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I am so excited that I have scheduled my surgery. ...

I am so excited that I have scheduled my surgery. I have been reading all the posts here and taking notes to ask my doctor. I went about 8 years ago for a consult but decided to wait, due to financial reasons. I am so excited and hope that I can get the results I want. When I was 2 I was involved in an accident and they did exploratory surgery on me. The doctor cut me from my breast bone to my pelvic bone. I have a horrible scar and after two pregnancies it only got worse. I am hoping with the tummy tuck and the scar revision I won't think of my stomach as another "being", which is how I look at it now. I can't wait to get rid of this ugly thing that is supposed to be my stomach. I breast fed both of my kids and they are super healthy. But, my breasts only look good in a bra. I like my breasts but they are "lazy" without the bra and lack volume. I would forgo the breast lift and augmentation but I am afraid I will regret it and I might as well do it all now! I work out alot and I am very active. I don't really care about my size but I want to be firm and don't want mushy parts that hang over my clothing. I hope that the pain and downtime I suffer is worth it in the end. I can tell from the other posts that I will need to wait several months to see the results from my surgery.

This is it

When I was pregnant my babies stayed on one side of my stomach because of my scar. It caused one side of my stomach to stretch and hang more than the other. I have lived with this scar since I can remember and it only got worse after pregnancy. I can't wait to have a real belly button. I haven't ever really had much of one. Anything has to be better looking than this.


I emailed my doctor's office and asked if my procedure included lipo? They said yes, he usually does lipo around your sides to even out your curves after the TT. Has anyone paid for extra lipo? If so, do you think it was worth it? I'm getting excited and nervous. I am so busy between now and my surgery. I'm kind of looking forward to being "down" for awhile.

One month from today...

Today is one month away from my surgery date. I'm excited and nervous. I really don't like waiting until a week before my surgery to discuss all the details with my doctor. I went in for a consult, decided to do the surgery, now I have a million questions and will have to wait until my pre-op to get my answers. I have all kinds of questions now I didn't know I needed to ask before! Either way, I'm still excited and ready to do this!

Monday is my pre-op

Monday I go in for my pre-op. This is the time I get to ask every question I have. I have started a list and my husband is going with me as well. I'm excited about the pre-op visit. I get to pick out my implants, which I haven't the slightest clue? I am a 36D now and want to stay relatively the same size but without the sag and the lack of volume. I keep saying I want my boobs to look like they do now in my bra, when I take my bra off. Maybe this will mean something to my doctor? I think I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I might look like. I keep looking at the reviews and wondering why is everyone so SHORT?? I'm 5' 6" and I have only found a few ladies that I think I can compare myself too. Oh well, there are so many variables I should probably just stop looking at pictures anyway! So, hopefull all will go well on Monday.

Sitting at my desk...

Friday this was really grossing me out.

Pre Op Done

Yesterday I went in for my pre-op. My doctor is very "I know what's best", which actually I appreciate since I know nothing. I've done a lot of research but with my scar I told him do whatever he thinks is best. He told me his first choice would be to "release" the scar, pull it down and see how it lays from there. His other option is to cut it out and do a vertical and horizontal cut. I agreed to let him do what he thinks is best. This is how he makes his living. I know I will have scars, I just want my stomach to look better overall and to actually have a belly button. I am the most worried about the implants and getting my nipple cut off. That seems the most frightening to me. Cut my whole stomach wide open, pull my skin back, suck stuff out, sew me up...but, be super careful with that nipple. I know it seems silly is a fear I have. I'm also a little worried about putting implants in. What if they ripple, what if they feel weird, what if I have problems? I guess that's all normal, right? My doctor picked a 371 CC? I wear a 36D now and just want basically what I have now, but perky and solid...not flappy and mushy! I don't want to have to tuck my boob in my bra! He is going behind my muscle and basically my real boob will sit on top of the implant. He said even though I wear a D, my actual boob size is more of a C. He said the cup size has something to do with the width and blah, blah...bunch of stuff I didn't understand. Anyways, as long as they aren't smaller than they are now after the lift and he doesn't drop my nipple somewhere I should be good! I'm trying to make sure my expectations are realistic. I know I could stand to lose 20 pounds but after 41 years I know how hard I have to work to maintain that. I really don't care how much I weigh. I just don't want to be mushy. I work out and play sports and love beer. I am happy with my fitness level and just want to put a shirt on without seeing a bunch of rolls! My goal is to look good in clothes...that's fair?

