Microbladed Eyebrows.....unsure

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I had researched microblading my eyebrows for...

I had researched microblading my eyebrows for months. My research consisted of before and after pictures and learning how long it lasts.

I finally saved up the money and had a wild hair to get them done right away. The salon I found had positive reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Due to availability the main lady was booked. So I opted for the other technician. Probably mistake one.

Mistake two was reading that microblading followed the natural movement of your own eyebrow...so you shouldn't make a new shape as it will look unnatural. When she first drew the outline it looked too arched so I spoke up. She agreed and did it over. The next outline looked good but what happened afterwards makes me think she followed the first example.

It has been less than 24 hrs and I'm kinda freaking out. My husband says it looks natural and just like when I fill them in my self.

Can I please get some honest opinions? Are they too arched/high?

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