knew I was walking up in the recovery room. I wanted to go back to sleep, that was the best sleep I've had since before babies ;)
I'm home eating food.. Light food mind you.. I'm not allowed to eat heavy or spicy food for 24 hrs. I attached a picture. I'll update again soon!

Day 1 post op

Hello ladies!
So far so good. Still feel a bit of pressure up top and have been icing as much as possible. It's still hard up top but squishy on bottom..weird. but anyway feeling good...went to the store with my mom and have been walking around the house staying mobile. Got to take a shower which felt so good! I'm pretty self sufficient, hubby just helps me put shirts on and off. I can go to the bathroom just fine on my own... speaking of which, I haven't gone number 2 yet..Nurse said if I haven't gone by tomorrow night I have to take a laxative..let's hope I go soon.
I have a pretty good range of motion with my arms..just can't raise them to far away from my body.
Doctor had recommended an app for prescriptions called rxmindme, but its for iPhones only. So for any android users out there I found one called mango health(weird name) but it works great and notifies me when to take my pill, which one, and how many. It's very very useful!
My boobs I feel, are a bit torpedo like but once they drop I'm sure that will diminish:)
That's all I can think of to say now!
Much love ladies

Day two post op

Nothing really has changed with the look of then, so no need to post pics just yet. I was able to go to the bathroom thank goodness. I have also been taking Tylenol all day today instead of the hard stuff. The muscle relaxants I think I should reserve for when I go to bed, because I was fighting not falling asleep this afternoon! I went shopping a little with my mom but wasn't too into it...I just wanted to go home, put some comfy clothes on and sit on the couch. My mom and hubby have been helping with the kids...I haven't picked them up as of yet. I just had a pillow on my chest and let my little girl sit with me..which seemed to appease her.
I feel sad I can't put her in her crib at night and rock her for a bit...but it'll pass.
I took off the top bandages after shower and was instructed to leave the others on...I believe they are superglued and will be removed at next week's appointment.
I don't see any bruising so that's good. The whole bottom half of my boobs are numb which is a weird feeling for sure!
Have a great evening ladies!

November 23, 2015

Things are going good. I do have some bruising on my left breast.. It looks terrible but it's yellowy so it's healing :) my mom left yesterday... Noooooo! But my hubby has been staying home with me and does all the lifting of the kids. I just sit on the floor with them that way they feel like they are with mama


It erased half of my update again!! Argh!
Anyway.. I can lift my one year old up and off of things if I keep her close to my chest but it's minimal that I do it. I'm only taking muscle relaxant before bed and then two Tylenol, arnica, bromelain , antibiotic, and multivitamin during day. I think it's too soon to compare to see if they've dropped. The sides are sore and I am more aware of the incision areas.. I get a little twinge every once in a while. My first appointment is Wednesday so I'll update again after that!
I hope all you ladies have a great day!

Before n after

I tried to do a before and after with the same sports bra... Boy it was a bit tight to get on that's for sure;)
I also tried to do a body shot to show proportions

November 25, 2015

Yesterday started to have a little more zingers throughout my nipples and feel really sore like bruising on my side boobs and my side rib area. Maybe I did too much?
I'm more aware of them when walking around.. Maybe the weight of them are putting pressure on my incisions..
I think maybe I should have taken two Tylenol instead of one because I was extra drained yesterday and my back hurt.. Everything hurt... So I'm sticking to two Tylenol till further notice;)
Doctors appointment went well. She showed me some massage techniques to do... Basically squishing each boob moving up and down and then pushing them together and rubbing the top part of my chest. I told her I was still wary of touching them but she said they are tougher than you think. She gave me my card ...560cc in left, 525cc in the right. High profile. I am allowed to sleep on back now and don't have to wear a bra to bed if I don't want to. Still no exercising. Only soft bras... She gave me tape to put over my incisions that I leave on 5-7 days at a time for 3/4 months to help the incisions heal flat. I've been squishing them since I got home.. Hehe.. Husband is still nervous to touch them though. The bruising scares him:) but that's ok. He's just concerned for me


Husbands family is coming this evening till Sunday and they don't know about surgery... So that should be interesting... Maybe they won't notice? Bahaha :)

November 28, 2015

Been feeling better and better! My boobs are sore and stiff when I wake up in the morning but I just massage and its better. Pretty much all day if they are sore or stiff I'll massage them a bit. I'm actually kind of paranoid about not massaging enough because of cc. I know it's a very low percentage but i just don't want that to happen to me! It scares me.

