25 Year Old Mom of 2, Long Awaited Lipo + Breast Fat Transfer! - Austin, TX

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I'm a pear shape and always have had huge hips,...

I'm a pear shape and always have had huge hips, thighs, and butt and absolutely no boobs whatsoever, even when I was at my heavier weights. One of my boobs was an A cup, and the other was AA. I mean I just looked ridiculous. Thankfully I love working out so I have broad shoulders that offset my hips, so my silhouette was actually pretty good. But I was always so depressed and disappointed with my boobs (lack of). Every time I put on a swimsuit I had to stuff silicone inserts into the padding layer just to look somewhat normal, but it looked totally fake. Like you could so tell that I didn't have any actual boob going on there. So yeah, I was pretty self conscious.

Then I found out I was getting a pretty nice tax return, so I looked up how much it would be to get a boob job with some silicone implants, and decided I could afford them. Only....I have like no fat at all in my upper body. It's all concentrated in my thighs and butt. So the implants would look stupid and totally fake, and my lower body would still look like shit. So much cellulite it hurts to look at it. So I looked up what other thing I could do to fix myself, and BAM. Lipo + fat transfer popped up on google. I was like, "HELL YES, take my ass fat and shoot it into my tits?? I'd rather die than not suck out my fat and get boobs at the same time!" So I decided I must have the procedure, or I would promptly expire.

I started looking at Beleza cause that's where my mom goes to get stuff done, but they really sucked at following up my email request for info, and when I finally got the email like 2 days later, I was like screw you guys, I'm taking my fat ass and my tax money elsewhere. I remembered hearing a radio ad about Westlake Dermatology and recalled that they were pretty fancy and high end, so just for shits and giggles I decided to check out the website and see what they had going on. Totally didn't expect to be able to afford them. Afterall, they were in the hills by Lake Travis which is where all the wealthy reside...I figured the only thing I could afford there was a zit popping session lol. Well, as soon as I got on the site, i saw a banner at the top of the page advertising their February Smartlipo specials...$1095 an area which was about $200 less per area than Beleza. Fuck yeah! Plus Westlake has always been recognized as the gold standard in cosmetic treatments and especially anything to do with the moving around of fat. Request more info? Duh.
1 hour later: "Holy shit they already wrote back!"
Super informative email and the person who wrote it actually tried to sound nice and enthusiastic, so I went ahead and scheduled a consultation. Super polite receptionist scheduled me with Trudi, one of the consultants. Trudi was awesome and sweet, and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. She was no-bullshit about the fat transfer...she took one look at my boobs and was like um you're not going to get any actual breasts from a fat transfer, just maybe a slight increase. .."HAHAHAHHAAHA" I laughed...not out loud. I laugh in the face of negativity. And truth sometimes. Lol. I told her I still wanted to do the fat transfer anyway because literally ANYTHING would be better than what I had. So the lipo for my outer thighs, inner thighs, and inner and top of my knees was $3885. Adding the fat transfer was $2500. Idk how the prices broke down I guess she was charging me for 4 areas but discounting it or something. (the price up top includes everything. Prescriptions, blood work, compression garment, follow up appts, etc) So I scheduled my surgery right then and there and put my deposit down to hold the date.
I ended up having to reschedule my surgery once cause my tax return was taking forever to be deposited into my bank account, but the scheduling chicks were all super nice about it and no one got annoyed with me. Trudi didn't even get annoyed that I kept texting her with questions.

