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I am a personal trainer, and I will start off by...

I am a personal trainer, and I will start off by saying there is NO substitute for eating right and exercise to lose weight and fat. That said, I have personally found that wraps are helpful for toning up the skin while you are losing weight. I became a trainer, because I've been there and wanted to help others. I lost 75 lbs after carrying the weight and yo-yo'ing for nearly 20 years. I'm also the mother of two, so needless to say, after the weight came off, I had some problem areas where the skin just wasn't going back. I got a Groupon for a full body wrap at a salon as a gift from a friend, and I was shocked at how many inches came off! Not going to go into too much detail here, but I drank all the water I could, and ate mostly raw fruit and veggies the day of the wrap. My appt was in the morning, and I saw inches lost before I left, and for the next two days, it was obvious that my body was flushing (no details here for sake of not being gross). I did this right before a vacation, and I looked awesome. Unfortunately, I was not so nice to myself on vacation...lots of sodium and alcohol (this was before I made the decision to eat clean as a lifestyle), and I came home again very puffy. I wanted to go get another wrap, but the salon wraps are not cheap!

A few months ago, a really good friend of mine started selling It Works! products. I went to one of her parties, and got a $25 wrap. I saw some smoothing of my tummy, but not a whole lot. She shared with me that she had the same problem after the first one...some people are just that way. Being the close friends we are, I saw her tummy before she started using the product...and hers was as bad as mine in the beginning. With regular use (one a week), her stomach is now very smooth. The entire program is quite expensive, so I did some research on the products (such as the greens) and found an alternative that wasn't as expensive. After drinking the greens for a month, my friend did another wrap for me for now charge, and I saw better results.

I now am doing the wraps on a weekly basis, while drinking the greens I found at the health store, drinking lots of lemon water, continuing with clean eating and plenty of exercise, etc. and I am starting to see some smoothing of the skin on my tummy. I put the wrap on in the morning after a hot shower, and since I work from home, I can wear it all day (the overnight thing just isn't for me).

Again, the wraps are NOT for weight loss...if you are carrying excess fat, you still need to get rid of that fat if you want to see definition. That doesn't happen magically. This product helps with that hard to get to surface fat...the stuff just under the skin that causes the dimples...and with damage from overly stretched skin. I also use Derma-e scaring gel, instead of the It Works! defining cream...was using that already before, and it was helping some, but it seems the combination of the two work even better. Also, with any wrap, be sure to take a hot show before, and thoroughly exfoliate the area where you will apply the wrap before applying. This will help make sure the stuff soaks into the skin really well.

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