21 Years Old, 1 Kid, Much Needed Breast Reduction. Austin, TX

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My surgery is this Friday and I'm so freaking...

My surgery is this Friday and I'm so freaking excited and nervous. I'm currently a 32DDD/E and I'm hoping HOPING to be down to a B cup! I will update after my surgery! So far I've gotten my medication and my surgery bras as I was instructed now it is just a waiting game. I've been waiting for this for so long, I'm ready!

Timeline up to Post Up

I thought I would lay out the timeline for you guys in case anyone wants to know.

January 6th: This was my second appointment with my PCP (primary care physician). On December 15th I had seen a cardiologist to make sure the back, neck, and chest pains wasn't due to a heart problem (and because you guys don't know, I was diagnosed with cancer in the beginning of 2014). After all the tests he determined my pains were coming from my breasts. So fast forward back to January 6th, she sent a referral to my current PS

January 15th: I got married woohoo! Lol

January 21st: My first consolation with my PS, he looked at my breasts, measured them, got my weight and height. Reassured me I was a good candidate as I had concerns that I would have to wait after beating cancer. Told me he would submit the photos he took and a recommendation letter to my insurance for approve. I have UnitedHealthCare as my primary and Tricare as my secondary.

February 2nd: I got approved by UHC

February 11th: Pre Op date, I was informed on the day before and days after "rules". The nurse gave me a handout of post op bras I could get. I got my prescriptions which I picked up same day. Then I met with my PS, we went over the size I want to be which is a full B and how the day of surgery will go.

January 19th is my surgery date! Only 4 days away.

2 more days!

Surgery is soooooo close I can almost reach it. This week is going by uber slow haha! Im still waiting on the hospital to call me with instructions for the day of surgery. I guess they will call today or tomorrow. I picked up a scar cream that my mother in law says works wonders called Egyptian Magic. It was a little over $20 on Amazon. I've already purchased my post op bras and a few really cute bralettes (couldn't resist)! I'm hoping today and tomorrow go by so damn quick ugh


Y'all I'm so excited and nervous. Cannot wait to update everyone.

It's finally over

I'll write my final when I come down from the drugs but I just wanted to post my pics :)

Feeling so good

So I'm about 4(?) days post op. I've only taken 1 hydrocodone today and I've been feeling good. Pain was never really too bad for me, just discomfort. I go in tomorrow for my post op appointment. So far I am absolutely in love with my boobs!

10 days post op

Not feeling pain much anymore just tenderness. Before surgery I couldn't even fit in bralettes and I never wore sports bras post surgery I'm in a M in bralettes and sports bras. I got measured and I'm a C/D hoping to go down to a B/C after swelling.

2 Weeks Post Op

Pain is completely gone, only tender when squeezed or massaged. Still swollen a little bit, I got measured at VS and I'm a full C. Hope to go down to a full B or small C. Very impressed

Nipple Piercings at 3 weeks

I went ahead and got my nipples pierced at 3 weeks post OP per my doctors blessing. They hurt quite a bit getting pierced so I would recommend waiting until like 3-6 months post op but after the first week of having them pierced they don't hurt anymore.
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Dr. Holzman is great. Very informative and nice.

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