26 Yr Old Male Veteran That Lost 52 Lbs and Was Ready for my Old Body Back - Austin, TX

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March 2015, while battling with PTSD I began to...

March 2015, while battling with PTSD I began to eat everything in sight. Went from 170lbs to 210lbs in a flash, but once I saw that number on the scale I was done. I began to do serious cardio and I ran every day aside from giving myself two days of recovery per week. I lost the weight over a period of a year which was fine with meeting I wanted to take it slow anyways, but it seems my love handles never got any smaller. So once I hit the 158 Mark I decided it was time to seek elective surgery intervention. No matter what I did is love handles just stayed there which bothered me so much. So everyone that is the backstory to why I am getting this Liposuction surgery

July 21 2016. - morning of surgery
Pre surgery weight is 159.4 at my home. I am extremely nervous and feel a little nauseous this morning. I am getting my medications together about to take a shower and dress loosely for the appointment which starts at 10 AM. It's in Austin which is over an hour and some change drive from me.

Well now I am in the office and went to my room which was very nice, as was the nurse. Pictures were taken and 159.2 was the weight at the office. They marked off the sites (which were upper and lower abdomen also love handles) they gave me a drug cocktail to take before hand to calm me down, thank god. I'm then feeling pretty good at this point, I have an IV for the emergency time situation so waiting for the drugs to kick in and go in.

It's been a 15 minutes since I've had the cocktail of meds to relax. Feeling extremely sleepy and my motor functions aren't normal. it's hard to type on the phone but I don't think it's too much longer.

(I wish my wife was here to back me up during this procedure feel better)


Meds ha fully effected me. I feel tired but relaxed now i want it over it's no or little body functions. Very hard to typ

Meds have my me feel so drowsy and almost incoherent. Motor skill are lagging

By the way the Dr. Okapaku is amazing makes me feel like he cares, former marine so we have a bond both were infantry.

Iwell it's 1050 and then seem to be completely kicked in and it's hard to have a lot of motor functioom
(Decided to leave the last few entries unedited, kinda to show everyone how much the meds affected me. I do know that some of that did not make sense haha)

So this entry is post procedure. So the only part that really hurt was when the injections to numb the site were placed. When I say really hurt I mean like as if you got a bee sting. The doctor was very nice through the whole procedure I didn't have to say anything it didn't really bother me that much. When he began to do the Liposuction I barely felt anything other than like pinching at the area. They took 1900cc of fluid from me.

514pm (post op)
So I'm a little out of it and definitely not myself. Since the procedure my father-in-law took me to get food because for some reason I was really hungry after the procedure, and super groggy. I ate a whole bunch of pancakes, while barey conscious mind you. As soon as I got home I fell into a deep sleep. Still no agonizing pain. I was woken by my wife three hours later.I felt bad because I was told I need to walk every hour or so, I Got up right away and walked around the house for 10 minutes. I did notice a little bit of pain in my lower left abdomen (which was the biggest trouble spot I had) I guess that's to be expected. Right now I have been moved from the couch to the bed to lay down, and I'm gonna be setting an alarm for the next hour so I can walk on time. Overall the actual experience during operation was fine. The numbing sides were kind of painful the one in the back was especially painful (only for a few seconds)

829 pm

So now most of the pain cocktail that they had given me has worn off. I still feel a little bit woozy almost like I just woke up from a nap. I don't feel much pain at the site but I took ibuprofen and Tylenol to kind of mitigate any pain that I should be feeling right now. I have noticed that I am definitely leaking a little bit from some of the sites. My shirt was covered in some kind of fluid I'm not sure if it was all blood or pus or what, but now I am super hungry. I will update on my condition tomorrow

July 22 2016

So today I woke up at 4:30 AM to change my bandages at the sides and to place my garment bag on. Then around 6:30 AM my baby woke up and I decided to take him for a walk so that way I can knock out two birds with one stone. Today I am definitely feeling this morning is in the pain all over my abdomen, on my back, and just overall feel very drained. The incision sites are still draining but not as much as yesterday and the swelling is a little bit more my weight is now about 4 pounds more than it was yesterday. Despite then my cousin to burger still looks better than it did before but I know I still have a long way to go with my recovery. I will post pictures as soon as I get my post up pictures from the doctor when I go and see him on Tuesday.

3rd day, pain and swelling

July 23 2016


So when I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM I hadn't taken any pain medication since the night before. I was in a fair amount of pain and it was very hard to bend it, so I can see why they want me to walk around all the time. The pain took a little while to subside after I took A Percocet so that I could at least function. I didn't log this yesterday but I did notice that around the two love handle sides of incision I'm extremely itchy and I'm not sure if it's due to the garment or if it's due to the actual lipo suction. Even though it's painful I still think it is going to be worth it in the end I do you kind of see that it was not near as boldness as it used to be but I still am 4 pounds heavier than I was before the surgery.

Swelling, but happy

So here is a picture post procedure at about the 70 hour mark. Now it's not the best picture, but I can already see the love handles are smaller. I'll take anything at this point.

Day 3

So the swelling has gone down some and I love how it looks even though it's definitely not done. Still have a bit of pain and feeling definitely in the morning mostly. The pain medication caused me to become little constipated so I'm still about a pound over what I was before the surgery. The skin around the area pretty tight I think that's normal so far. I go back for my postop consultation on Tuesday. I can't believe that pooch is gone!

4 days conquered

So it's nearing the end of the fourth day or fifth day it's kind of confusing on this blog. Tomorrow is my post operative appointment with my doctor so he can take a look at how I'm doing and so far I mean I really love what I'm seeing I know it's only going to get better. Now as far as the pain level goes it varies from time to time usually worse in the morning and it tapers off around noon. One of the worst parts about the postop symptoms is the itching , That's basically what I'm dealing with right now. Updates tomorrow y'all!

Day six (post)

So it seems to me, the more I read about my procedure the more I agree with anxiety filled by the patient. You spend all this money money that you would love to spend another things but you know you want to do something for yourself for a change. And when you don't see results right away you feel like you just wasted your money. So that is the stage that I am at right now it's still a lot of swelling and I know it's not a permanent, still makes you question it's worth.

Alright enough of the sobbing. So it seems the itching has gone away for now I'm not sure if that is a paint by everybody he was just what was happening to me as far as the pain is going in the midsection it does her is more tender than hurt it definitely doesn't hurt like it did before. Now it just feels like I'm just holding a lot of water especially in my lower back.The one problem I did not foresee in doing this procedure, I did not take into account how it would affect me tonight to work out as much as I used to so I've been supplementing long walks to make sure that I keep on track

No change

So there is no change really as of now. It's been about a week and a half since the procedure and it still looks just as bad as it did pre-operation, but I'm patient enough to know it won't stay this way (better not). Pain is very little and only when I'm in a compromising position. I ran two miles and did abs and felt fine. My post op appt is tomorrow. The site is not bruised anymore but parts of it are hard and lumpy. This is a common side effect of this kind of thing. Well I hope I see results soon!
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The Doctor was excellent. He was funny and personable. I trusted him right away. He did not try and sell me a fantasy and I believe I will have great results

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