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I am a 36yr old asian female and most asians are...

I am a 36yr old asian female and most asians are born with very little, short and straight lashes. I've done eyelash extensions but they were very extremely high maintenance and caused natural lash loss. When I first heard about Latisse, I couldn't wait to try it out!

When the medical staff showed me her results, it made me a believer. However she did say "Don't expect miracles overnight AND its a commitment", she said it took her 4 months to get full long lashes. I researched different prices and found that Walgreens offered Latisse for the cheapest, at $103, IF you enroll in the Walgreens Discount Card for a $20 membership fee annual. That will save you $20/per bottle!

I've used Latisse every's now been 1.5 months and omygosshh, it truly works ladies! They are very long! They aren't very full like I would want them to be, but new lashes are growing in places that have never grown before! I can see the little baby lashes too. My husband also noticed how longer my lashes have gotten.

The first few days of using it, my eyelids were iritated and red (but I think this is caused by the brush bristles which isn't very soft). Also, when I use it before bedtime, it makes my eyelids feel very "heavy" and tired, and I feel very sleepy. Other than that, it's a great product.

I've heard of all the side effects, such as lash loss. Lucky for me, I haven't experiences any lash loss with Latisse. It would be a miracle product if my new lashes would grow out "curled" :-)

They say the small bottle lasts a month -- not true. I'm already close to my 2nd month and I still have tonz of drops left in the bottle. The medical staff also recommended I use only 1 brush for both eyelids, which has worked great for me. After discovering Latisse, I will never go back to fake eyelash extentions!

"Stella" at Meridian Plastic Surgery Center


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