24 Y/o, 435cc Silicone Moderate Plus!

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So... today I had finally had the breast...

So... today I had finally had the breast augmentation Ive been dreaming of having since I realized I would never grow any boobs!! I must say, from reading all of the reviews I find today a lot less painful than most- but we will see how I feel tomorrow. I originally started out with a small A cup, symmetrical breasts and my bwd is 13.5cm on each side. When I had my first consultation with the Doctor I finally ended up choosing, I knew he was the one. Based on my desires we went with the 435cc Sientra Moderate Plus Silicone implants and I am beyond happy right now. Just curious what everyone else thinks... when they drop will they get a little bigger?? Ive seen some say yes and some say no. I went in at one, surgery was at two, and I was out and in the car by 330- it went so smoothly and the nurses and doctors were absolutely amazing. Anyway heres a pic, Post-op day of surgery!! Will continue to update.

Post-op Day 3

I haven't had to take any painkillers today and only had to take one muscle relaxer this morning! Still on my antibiotics, arnica and bromelain, but am in virtually no pain- just some mild incisional tenderness. I am beyond surprised ! I am still sleeping upright per doctors orders but I've been able to sleep through the night just fine. I have some pretty noticable substernal swelling but otherwise no bruising or anything. Took a shower yesterday and was able to wash my hair, but raising my arms felt awkward. Now I'm just waiting for these babies to drop so they look normal!! Patience :)

Day 5

Here's an update pic... I'm gaining sensation back so I've been having those "shocks" you ladies talk about and wow what an interesting feeling! Uncomfortable but I was able to go back to work yesterday without much of an issue, though I still cant lift anything (I mean I probably could... but I'm not supposed to so I'm not doing that!!). Completely off the painkillers but still taking my muscle relaxer and antibiotics.

2 weeks post op!

Sorry I haven't updated recently ladies but here we are, today makes two weeks! I had my week 1 post op appointment last week and I started breast massages and my doctor has me using tape over my scars for 3 months to make sure they stay flat (they look great!!! Ill post a pic of that when my tape is due to be changed). I intermittently get sharp nipple pains but otherwise they basically feel fine just a little tight near my sternum still and getting squishier every day :) !! I am beyond happy and honestly they aren't even that big, I'm thrilled with the size! I cant wait to get back to the gym- light cardio starting next week but no lifting anything til 6-8 weeks. If you're considering this procedure, DO IT :) You will be very happy.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks Post-op!

Everything's going great, I can start light cardio this week which I'm pretty excited about. My incisions are healing pretty nicely I think. My right breast is lower than my left because I think it has dropped a little already so hopefully the left catches up soon because it's looking funny :) But otherwise just keeping up with my massages and learning to deal with the random nipple spasm-like pains and having a really "full" feeling at the end of the day. My computers is being weird and for some reason not letting me update more pics so Ill try again soon!

almost 2 Month Post Op

So I'm just about at the two month mark and I'm starting to wonder how I ever lived without these :) I am beyond happy. My left breast is pretty noticably higher than my right breast which seems to have already dropped completely. Doctor says its perfectly okay and expected especially with how my breasts differed pre-op so I am doing displacement massages to get the lower pole of the pocket to loosen up and let it drop. I am seriously so happy though. What do you all think???

67 Days post op!

I think my left breast is starting to drop, feels less tight. I really hope it does because it's making me nervous!! Just been focusing the breast massages on that one and avoiding massaging my right one. Right one is actually really soft and even my bf says "it feels almost real!" I am still without a doubt 100% glad I got this procedure done. Completely changes the way I feel about myself for the better:) Let me know what you ladies think!!!

Almost 4 months!

Still in love with them. They're getting softer every day! Still using tape on my scars to keep them flat and they are looking great I think. Its funny, some shirts look like I didn't get them done at all, others they look massive! Kind of nice since I wasn't really going for the constant "huge" look! Also, I am finally getting feeling in my nipples again! Almost back to normal. So..... Let me know what you all think :)

Kind of weird but just so you can see them move

So you can get a better idea
Heres a short video so you can see them better !

7 months post-op

Here's an update of what my scars look like, and how they're sitting now. I have a follow up appointment (was supposed to be in December but couldnt make it) on Monday so I'll update again then. I absolutely love my new breasts. Only complaint is that when I lay down they fall to the sides, which is really quite annoying. I'll mention it at my next appointment. Does this happen to anyone else?
Austin Plastic Surgeon

From his professionalism to his easy going but obvious perfectionist personality, I could not say nicer things about Dr. Reid. From day one I felt comfortable and he just struck me as someone I could trust- which coming from me says a lot! He truly understood my concerns and desires, and thoroughly assessed and took into consideration my feelings and lifestyle regarding how I wanted my breasts to look/ behave. He also responded promptly to emails and I trusted him so much I allowed him to choose my size in the OR! I will update this as my breasts change but for now I couldn't be more pleased.

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