Ps...this time next week I will be in surgery



I feel like I'm before you give birth. I'm checking lists, making lists, getting supplies, cleaning like crazy, worrying...
Normally I live by, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I never use hand sanitizer or even wash my hands that much. HOWEVER, after seeing some of the horror stories here I am going to be that person after my surgery. Don't touch anything I touch unless you have DE-GERMED yourself! My doctor is a freak about it too. I guess that's good. I asked them if I could wax before. The office called me back and said the doctor said only if you do it today (Five days before surgery) because it stirs up bacteria. After that, no waxing. Also, I have to bathe with the hibiclense for 3 days prior to my surgery. Anything I asked for extra he said NO to. For example, I asked about lipo on my inner thighs and he doesn't do any lower body stuff with a tummy tuck because of circulation issues. I have an inverted nipple, asked if he would correct that, he said no, my breast tissue will already be compromised so he doesn't do any extra "damage" to it. I am glad that he is so concerned and picky about things. I am hoping this is the way he operates as well! I told my husband, upon buying all the supplies in the picture, I am not turning into a permanent freak, I just don't want my nipple to fall off or my belly button to die. I've never had a belly button, really, so I want to keep this one!


So, my surgery is complete. My abs hurt so much. I have this pain pump but I'm still hurting. My doctor said I have to walk for 5 minutes every hour. That sucks. I haven't even tried to see what I look like. I don't too much care at the moment. My doctor had to cut my scar out, so my scar is up and down, not side to side. He said we would do scar treatments to make it nice and flat. My boobs haven't hurt at all. My chest hurts like someone punched me in it. Anyways, I'm sure I will be happy when all this is over! Hope everyone else is well.

Day 2

I went to my Doctor's office yesterday. It sucked to have to walk down all the stairs at my house, get in the car, get out of the car, walk in the office....and so on. He just peeked in and looked, said everything looked good and told me I can take all the dressings off today. It's weird how different the doctor's instructions are. So, when my husband gets home this evening, I can have a sponge bath and take all the dressings off. He said no shower until the drains come out. I ran a fever yesterday but I also wasn't taking my pain meds on time. Since then I have taken them every four hours. I haven't tried to look at my self yet. I am concentrating on resting and walking like I should. I will get to see them tonight I guess. My husband is so awesome. He has cleaned my drains out, slept on the couch with me, took me to the doctor and waited on me hand and foot. Right now my daughter is making my breakfast. I'm lucky to have such a helpful family. I will take some pictures to post when we take the dressings off this evening. I have to go back to doctor tomorrow to have my pain pump removed. I hope I don't miss it!


So, my husband unwrapped me last night. I do have a side to side scar and an up and down one. I can't believe my stomach is gone. My boobs look nice too. I wasn't able to get any pictures because we were concentrating on cleaning me up. The weird thing is, once he took all the dressing and gauze off I felt unstable. I hadn't worried about the incisions busting until he took all that off. He put my compression garment back on and it wasn't tight enough. I had him put it back on tighter and that made me feel better. I think it being tight just makes me feel more secure. I go back to the doctor at 4:30 and hopefully he will look at my incisions and reassure me. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. I think my results are going to be better than I imagined. I'm really excited to look, but I am a little squimish so I will wait.

First Look

So, I went to the doctor early today. He had a cancellation. He pulled everything off and said it looked like he expected. I was surprised to see how well it looked. I mean, I actually have a real stomach. I just need to focus on healing it and doing all the things to keep my body healthy. I am really excited about what I see so far.

