27, Mother of 2 (Nursed) 5'8" 120 Pounds Barely a Getting 500hp Silicone

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I have delayed posting anything but tomorrow is...

I have delayed posting anything but tomorrow is the big day! I am so excited yet so scared! I have wanted this for 10 years+ and now it is finally here. I am worried and nervous for the pain, for the outcome, want to make sure they are symmetrical Etc. not sure anyone will read this but I guess it's my online journal lol. When I lean over left side visibly has more mass, and he is entering the same size implant on both sides so hopefully it's not too noticeable. I took a bunch of pics as my last night with these breasts of mine that are so deflated and full of flaws yet I can't help but wonder if I will ever miss them and the natural ones God provided me. Alright that's enough for tonight, tomorrow is a big day. Hope I can get some sleep tonight!!

Morning after surgery

I opted for the 24 hour recovery and let me tell you, I'm not having much luck with that. My husband had to help me to the bathroom and back each time yesterday and I didn't wanna wake him up this morning so forced myself to do it alone. Not. Smart. By the time I sat on the toilet I was so dizzy and in so much pain. I tried yelling for him but he didn't hear me so I got myself up and back into our room. I had also taken the bra off its clips to see if I had more bruising or blood showing and I didn't but I couldn't get it back closed without help. Couldn't open the medicine bottle either. Talk about helpless. I feel more sore and swollen than I did yesterday. I'm really really hoping this goes away. I did go from an a to 500 so I know my body is like wtf is going on here and it feels so right like my skin wants to rip open and pop them out LOL! I did get pics yesterday. Nothing today or I would have fainted on the floor lol. Think it's my nerves, the pain and the medicine that doesn't want me to stand up without passing out.

Day 2 post op

I tried to stop taking narco yesterday and only went to IB profin. It was seeming to go ok until last night. I got outta bed and went to the living room to rest on our recliner since family came over (some of them knew and the rest didn't that I was getting it done so I just said I wasn't feeling well) they were here 3 hours or less and by the time they left I was in a lot of pain strictly on my left side. I felt so engorged and swollen and felt it much higher up than the right side. I called the nurse advice line just to ask if I can take ibprofin and the Norco together and she said yes I could. I was scared I couldn't but I'm glad I asked to be safe. Husband gave me 2 pills as I got into bed and soon I was very sleepy. I put more ice on the left and felt much better once the meds and ice started working.

While I was on the recliner I was touching where my bone is on center of chest and felt it squish and move beneath my fingers. Like little bubbles in water. It hurt and felt so gross. Hope that goes away soon cause it's nasty.

This morning I feel better but much more drowsy from all the meds few more pics to update from yesterday and I plan to shower today too so I'll take more pics then to upload. I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow but I'm going to see how I feel later go from there.

Pics day 2

Day 3

I decided to come to work today! I took one more Narco and IB profin before I came in so I'm drowsy at work (it's a relaxed environment that I work in) so it's ok for me to be on my medicine and also husband dropped me off so I'm not driving. The weight of the implants makes me feel like I'm hunching over more than usual but I'm sure once I'm healed more I can correct that and start sitting up straighter. So far so good for day 3!

Day 3 update

So these are how they look today. They feel pretty good, back hurt a lot today at work and stomach constipation is horrible!!!! But all in all still so happy ??

Day 4&5

Pretty much the same. Throughout the day I notice I'm still very tight then other times it's not bad, not sure what makes it fluctuate so much but it keeps me on track with taking IB profin on time. Hoping it releases soon. Right side just starting to drop, left still sitting high and tight. Can not waiiiiit to be out of this bra and sleep normally

Day 6-10

I've been taking pictures but haven't posted. I went to my post op of 1 week on Friday & they took my dressing off, finally saw the scars and they're dark but much cleaner than expected them to be. I don't know why I expected some jagged crazy looking stitches, but they are just a clean line which is great. Tried to wear a bathing suit top (size small that I bought pre augmentation) and was hanging out the bottom lol! Guess I'll need new ones for Hawaii.

Right side is dropping nice and evenly, left still sitting a little higher and is a bit more tender than I'd like but I know I'm healing and it's only been 10 days as of today.

So far so good, just really wishing I had done this in the winter rather than summer because due to this surgical bra can't really wear anything cute, can't go to the pool yet, can't really sweat or tan or do anything summer related ??
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