23 Looking to Get Rid of my Weight Gain - Austin, TX

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I started this journey very spontaneously. Gained...

I started this journey very spontaneously. Gained about 50 pounds in the past 5 years and I'm sick of it. Tried dieting, lost 20 pounds but gained it back. About 3 weeks ago, I looked into some surgical options and the BBL seemed like a good fit. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Franco and set my surgery that day. I'm 4 days away and I'm SO excited. I'm starting to get a little nervous though. I'm really struggling with sleeping on my stomach. I think I'm dreading that the most.

5 days since surgery...

So I got out of surgery Monday afternoon and it is Friday evening. This has been the most painful thing I've ever done. For the last four days I really wasn't sure if all of the pain was worth it. But today, I put on a tight dress and it looks AMAZING. I am so blown away from my results. Planning on posting a picture in the next few days.

I added inner thigh lipo to my BBL procedure and I'm not sure if I should have. My legs are so swollen and purple. It is very uncomfortable and not fun to see. I am pretty sure my thighs are bigger than my waist at the moment. The cankle struggle is real. As soon as the swelling goes away I believe my healing will be smooth sailing. Wish i purchased compression leggings before so I guess I'll just suffer.

Pictures to come!

6 days after...

I've noticed some slight reduction in my thigh swelling but my calves and cankles are still going strong. I definitely don't think I should have done the inner thigh lipo. There is just not enough difference. Maybe that will change as the swelling goes down.

So Happy About It!

After doing research on BBL doctors, I chose Dr. Franco. His staff is super nice and personable! I set the procedure right after my consultation. I'm almost two weeks out and I already love the results. He did a great job and my body looks ridiculous (in a good way =P). So happy I did my surgery with Dr. Franco and his team. My only critique is that I didn't feel very prepared for recovery. It would have been nice to get some information in my packet before surgery about items that would make recovery easier, what I should eat during recovery, what to expect after surgery, etc... I had to do my own research for that. No big deal, just would have been another step even more over and above than they already went. Couldn't be more happy with the results!

He seems as excited as I am!

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