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I decided 4 months ago to have the gastric surgery...

I decided 4 months ago to have the gastric surgery. I have 3 months to go before I have the surgery. I am scared and excited at the same time. I'm t 36 yrs old and have been fat for most of my life. I have three kids and I would gain weight after each birth and could never get it off. I'm so tired of people saying I have a pretty face. I told some of friends and family members about my choice and I got mix reviews. Some where excited and some where trying to talk me out of it. I had one person tell me I am going to have a whole lot of extra skin and then I still be ugly!! I also had to stop smoking and I been three days without a cig and it hard. All I wanna do now is eat. This very bad! I need support so I'm looking for on here

Doc appt

So I had a doctor appt this past Friday and it didn't go very well. I stop smoking for two weeks now but the 8 lbs I had lost I gained it all back. So much for the hard work. I cried like a baby. I felt so defeated!! I am suppose to lose 15 lbs before my surgery date which will be sometime in April .


Thank you everyone it's good to have people out their that actually cares



I find my surgery date Monday scared and excited. I went to the nutrition class Wednesday and now I'm more confused on which operation I want to have. I thought I wanted the sleeve but now Mabey the gastric. What are some of u guys opinions out their. I am scared because I here the sleeve has more chance of leaks


I moved to California from colorado so I haven't had the gastric sleeve I'm scheduled for April 16 excited!!!

Chantix working slowly

Still trying to stop smoking completely

Gastric sleeve

I had the gastric sleeve surgery on April 16 2015!! I am down 67 pounds yes!!! It's been a challenge but worth it so happy!!
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