Dysport - Impairing Speech and Smile

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Pros: less expensive than Botox, smoothed out...

Pros: less expensive than Botox, smoothed out wrinkles, produced a more youthful appearance, helped decrease a natural frown.

Cons: Side effects- Facial paralysis in mouth, smile and speech effected

I received 30 units of Dysport in my chin two weeks ago to reduce frown lines and to contour areas around my mouth. Overall it did help, but I am experiencing some major side effects and need to know if I will overcome them. My lower lip is somewhat paralyzed- and this is effecting my speech, I cannot smile normally, and other little things are effected, like biting into something, spitting etc. My doctor advised that this will get better- within the next MONTH. I am not happy about this and I am worried that it will stay like this until the Dysport wears off. Please help!
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NOt sure if I would recommend - this depends on if the side effects I am experiencing wears off.

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