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It was a very long few days! I was aware of the...

It was a very long few days!

I was aware of the length of time the procedure would take- 2 hours with the chemical on my skin, 15 minutes for the actual procedure under the light. While under the light my skin felt as if someone was poking me with hot needles. They gave me a cool air source but every time I moved it from an area I felt it begin to burn immediately. I couldn't keep up with the discomfort.

I was hopeful when I left, my skin was red but not as bad as photos I had seen. I drove home with the window down and the air conditioner pointed at my face. I ran in the house and immediately applied a cool, wet cloth to my face. It heated up right away. I applied the vinegar and water solution that was recommended and it did take the sting out but not for long. I finally gave in and put an ice pack on my face and that is where it stayed for the entire night. I did take ibuprofen regularly for inflammation and pain.

I woke the next morning to my face bright red and mottled by several red, brown discolored spots on my skin. I looked as if someone had put 20-25 cigarettes out on my face! And it was still burning. I spent the day doing the rinses with Cetaphil cleanser, applying the calming lotion and Aquaphor. Lots more ice packs. The next few days were more of the same. Day 3 the burning finally subsided but the discoloration became worse and it began to peel.

A side note- The light bulbs in the home did irritate my face, the stove in the kitchen although I was not near it was unbearable. Just being in the area was intense. Even the blow dryer was uncomfortable particularly on my forehead. I was informed to stay away from light bulbs, computer screens, sunlight and the TV screen.

Now, 6 days later my skin is still peeling and in the same areas again and again. The discoloration has finally begun to fade. I feel I can actually be seen in public now without scaring small children. (I had to venture out one day and the cashier at the store would not look me in the eye.) My skin now looks like I am getting over a bad sunburn.

If anyone chooses this procedure I guess I would advise them to be prepared for the worse. The appearance was far more intense than I had anticipated.

Day 10 post PDT

As of Friday, the redness finally subsided and I was able to wear foundation for the first time to help hide some of the discoloration that was still present. The discomfort is finally gone- the blow dryer no longer stings my forehead. The peeling has pretty much over too.

There are some good side effects. My fine lines and wrinkles are not as noticeable. I had one acne scar on my chin that is not as noticeable and my skin tone has evened out. I still have a few spots but am hoping that opting for no further treatment will be an ok choice. I truly do not want to experience that again. The discomfort was pretty intense.

So the jury is still out on the procedure. If the sun spots I have continue to fade that would tip the scales to the positive. If not.......I'm not sure why my skin took this so hard while others have seemed to just fly through it with little to no discomfort.
Advanced Dermatology

I asked about the side affects and was told it was unlikely I would experience what I had seen in the photos. I went back in Monday to treat my chest (very worried about that!) and the nurse said "Boy, your skin really took that hard" I just said "Ya think!" I would have liked more information out on the table. But over all they are a really good practice. I was not a happy camper when I came in for my chest to be treated and they were very professional about dealing with a cranky patient.

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