I don't think I have any swelling left.. My bruising looks terrible. I can't wait till it goes away.. Husband says it looks like someone beat my boob with a stick.. Haha.
It feels weird sleeping on my back... Not because it hurts or anything... Maybe just because I had been sleeping upright for a while I got used to it.... Who knows.

They are getting softer... I wish they would get there faster but I know I need patience.....
I can pick up kiddos as long as I keep them close to my body when lifting. It feels uncomfortable to have my baby on my chest so I carry her on my hip if needed. I have most of my arm "range" back except when reaching too far overhead. My incisions are starting to itch and my right nipple area is numb as well as both under sides of my boobs. I put an ice packs all over in places to see if I could feel the cold. Mostly though every thing is back to normal, which I'm happy about:)

So husband's family hasn't noticed! No looks or anything... I'm glad. It's not their business I don't think anyway;) my sister in law did make a remark that I "kept my boobs" after kids and I just smiled. But that was that. A fleeting thought did cross my mind to tell her then but I don't want her telling others (because she would). Having family here is nice but it is also very tiring and I keep reminding myself I just had this surgery a little over a week ago so of course my body is more tired!
I feel like I'm ok though and recovering very quickly... It feels like I shouldn't be able to heal this quickly... Maybe I'll just credit it to my doctor doing an amazing job and the vitamedica kit I purchased?

I am just on the arnica, multivitamin, and muscle relaxants.. Along with two Tylenol a day.

I bought a couple of cheap bras at Walmart again. They were really cute and for $5 a piece why not?

Well, I think that's it for now!
I hope all you ladies pre-op have great surgeries and all you ladies post op are doing well and healing nicely!

Progression pics and scars

Boob greed

So I'm totally feeling it... Haha. I love how they are looking and I've been healing better than expected and they are proportionate to my body... But I feel like I could have gone bigger. I'm not going to because I don't want to do another surgery unless necessary. I just need to vent it out because I don't think the hubby would want to hear this.. Haha.
I'm hoping when they are done d&f they will look a little bigger? I'm not sure....
Tell me I'm crazy ladies!!!

December 3, 2015

Just a couple quick things...my right boob has a weird flat spot...but I'm sure it'll go away once my implant drops further. The bruise on the left is looking better. I also noticed that my left Boob squeaks some when I push them together...it's very quiet, but comical. Hopefully that goes away...no one wants a squeaky boob ;) the right is dropping faster and it jiggles more. I can't wait till they even out. Boob greed is real! But I'm still very happy so far with my results.
That's all!
Have a great evening girls!

Today is a good boobie day:)

I tried on a few old swim tops and was busting out of them or they had weird gaps.. But I did have one that I think fits great! The boob greed still pops up here and there but I know I still have some d&f to do. My left boobs feeling is all back to normal but the right boob is still numb on and around the nipple and on the bottom. Scars are looking great.. seem to be healing flat. The bruising on my left boob is almost gone!
Hubs says they are still hard.. even though I think they are getting softer every day. ;)
Overall I'm feeling more and more confident and I love the feeling! I am so happy with my results!

December 20, 2015

Here are some updated pics. They are getting softer but haven't fully dropped into the pocket yet. I massage every day and every time I think of it. Right breast is still numb on nipple and lower area and I have feeling everywhere on my left breast. Bruising is all gone. I am still taping my scars. Although I'm going to give my skin a break tonight and put it on in the morning. My skin was a bit irritated and I don't want blisters to form. Still very happy with the results! Have a great evening girls!

