5'6 145lbs Going in for Butt Augmentation

Getting really close. Very nervous for this...

Getting really close. Very nervous for this procedure. Not so much bc of pain, but down time and taking care of a 2 year old to care for. Any suggestions? Being on tummy does not bother me. But the constant moving around for feeding and cleaning up is concerning me. Other than that. Exited at the same time. Been wanting a booty for a long time. Nature just did not gift me in that area. So very much looking toward to the procedure. I will post before and after pics before procedure.

One week away

Hi guys, I'm one week away. So exited. My heart started beating so fast today. Yikes. I cannot believe I'm actually going through with the procedure. I saw another girls post that had the same procedure I'm having with the same doctor, and I must say she looks great. Gives me ease to see his work in other woman near me. Well picking up all mess today for after procedure. Any tips for those who have gone through the process for post surgery?? Thanks

Today was the day

Hey ladies... wowwwww surgery went well. Now I'm very swore and a bit nauseous. Came out looking a lot bigger than expected. Not entirely thrilled. Hopefully once swelling goes down I can be a bit smaller. I feel way too big. Peeing is difficult and laying on tummy is uncomfortable, Specially on my back due to arch. But other than that, I feel much pressure on butt but not pain from being cut open. I don't even feel where they cut me. I just feel the pressure of implants stretching my skin, but it is manageable with pain meds. Hopefully tomorrow the feel of I've done 1000 squats starts to go away a bit. I'm worried about once my hubby goes back to work how I'm going to take care of my lil one. But we will see. I want to post pics but hubby won't let me. I'll try to convinced him so you guys can see what I'm talking about. But man dr. Johnny Franco is truly amazing and the staff at hospital was wonderful. Loved them. Ok time to go to sleep meds kicking in again.

First day post op

Wow ladies, today was really rough. The pain is so bad. I thought I would just feel the pressure but man it feels like my butt is about to bust. Along with laying in tummy all day and the pain from lipo is insane. They had to switch me from hydro to percaset due to how painful today was. Also getting out of bed makes me so light headed I can't stand up longer than a minute. Im so hoping all of this goes away. I was crying today and almost regretting doing the procedure but once my hubby takes me to bathroom and I look at my self in in love so I endure the pain. Dr. franco did such an amazing job I have family members wanting to get work done with him now lol. Well let's see how tomorrow goes. Hopefully I can move around easier and the fainting feeling goes away.

6 day post op

Hi everyone. Wow is been a nightmare. Pain is so bad. Every time I get up I get white pale and fussy, and super out of breath. I thought by now pain and all those other symptoms would start to go away. But no. I feel terrible. My butt hurts like rocks inside. My back hurst so much from laying on tummy . I'm so over this. Is anyone else going through this or went through this at this stage of 6 days post op. This is awful and doctor won't give me more pain meds. I honestly just cry all day. I had to pay a nanny to cater for me bc I can't do it alone. Is it just me that's having a hard recovery. Or everyone else goes through this? When will I start feeling ok without pain meds?

Right butt hurting

Hey guys, anyone who had his fine, did one butt check hurt more than the other one?y right one hurts so much. The left cheek stopped hurting. So doctor believes it might be an infection. He send me two antibiotics. If they don't work and right cheek turns red then implant comes out. I really don't want to. I've heard some woman saying one butt hurts more than the other. But I've developed fever that isn't going away. Had anyone developed fever after surgery? I'm getting all sorts of things happening to me, even through the pain I love my new booty and don't want to go back to the old one. If anyone went through this please written back. Maybe I'm making all my symptoms worst bc I have anxiety. Any suggestion / advice helps. Thanks
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