Pre-op day came and I had my visit with Dr Friedmann (who was awesome and also pretty cute), and anyway he checked out the chubby spots where I wanted the fat sucked out and took a look at my lack of tits and was like "yep...yep, yep" cause I was clearly in dire need of a boobie intervention lol. Then one week later I went in for my surgery. Took my Ativan and didn't eat breakfast like I was supposed to, so they gave me some goldfish (which didn't smile back. I feel cheated.).
As soon as I started feeling nice and fucked up, I had my before pics done and then went back to the OR to get some lidocaine saline stuff injected into my legs all over. I looked like a sideshow freak trying to walk down the hallway after that to pee. I kept having to pee it was ridiculous. Anyway the surgery was good. Took a long time but I didn't really care cause I was fucked up on the Ativan. I didn't feel any pain when he was doing the lipo, but since it took so long, the lidocaine started wearing off in my boobs. Plus since my boobs were so small, they only put a tiny bit in them so as not to fill them up too much with fluids I assume, cause then there would be no room for fat. I super appreciate that because I have a high pain tolerance and would be fine if I could feel some stuff, if it meant better boob results. So I could pretty much feel everything he did in my boobs after about half an hour..They weren't numb really. The skin was numb, so I didn't feel pain when my skin was being punctured and stuff, but the inside was pretty sore cause he couldn't numb the muscles...just not possible.. plus I could feel my boobs being squeezed cause he had to really kinda be rough with my boobs because they didn't cooperate very well. They were fibrous, is what he said. I lol'd a couple times in my head because it was funny to imagine this from another person's POV watching him struggling to get the syringe to go all the way in my boob without stabbing me in the heart. Idk I was fucked up so I guess everything was funny to me. Anyway I was entertained by conversation between him and the two nurses so I wasn't really bored. I dozed off a couple times too. It was a little uncomfortable at times but that's because I'm resistant to numbing agents, but really not as bad as what I thought it would be.

After surgery, my bf drove me home (he waited almost 7 hours for me in the waiting room), and I took some pain killers. I bled all over the place and stuff cause I forgot to change the gauze pads. Woohoo now I have blood droplets on my fancy bed sheets and the carpet and on my sofa pillows! He took a 5 hour nap with me and then took me over to my mom's house so he could head back to his house, and i would have someone to do stuff for me since I was basically on drugs. First few nights were easy cause my pain meds knocked me out. Now I am 4 days post, and last night was the hardest cause I ran out of painkillers and my bruises were hurting all night long. Specifically my outer thighs and knees because i like to sleep on my side with my legs stacked on top of each other. I don't really need the compression anymore but I put it back on this morning because it holds me in and makes it hurt less. I'm going without any pain meds not even regular Tylenol. My boobs don't really hurt..they never hurt much just a bit sore. They, at their worst, felt like they were engorged with milk. Sore and full, but not unbearable. On the 2nd day after surgery, they dropped a bit and softened up a whole lot. They didn't decrease in size very much and I think they look really nice! I actually have a shape to my boobs now it's awesome! I am wearing sports bras or no bra for now, but I fill out a 34 B bra now, whereas before I couldn't even really fill out my A cup bra. I'm 4 days out so there may be some decrease in the boobs but I don't think it'll be much. Maybe if I lose weight. But I don't really think I need to lose any weight now because my trouble spots are now gone and turned into boobies! Plus now if I gain weight, the fat in my boobs will get bigger yay! No more saddlebags and weird knee fat! Anyway, this review has gone on forever so I'm done now. I'll be adding photos here and there. But bottom line: Fat transfer is awesome, and Dr. Friedmann is awesome as well! You won't find a whole lot of reviews of him on RealSelf, but I promise he is very good at what he does. And those blue eyes *swoon* omg. I'm sure he's popular with the nurses there lol. Go see him now!

4 Days Post op pics

I'm posting some pics of how I'm healing up so far. Bruising isn't too bad, swelling is gone. Not too painful...just some muscle soreness.

5 Days Post

They don't hurt anymore except when I press on the undersides.. my muscles are pretty sore under there.

8 Days post

Swelling is almost gone-ish. They swell up some days like this particular day, and I am definitely okay with that!

2 weeks post op

Swelling and bruising from the surgery is totally gone now. I just found out 3 days ago that I was pregnant, so my boobies are going to be getting probably a lot bigger now. That means I was pregnant when I had the surgery. No anesthesia though, so I imagine everything will be fine with the pregnancy. I'm going to be continuing to post pictures of how my boobs change throughout the process, so if anyone wants to see how fat transfers are affected by hormone changes and weight gain, stay tuned!
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

I pretty much gushed on the doc already, but yeah highly recommend. Cool guy, skilled surgeon. He knows a lot, so you can probably ask him a bunch of questions and he'll give you answers that don't sound too textbookish. He is pretty straightforward and not snobby at all, like some docs can be. I will definitely come back to him to get any other cosmetic stuff I want in the future.

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