Forgot to attach the pics:)

Before n after

January 6, 2016

So I changed my status to "worth it". Everything so far has gone way better than I expected and I am very thankful for that. Went to my check up today and doctor said they won't drop anymore, maybe my left will a tad to even out. I got cleared to resume all activities and I can wear bras now! Yay! I don't know if I even remember what a real bra feels like ;) Doctor said to keep wearing scar tape so I put it back on. I had taken it off before because it started irritating my skin. My scars are a bit red but it has a lot to do with my fair skin I'm sure. Doc says they'll fade over time.. But you can barely see them anyway since they are under my crease.
Still pretty numb in the right breast.. Although I do have a few twinges of feeling every once in a while.. Like in the shower if the water hits it, it kind of is a sore/bruised feeling. Husband said maybe it's my nerves healing... I am looking forward to having the feeling back though... It's weird being numb.
I can feel the implants every once in a while... When I bend over to pick something up it feels very weird, hard to explain the feeling.. Like a pulling on my skin. Also if I move my boobs around and massage them pretty vigorously I think I can feel them moving around in there.. But all in all, it's not enough to bother me and I am beyond happy with them!
Everything is back to normal daily life:)


Day one and two month comparison

Here's a couple other pictures. I didn't realize how much they've changed! Crazy!

New bras!!

So I ordered a couple of bras from Fredericks. Overall I am happy with them. I got two full figure bras and a push up bra. The push up bra is a 38D and the full figure ones are a 36DD. They supposedly are sister sizes although I like the DD fit better. Also the push up bra feels very very weird... I think I'll hold out on wearing that for now. It feels like too much and kind of makes my boobs sore. Anyone else have this experience?
Well here's the pics! The red one is my favorite.. I'll definitely have to buy some more colorful ones next time;)


Couple more bras

Just wanted to show a normal no padded bra vs a push up. :) and a couple other bras ;) it's just so much fun buying them and I don't want to bore the hubby with every bra purchase so I'll share with you ladies! Hope everyone's healing well and future surgeries go well

Pics.. I always forget to attach them...

February 25, 2016

Hello hello! It's been about a month since my last update, so I thought I should do a quick cap.
Still very happy I did this! My scars are still red but over time I believe they will fade. I'm pretty sure they have settled in their position and won't drop anymore. They have a nice slope and look quite natural I think:)
Bottom and nipple of right breast still have no feeling but I hope it returns soon.
That's about it! Until next time ladies xoxo

3 month pics

March 24, 2016

Just dropping by to give a quick update! Nothing really has changed since last time. I'm still numb in my right breast, I'm hoping by my 6 month check up some progression with that is happening. Scars I think are still healing good.. I did notice a couple of little stretch marks on the bottom of my breasts but hopefully they'll fade over time.
They are pretty soft and jiggly and look like natural breasts.. And when I lay down they do kind of fall to the side like natural ones do so that's good.

I'm having a hard time finding a swimsuit.. I have a 3 and 1 year old so I'm trying to make sure they can't accidentally pull my top off or something and... they definitely are noticeable in a bathing suit and I feel like I want to be a tad conservative.. Lol I'm not sure where to look though.. Any suggestions?
Well.. That's all I can think of as of now. :)
Happy healing ladies!

4 month pictures

6 month before and after doctor shots

9 month update

Everything is going well. Still very happy with my results. They feel like my own boobs and are very squishy and bouncy. I still don't have feeling in my right breast, however. I'm told that it can take a while to come back so I'll keep you posted. Scars are looking good... They are continuing to fade. I'll update again soon. Have a great day girls!
Ashley Gordon

The staff is amazing. Very informative and nice. Dr. Gordon listens and makes you feel very comfortable. It's the day of treatment that I'm writing this but I just love her! UPDATED 1-2-16** Still very happy with Dr. Gordon. She went in after my surgery and let my husband know how I was doing. She gave me the results I asked for. Nurses at surgery center were very nice and informative, they answered any questions I had. Nurses in office are super sweet and personable. They answer emails promptly or call if anything requires further explanation. My 6 week check up is soon and so far all of the Restora staff have exceeded my expectations.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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