21 Year Old Labiaplasty. Houston, TX

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I'm on day 5 post procedure and I feel great. The...

I'm on day 5 post procedure and I feel great. The stitches keep poking me, but no complains about the pain. Walking is a little uncomfortable so I have basically been on bed rest watching TV. I have more swelling than most patients typically do so I have been trying to keep ice packs on it. The recovery hasn't been painful for me at all. I don't know how to edit but if I can figure it out I will go back and post day after sugary experience and a more detailed entry of my experience up to this point.

20 Year Old Labiaplasty

Background: I felt a lot of discomfort with my labia for a while and finally decided to have the surgery. I always found myself having to adjust when I wore tight clothing or just thongs in general. I am very active and run a a lot, and it was very uncomfortable at times, especially on hot days when I would run in spandex. After doing a lot of online research I found the doctor that I wanted to do my procedure. I went in for a consultation and he and his staff were very kind and friendly so I booked my date and anxiously waited.

Day of surgery: I went in at 8am after taking the appropriate pain meds given to me and applied the numbing cream. I did the trim method, not the wedge. I was awake for the surgery but it was very hazy. I was numb and not fully coherent from the pain meds so the surgery was fairly simple and painless. I remembered feeling stinging a few times when they injected the numbing medicine but that was all. It was very easy to walk out of the office and return home (my mom drove me).
I returned home and fell asleep. Very minimal pain, I took my pain meds every four hours, as told. I could walk and use the restroom with no problem.

Day 1 Post-Op: The next day the area was a little sore but I felt fine. I stopped using the pain meds after the first day. Stayed in bed all day so I wasn't really moving or giving it any reason to feel irritated. No pain during urination. I found the next few days were easiest to use the restroom in the bathtub, sitting on the edge, and I would rinse the area with a water bottle then pat dry.

Day 2 Post-Op: I returned to my doctor's office because he had said on the day of the surgery he wanted to check on me 2 days later to see the progress. He said I experienced much more swelling than most patients. I still felt fine with very minimal pain, only when I moved a lot. He had to separate my labia majora from the minora where they stuck together from the glue during the surgery. This was very painful and he said he would have rather given me pain meds and numbed me but since I drove there myself I had to endure this with no medication. I returned home afterwards and took a pain pill and took a nap. When I woke up I was sore but still felt fine.

Day 3 Post-Op: Unsticking my labias really helped the swelling to go down. I took a warm bath to try to remove any more glue. Still very little pain. Had a night in with my friends watching movies.

Day 4 Post-Op: Still little pain, still some swelling but it has gone down a lot. Went to the store to do a little grocery shopping and walking was difficult. It wasn't painful but it was a challenging to try to not look like a cowboy walking.

Day 5 Post-Op (today): The healing process is happening and I feel a burning sensation when I urinate so I wash the area with warm water afterwards and that really helps. Walking has become a little easier but I'm still not confident to go out in public since I still look a little funny.

Overall, the process has been fairly simple and painless. It has been great to stay in bed during this time. I would suggest at least 5 days before returning to normal activities. Due to the swelling and stitches it's hard to even see what I will look like down there. I will continue to update and post photos.


Revision of left side
Day 1 after surgery

Day 5 post revision

Hurts when I move because stitches poke, other than that, pain is minimal

6 days post op

2/23 6 days post op swelling down but developing sores that are painful

1 week post op

1 week post op. Can walk pretty much normal now. Was given anti inflammatory and cream to sleep in at night. Ready for recovery

8 days post op

8 days

2 weeks post

2 weeks post

19 days post

Still swollen

4 week post

Still looks uneven and very uncomfortable. Not pleased

5 weeks post

Don't know if still swollen or just uneven
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