My, 15 Year Long, Wish is Coming TRUE! How I Picked my Dr.

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Ever since I was 15 I realized that I was going to...

Ever since I was 15 I realized that I was going to be "underdeveloped" in my chest. Having a naturally athletic, petite build didn't really help my desired feminine figure either. I graduated, then went to college, paid for it myself, so none of my money was going to breasts. After graduation, I was immediately hired and worked full time for VERY little in Austin, so, again, NO MONEY was going to boobies. Then, 2 years later, we get pregnate! Yay! At 6 months along, because I worked around some dangerous folks in my line of work, I stopped working, my husband and I decided I would be a stay at home mom, no money for boobies. At 2 years after baby boy, another pregnancy, yay! Then,1.5 years after her, ANOTHER pregnancy, YAY another boy! Well, here we are 1.5 years after my 3rd and final baby, breastfeeding all 3 for 12 months each... TIME FOR BOOBIES!!!

Now, let me tell you, I have been researching BA doctors and methods and options for a WHILE, like, years! I had finally gotten a referral from my amazing OB/GYN and I was ready to make my consultation appointment. BUT, then, my sister-in-law, who had a BA 2 years ago, told me that her ONLY REGRET was that she did not get a 2nd opinion. She loves her results, but, she went with the first, best, most expensive female doctor and was confident in it. However, she realized soon, that she was unsure about some of the bedside manor but had nothing to compair it to, this made her think, "what if." Well, "what if" is not something that I wanted to be thinking. Although I totally trusted my OB/GYN's referral (she had a BA by him and her nurse was currently getting a capsular contraction corrected with him), I wanted to pick from one of my many researched doctors to get a 2nd opinion.

I got online and did a consultation request for both my referral and my self choice, they both responded the next day and happened to only have an opening on the 21 and 22nd, so I scheduled one for the 21st and one for the 22nd. I told my mom so she could watch my kids and my husband so he could come with me. (I should note that he does not think I need the BA, but he supports me because he has seen me cry and get frustrated at my post breastfeeding boobies and he wants me happy above all else.)
So, day 1, I meet with my referral, I love his office, it's big and clinical and his staff is prefessional, he sizes me by asking what I have researched, start there, and going up and down until I am happy. I ended up with exactly what I thought I would. SWEET! I leave happy. Day 2, I go to my own pick, a totally different aesthetic of the office, but I still LOVE it, it's comfortable, and relaxing, and not intimidating AT ALL. His staff is AMAZINGLY sweet and silly (read: human) (they had a little impromptu 80s dance party in their break room we happened to stumble upon.) His nurse sized me before I met him. The sizing process was totally different, she simply asked if I wanted subtle, naturally large, or "go big or go home." Then she left the room, grabbed a few size options and returned with a bra and tank top for me to put on. She wouldn't tell me what size or profile I was trying on, just asked "bigger, smaller, higher or lower." (Like when you get your eye exam and that big machine is put in front of you, "A or B, 1 or 2, B or C, better or worse?") So, I finally say, "THIS, This is it!" She tells me the size and it is EXACTLY what I picked the day before and what I had expected the whole time! GO ME!!
At that point, she called the Doctor in and he is amazing, he jokes with my husband and I, he listens to and asks us about our kids and my wishes, he shares personal stories about his family and it is just obvious that he loves to help people and loves his family, including 2 grown daughters (he knows women). I already knew that he had the type of results I was looking for, and now I knew his office, staff, and practices were right up my alley. All together, the confidence of knowing that I blindly chose my size makes me know that I am picking the right one for me. This, along with the comfort I felt with his office, staff, location, price, and experience made me confident enough to book my surgery right then and there. So, the day before Thanksgiving 2016, it is finally time for mama to treat herself!!

(ps: I love that we chose this day because I don't have to cook or do anything this year except pick up pies and cranberry sauce pre-op. Plus my husband will be home for 4 days to help with kids!)

5' 4"
petite/athletic build
3 children / breastfed

375cc High Profile
Smooth Round
Sientra Silicone Gel
Inframammary incision
Austin Plastic Surgeon

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