I Like my Body but Little More?

I am in early 50's and I am fit . I am happy with...

I am in early 50's and I am fit .
I am happy with my body but There is one thing I always wish to I have little bit more projection in my butt .
I workout 5-6days a week lift weights and I do mountain bike as well. But my butt never grow as l like to be.
I don't want big and fat looking butt . I rather not have any . looks good on lot of girls , but big is not for me . I am only 5"3 and my normal days 120-123 pounds. I am talking with most muscles. So big butt will be look funny on me .
I like to be small butt ,with projection and tight . Not jiggling when you walking. You
I am only couple days away . Nervous as hell . I am more worry about liposuction (hopefully the best)then my butt .
Please , pray for me . Thank you!

Wish pics.

One day after surgery.

I didn't sleep at at all last night . Pain wasn't too bad and my butt doesn't hurt at all . Just little sore.
My surgery was done an hour and half earlier then scheduled, because I didn't have enough fat . But I am happy with my butt size and shape. I don't know how much will get smaller,hopefully not too much .
I don't know what my liposuction looks like...I haven't take off my undergarment yet . I will post a picture when I can take it off .
I went in surgery at 126.5pounds I am now 130pounds . My butt was 35 inches now 38inches .

Second day after surgery

I stopped pain medicine yesterday but I took at night before I went to sleep.
Today I feel so much better so I went for walk with my dog . I will take a shower this afternoon .;)
Only thing I have a difficulty in this recovery process is face down and sleep. I have had total of 4-5hours in sleep last two days . So I am just feeling tired. I have a Brest pillow and body pillow it doesn't work for me. I bought everything what I found on this website...many things I shouldn't have . Best thing to have is Arnicare gel and tablets,extra a garment to change.


Tomorrow will be a week since the surgery. I am still swelling a lot around my waist. My butt isn't seems like swell or hurt at all , just little sore . I lost a inch ... Hardest things of recovery for me is sleeping face down and not able to exercise .
I am still healing so,it's hard to tell but I am happy with what I see .
Most girls in this website wants to have big and up side down heart shape of butt. But for me that's nightmare.
I like my Dr Franco for that reason ,he really pay attention to what you want to have. I was little worried because lot of he's before and after pictures are big butts .
But he told me impossible for me to have big because I don't have enough fat to transfer.
Anyway I can see ,when my swell goes away it will look nice .

More pics


Some pictures . 10days !

10 DAYS!!
I went for 5mile walk today. Since I can't go workout yet , walking is good enough for now .
My new butt still at 37inchs.
Love it. I am at 130 pounds right now . I am 3-4pounds heavier than the surgery date . Slowly but surely my swelling is going down.
I can't wait to go back to my normal weight and routine!

More pics from day 10'!

Putting deess on . Second post op appointment this morning.

Post op 15days!

Overall Feeling great . My swelling went down a lot . I am only 3ponunds away from before the surgery.
My butt got smaller,(gone two inches ) it's only 1 inch bigger than before the surgery but I like it .
My butt was 35 " after surgery 38" now 36-36,1/2.
Looks fit and tight ! Hopefully it stay with me now .
I sleep little better but still difficult.
I have lumps and bumps , hopefully it goes away soon .No more bruises, or pain but still numb And scars are so itch !
It's been VERY hard to find a right compression garment ! I order 4 of them send all back . Small is little too big XS are too tight . What do I do ?
My Dr don't want me to wear lipo form . I don't like it anyway . It looks ugly .
I am going to go shopping this weekend for a garment.

CURVE CURE !!! This bbl recovery system.

BBL is for sale .!! BBL dolls ! Great news I am buying this . I wish I knew before the surgery so I didn't have to sleep on my face ! ! Or no sitting! I am buying cushion for the chair. You choose you on butt size . Whole system is $395 , bed and pillows...

Seat and watch movies and seat on dinner table. ????

3weeks today ! . I know , I can start to seat an hour at a time but I rather not for little longer.
This cushion is awesome!
Come with different sizes for big booty and small booty .

It's been a long 5months since surgery. I feel...

It's been a long 5months since surgery.

I feel some what back to normal, I still have some tingling and maybe little swelling in some areas.  After 5months my results is not worth pain money for me . My liposuction turn out terrible, uneven and ripples and my butt is just about same size and uneven!!!

5months post op,Disappointed!

5months since the surgery!
I am VERY disappointed over the results. Some areas I knew from the day one he didn't do it right ! I told and show to him but Dr keep saying it would be fine when is all healed . He is wrong ,it still looks bad . My butt is gone and my body left as dents and ripples !!
Before the surgery
361/2 bust 29 waistline 351/2 butt Now
361/2 , 28 , 36
And I have one side bigger butt than other side ! I guess I gain half inch on my one side of butt .?
I have a follow up appointment Aug 16th . Interesting to see what Dr have to say about it .


Before weight gain.pictures . Last year .

This surgery was not worth for me . I did gain weight for the surgery but ,not enough fat and I end up looking deformed...

First day of concern

In my left low belly.
This pictures were my second day of home after the surgery and I was concerned about the results and I sent pictures to Dr and he said no worries , but I did worry, because looks bad and I don't think was right when surgery was done so quick ... 21/2 hours... However, today I am still dealing with same spots. So ,it is and was the problems that I thought was .
I am going to give myself another six months and training to be fit and see what happens , it might all go away...I Only hope ... I may find a Dr to do revision, but mean time I am going to try my best to be fit again . Go back to my on routine and life style.,. Be a athlete and traveling around world!

Dr is nice ,staff was ok (nice but sloppy). I like him enough made a decision to go with him . But I don't think he was good match for me . And I specially disappointed after the surgery . I can see things are wrong clearly but he will said looks fine ... I need find a good experience revision DR!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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