Vaser Liposuction Upper Arms-So Far Completely Uneven Results- Aurora, CO

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I had based lipo in my arms on November 5th with...

I had based lipo in my arms on November 5th with Dr. Clark Zimmerman of PurelyYou. I thought what the heck, since I am planning on at some point getting an arm lift done and thought it might be smart to go ahead and have vaser lipo done to remove more of the fat first circumferentially. I wanted to also see if there might be a decent result without doing the arm lift after all. I had regular tumescent lipo in my arms in 2004, but the doctor at the time only lipoed the bottom part of my arms and didn't touch the upper part one bit. I was pretty disappointed as I have a lot of fat in my upper arms including my upper outer shoulder area. For whatever reason the other doctor wouldn't touch that?! He also lipoed only one elbow and left a huge rounded fatty elbow on the other. It was something I wanted to get corrected since then.I found Dr. z online and found that he had pretty good reviews.

Dr. Z is super nice and takes his time with you in getting to know you. He has amazing bedside manner and you really feel "at home" with him. However, when I had the lipo performed (just for starters), vaser has turned out to be the most PAINFUL THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! I'm rearing two weeks out and it still feels as sore as yesterday. I cannot even bend my right arm back as my muscle literally POPS OUT of my armpit as it is soooo tight from this and soooo painful! Its like knives stabbing you and someone also pounding your arms with a hammer.

My breast reduction has nothing on vaser lipo...seriously! It is no joke!!!

But what REALLY SUCKS is that I never want to go through this again, but I'm going to have to because Dr. Z did a great job on the right arm, but the left looks almost the same and everyone that has looked at my arms (3 different people) has said it is blatantly obvious that the left elbow, bottom part of the arm and upper front are much bigger and fattier compared to the right. I am so disappointed because I can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE and it drives me crazy! I also had mentioned to Dr. Z about the elbow when he was marking me and he got irritated and said "now I know why you take adderall."...Sure enough he didn't listen me and to what I was trying to show him because he thought I was just being OCD and it didn't get corrected. Plus my left arm (which is where the elbow is so large): was basically left the same minus pretty nice definition in my deltoid area that the other doctor didn't even touch.

I have been giving myself as deep of a lyphmatic massage as I can handle, dry brushing for the lymph, and also using an endermologie skin suction device that attaches to my vacuum cleaner to "vacuum roll" my skin. It looks like nothing even happened on the outside, but on the inside it's still horrific pain!

When I went for my immediate follow-up he said I would probably see it match up, but I know that will not be the case because you can literally feel the muscle on my right arm in three places where there is still a significant fat layers on the other in 3 places on the left arm.

I do understand arms are harder than the abdomen or back go get an even result, but everyday it shows to be more and more uneven and is so depressing that I will have to go through this pain again in a few months. :(. I just can't have my arms look so different as its embarrassing and annoying for starters.

I'm just really really upset and sad that this pain hardly improves at all day by day and my arms are completely different, sadly meaning I will have to experience this again. I just hope when I go back in a few weeks Dr. Z is honest with the obvious difference and agrees to fix it, or else I'm going to be SOL and finding another doctor to fix this mess and even this out once and for all.

Just keeping hope up that he will do the right thing and I will be able to write a glowing review that he dida great job at the end of the day! Prayers please!

Note: I will post pics soon. I'm using my tablet and need to upload from my phone.

1 Day Post Op Pics Vaser in Arms

1 Day Post Op Pics Vaser in Arms

12 Days Post Op

Complete Uneveness in Arms Becomes More Apparent. The Left Arm is Huge Compared to the Right.

Follow Up With Dr. Z Today

So I had my follow up today and at first he said he wanted to go ahead and get after pictures, but then when he actually saw my arms and realized I need a touch up badly, he changed his mind and wants to wait. He's such a super nice and friendly person so it was really hard for me to tell him that I'm not happy with the result, especially in my left arm, but more so I'm majorly NOT happy about having to go through this PAINFUL HORROR "AGAIN!!!"

The touch up will cost 500.00 and I'm planning on having it done around the end of February tentatively. I know it's going to take most likely about 3 weeks to begin to feel normal again like the last time and I am NOT looking forward to it :(. However, I desperately need a touch up. My primary care doctor even noticed the difference right away when I went in recently and feels really bad for me having to go through this again as well.

I'll keep everyone updated. Please pray for me that he does a correct and thorough job this time. I simply CANNOT do this for the 3rd time. At that point I will just have a brachioplasty, which I seriously think would be less painful compared to Vaser Lipo!

