I Like my Body but Little More?

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I am in early 50's and I am fit . I am happy with...

I am in early 50's and I am fit .
I am happy with my body but There is one thing I always wish to I have little bit more projection in my butt .
I workout 5-6days a week lift weights and I do mountain bike as well. But my butt never grow as l like to be.
I don't want big and fat looking butt . I rather not have any . looks good on lot of girls , but big is not for me . I am only 5"3 and my normal days 120-123 pounds. I am talking with most muscles. So big butt will be look funny on me .
I like to be small butt ,with projection and tight . Not jiggling when you walking. You
I am only couple days away . Nervous as hell . I am more worry about liposuction (hopefully the best)then my butt .
Please , pray for me . Thank you!

Wish pics.

One day after surgery.

I didn't sleep at at all last night . Pain wasn't too bad and my butt doesn't hurt at all . Just little sore.
My surgery was done an hour and half earlier then scheduled, because I didn't have enough fat . But I am happy with my butt size and shape. I don't know how much will get smaller,hopefully not too much .
I don't know what my liposuction looks like...I haven't take off my undergarment yet . I will post a picture when I can take it off .
I went in surgery at 126.5pounds I am now 130pounds . My butt was 35 inches now 38inches .

Second day after surgery

I stopped pain medicine yesterday but I took at night before I went to sleep.
Today I feel so much better so I went for walk with my dog . I will take a shower this afternoon .;)
Only thing I have a difficulty in this recovery process is face down and sleep. I have had total of 4-5hours in sleep last two days . So I am just feeling tired. I have a Brest pillow and body pillow it doesn't work for me. I bought everything what I found on this website...many things I shouldn't have . Best thing to have is Arnicare gel and tablets,extra a garment to change.


Tomorrow will be a week since the surgery. I am still swelling a lot around my waist. My butt isn't seems like swell or hurt at all , just little sore . I lost a inch ... Hardest things of recovery for me is sleeping face down and not able to exercise .
I am still healing so,it's hard to tell but I am happy with what I see .
Most girls in this website wants to have big and up side down heart shape of butt. But for me that's nightmare.
I like my Dr Franco for that reason ,he really pay attention to what you want to have. I was little worried because lot of he's before and after pictures are big butts .
But he told me impossible for me to have big because I don't have enough fat to transfer.
Anyway I can see ,when my swell goes away it will look nice .

More pics


Some pictures . 10days !

10 DAYS!!
I went for 5mile walk today. Since I can't go workout yet , walking is good enough for now .
My new butt still at 37inchs.
Love it. I am at 130 pounds right now . I am 3-4pounds heavier than the surgery date . Slowly but surely my swelling is going down.
I can't wait to go back to my normal weight and routine!

More pics from day 10'!

Putting deess on . Second post op appointment this morning.

Post op 15days!

Overall Feeling great . My swelling went down a lot . I am only 3ponunds away from before the surgery.
My butt got smaller,(gone two inches ) it's only 1 inch bigger than before the surgery but I like it .
My butt was 35 " after surgery 38" now 36-36,1/2.
Looks fit and tight ! Hopefully it stay with me now .
I sleep little better but still difficult.
I have lumps and bumps , hopefully it goes away soon .No more bruises, or pain but still numb And scars are so itch !
It's been VERY hard to find a right compression garment ! I order 4 of them send all back . Small is little too big XS are too tight . What do I do ?
My Dr don't want me to wear lipo form . I don't like it anyway . It looks ugly .
I am going to go shopping this weekend for a garment.

CURVE CURE !!! This bbl recovery system.

BBL is for sale .!! BBL dolls ! Great news I am buying this . I wish I knew before the surgery so I didn't have to sleep on my face ! ! Or no sitting! I am buying cushion for the chair. You choose you on butt size . Whole system is $395 , bed and pillows...

Seat and watch movies and seat on dinner table. ????

3weeks today ! . I know , I can start to seat an hour at a time but I rather not for little longer.
This cushion is awesome!
Come with different sizes for big booty and small booty .

It's been a long 5months since surgery. I feel...

It's been a long 5months since surgery.

I feel some what back to normal, I still have some tingling and maybe little swelling in some areas.  After 5months my results is not worth pain money for me . My liposuction turn out terrible, uneven and ripples and my butt is just about same size and uneven!!!

5months post op,Disappointed!

5months since the surgery!
I am VERY disappointed over the results. Some areas I knew from the day one he didn't do it right ! I told and show to him but Dr keep saying it would be fine when is all healed . He is wrong ,it still looks bad . My butt is gone and my body left as dents and ripples !!
Before the surgery
361/2 bust 29 waistline 351/2 butt Now
361/2 , 28 , 36
And I have one side bigger butt than other side ! I guess I gain half inch on my one side of butt .?
I have a follow up appointment Aug 16th . Interesting to see what Dr have to say about it .


Before weight gain.pictures . Last year .

This surgery was not worth for me . I did gain weight for the surgery but ,not enough fat and I end up looking deformed...

First day of concern

In my left low belly.

Explicit - Click to view

This pictures were my second day of home after the surgery and I was concerned about the results and I sent pictures to Dr and he said no worries , but I did worry, because looks bad and I don't think was right when surgery was done so quick ... 21/2 hours... However, today I am still dealing with same spots. So ,it is and was the problems that I thought was .
I am going to give myself another six months and training to be fit and see what happens , it might all go away...I Only hope ... I may find a Dr to do revision, but mean time I am going to try my best to be fit again . Go back to my on routine and life style.,. Be a athlete and traveling around world!

One year

It's been a year and one month since my bbl . I still weigh about ( 1-2 pounds lighter) the same as day of surgery but no improvement. It was not worth fat transferring 200cc and went through that pain. if it stay on would been fine but it did nothing for me . I would be ok with out the butt if at least liposuction was good enough that I think I have a little nicer waist line , but instead I have bad liposuction. I still have tingling and itchy on and off . Now I am looking for revision and implants for the butt . I wish for small but projections will be nice . I am debating Dr Mejia or Dr Stanton .

Before pictures

Someone asked me if I could put up a picture of before.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr is nice ,staff was ok (nice but sloppy). I like him enough made a decision to go with him . But I don't think he was good match for me . And I specially disappointed after the surgery . I can see things are wrong clearly but he will said looks fine ... I need find a good experience revision DR!

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