Brazilian Butt Lift for 28 Year Old - Austin, TX

I'd love to share my experience with those looking...

I'd love to share my experience with those looking to have the procedure done so here I am. So far I'm slightly nervous, but mostly anxious about the results. Fat is being harvested from my upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles and flanks. I'm not sure all my questions were answered, but I hope to address them today before surgery.

The Procedure!

Oh my Goodness! It was the most painful experience of my life. I prefer to work out 5 babies back to back with no epidural before reliving that experience. I was told by many that most patient sleep during the procedure. I wish I was one of those people. For whatever reason, the lidocaine what's not doing its job. I was literally holding the nurse's hand while crying. The doctor kept reinserting the tubes for more lidocaine, but it just wasn't working. Traumatized is the only word I can use to describe the experience. Eventually at one point the doctor and I had to work together. He would let me know he was getting ready to go back in and I would just hold a breathe in preparation for it.

The recovery process hasn't been so pleasant either. I'm a week out and finally mobile.

8 Days Later

So, this procedure definitely requires patience! About 2 to 3 days later I could see that my hips were thinner, but my overall depth/ circumference measurement was much wider. I was about 11 pounds up on the scale. My body continues to change daily. Some days I'm more swollen than others. The stomach bruising and swelling was pretty much non existent until day 6 or so and is still present. I'm still very swollen as expected. As of yet, I don't see a huge difference in the shape of my body or the buttocks. My body shape still appears quite box shaped. Again, it's a slow process and I'm trying my best to be patient as the process takes it's course.

8 Days Later


13 Days Post

I'm feeling so much better, physically. I'm still wondering how these results will turn out. I'm still not seeing much of a difference. I learned about 2000 cc of fat was removed and 500 cc of fat wen into each cheek.

What happened to my body!??

Here are the 3 weeks later pictures. I look the same. I think I'm out of tears. It's obvious I'll need to do it again, but I'm petrified based on my experience. I can't imagine going through that trauma again. I know the doctor offers "touch ups", but looks like I'll need more than that. My body has less shape now and the shape is different on each side. I understand it can take 6 months to see the final result, but based on other experiences and photos, their new shape was visble by last week. :/

Wish Pictures

These were my wish pictures

Before and after photos: Your thoughts?

Please see the before and after pictures and share your thoughts. I can see the reduction in my lower stomach and hips, but I was expecting more of a shape (body contour) and a much plumper bum. I could be wrong.

Doctor has agreed to...

In also wanted to add that the Dr. has agreed to do a touch up in about 6 months. My hope is to receive a better body shape and a plumper and more lifted butt. I'm am thankful for his understanding and willingness to work with me.

Found out I'm pregnant ....3 months op; 15 weeks pregnant

A few weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant. I went into this procedure not knowing. The doctor also had a pregnancy test done the day of with a negative result. Anyhow, I can't evaluate my results much moving forward. I attached current photos which are 3 months post op, but 15 weeks pregnant. I started at 144 pounds. I'm currently weighing in at 151. I'm still wearing the same size clothing. I do plan on returning for the touch up once baby has arrived. Unfortunately, I'll be unable to post updates in regards to the end results until that time.

How did your scars progress?

Hey ladies!

I was just wondering how your scars healed? I have some flat and some raised. (The ones shown are on my stomach and flanks)
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