1/9/2010 Pics from Follow-up Date Today

Here are my arms as of today 1/9/2015

Touch Up Tentatively Scheduled

So I went back and met with Dr. Z. I was still nervous that he would say, "What are you talking about?" As he (as always) was super nice and he looked at my arms... However, to my relief he immediately noticed the unevenness in my arms and actually made the comment, "Was I asleep when I did your left arm?" Lol! Thankfully at least he "sees it" and now the touch up is tentatively scheduled for the end of the month and he said he is also going to do my underarms fat since he quote "usually does this as well, but isn't sure why he didn't do it on me?!"

I'm SO grateful he is being honest about everything and I am NOT looking forward to the hellish pain for two weeks AGAIN, but this definitely has to be fixed as they are blatantly uneven and it bugs the crap out of me daily.

If this goes well I think I am going to return for Vaser to my upper abdomen and flanks because he explained it doesn't hurt nearly as much as the arms do and it's a much shorter recovery time. I have to say though in my right arm (the one that was done well), The vaser gave an amazing results and you can see the muscle tone in my arms and there's hardly any cellulite or unevenness of the skin. If anything it actually smooth out my skin some, which did not happen with traditional tumescent liposuction in the past.

From Bad to Worse

I recently went to have the arm touch up done since even Dr. Zimmerman admitted that quote,
"Was I sleeping when I did your left arm?! He also had previously said that he quote "didn't know why he didn't do the auxiliary areas of my armpits, because he usually does with the arm lipo?!" Then, when I got there he got irate and angry when I reminded him of what we were doing, saying that "he's not going to promise anything!" Umm .... what now?!

I previously thought I might as well go ahead and have my upper abdomen/flanks and part of my upper back done being that eventually I want to have a tummy tuck but had an upper tire around my upper abdomen that has always bothered me. So I had already paid an additional $2500 with the touch up fee (that I don't think I should have had to pay).

Well fast forward, what the HELL was I thinking???!! I even had a gut feeling when I got there that I shouldn't be there and I should walk out and asked for my money back, but I didn't. Shame on me!

I got on the table and he began to numb me, but I wasn't numb enough! He told me he can't use any more anesthesia or else he won't have anything left for my arms?! The pain was a searing stabbing pain that I felt every painful jab! It was HORRIFIC pain!! And he blamed ME for feeling it!!! He tried to convince me "I" was the reason for him screwing up and not being able to finish!

I mean SERIOUSLY what kind of back door clinic is this?

-Never offered me pain meds after either time
-Never gave me follow up instructions
-Never provided any sort of compression garment.
-Used maxi pads cut in half to cover my
-Blamed ME for the EXCRUCIATING pain "I" felt stating it was all in my head!
-Said he couldn't finish the job because of how I was acting (yeah I was sobbing from the SEARING pain)
-Totally uneven ALL OVER and he never even re-did my arms.
-At the follow up appointment that I had to call him to make, he told me that quote "yeah, it's going to be painful, when he said the exact opposite thing prior to that!" He also told me not to focus on my botched results and that they're "no big deal!"
-Never offered ANY kind of compensation for such a horror show.

I'm SOOOOOOO upset right now.

My stomach, flanks (plus my arms still) are
Completely utterly uneven with large gauges throughout and I was told by a REAL plastic surgeon that he caused so much damage that I will absolutely NEED a tummy tuck now to possibly correct it.

Please stay away from Dr. Zimmerman the butcher. I believe all these other positive reviews are fake because there are never any pictures. Well, here's some so you'll think twice before EVER even stepping foot in Dr. D's office!

Please don't be a victim of torture and mutilation like I have been! Spare yourself! PLEASE!!!!
Dr. Clark Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is extremely nice and has the most amazing bedside manner. He is overall a lovely person. I feel bad that I am very disappointed at this point, but I will update this review when he hopefully does a retouch on my vastly uneven arms (although I might add Vaser is SOOO painful and I don't want to go through this again at all)! I want so badly to be able to review him positively since he is just so nice and caring. My right arm looks awesome except for a small fat pad he missed on the top rigth next to the armpit area I really wanted gone, but my left arm looks almost the same and everyone can tell (not just me) how much bigger it is compared to the right. I am not happy with my result at this point(just want them to be even) but am trusting Dr.Z will be honest and that it will be corrected in the next two months. Frankly, It HAS to be!

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