Out on the town

I got up out of my chair today around 10 am. I got dressed, put makeup on, did my hair, had my husband shave my arm pits, all that fancy stuff. We met our family for lunch and a movie. Everything has been going great but after about 45 minutes of getting ready I went to get up out of the chair in my room and shooting pain went stabbing through my stomach. It's right where my T meets and this is where my dr said I would have an issue, if there was one. I got so scared and upset I almost threw up. It hurt when I walked back to sit in my chair. My husband said I shouldn't worry but, it's hard not too. He said if I did anything internally it will show up in my drains. This sounds reasonable, so I'm not going to worry too much. I'm glad I got out of the house for awhile though. However, I'm happy to be back here in my chair. Overall, the past few days have been much better. I am going to have to work from home starting Monday, so, I am going to rest for the next few days.

One to go

Yesterday I got one drain out. I am hoping to get drain 2 out tomorrow before the long weekend. They said as long as it's not putting out more than 30ccs then I should be good to go. I don't think it is putting out that much. Right now I am going through a lot of burning and stinging in my incisions. I guess that's normal? How long does this last? They burn inside, not outside?

No drains and shower!

I had the last drain out today. It felt so gross!!!! It was the one that ran across my stomach. I'm super bloated today, probably because no drains, but glad to be rid of them. I had a shower. It was more trouble than it was worth. I was so exhausted after. I worked out, alot before this. When other people talked about how tired they were I was like, that won't be is me. I don't understand it really. My back hurts so bad and it's hard to breathe. Maybe you hold your breath and that's what makes you so exhausted? Who knows, but it's for real. I was all worried about the moisture in my new belly button. I told my husband I might need to blow dry it out without the heat? He dried it out for me. He is a trooper but is getting tired. I hope he can relax the next few days. I am sleeping in my bed tonight. That is my goal for the day! Happy Healing.

Back to work

I went back to work today…YAY! I was so bored at home. I don't know how people work from home. I was glad to see everyone at work but, they were all SICK! Everyone had a cold. It was tiring to be at work but I'd rather be there then here in my house. I like to stay busy and it is hard after this surgery. I was pulled for a random drug testing today…guess what, I'm so sure I failed! I called my doctor's office on the way to the lab. They had faxed a letter before I got back to the office. I am still taking the vicodin. I tried today to not take it during work. I hurt so bad. I have used all my doctor gave me and I'm using some I had from a previous injury. I don't know if I hurt more because of the up and down and side to side cuts or if I'm just a baby? I have several bottles of pain pills left over because I never finish them. So, I think it's just this surgery. I am back sleeping on my couch. I slept in my bed 2 nights and was so uncomfortable. I have a super comfy couch and I sleep better there. My husband sleeps with me on the couch (Ah…he's so nice). I'm hoping in another week I can sleep in the bed! Tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. I think all in all things are going well. My only concern is the t area on my stomach. I'm trying to massage it as instructed but I am worried about it. So far it's fine, I just like to worry about things I guess? I can't wait to post new pictures. I just want to wait until it all looks prettier. My boobs are super nice. I am super impressed with the job he did on them. I hope everyone else is feeling great today and loving their new bodies!

Moving on...

I am starting to feel like a real person again! I just got back from my checkup. It was so gross! My doctor started picking my glue and scabs off...UGH! I've been babying the glue, patting it dry and pushing it backing into place after showers. I wasn't sure how long it was supposed to stay on. Apparently now...since he started picking it off.
He said 2-3 weeks on the glue. I can exercise!!! He said just easy with it, no jogging and no resistance yet. He said still no intercourse for a few more weeks. And...I can change to spanx!!! This binder is so bulky and uncomfortable! So, all around good news today! I can't wait for my next appointment (in 2 weeks). Hopefully by then I will be at 90%?

Best shower yet

I haven't taken a morning shower (before work) since before my surgery. This morning was the very first one. It was the best shower I have had post-op. My back is finally loosening up and doesn't hurt as much. The water was hot and steamy and most of my incisions are healed up (so I wasn't worried about getting anything wet). I slept in my own bed for the past two nights and slept pretty good. I think I finally have my pillow situation about right in my bed. My husband was so happy to be able to spoon me. We generally sleep right up against each other all night. He has slept on the couch next to me for weeks now so I am glad he was able to get back in his bed. I did housework this weekend and made Christmas presents. We attended 3 parties over two days. I have a little more shopping to do before Christmas but luckily, I feel pretty good. I'd say I'm at about 85%. In another week, I hope to make it to 95%! Hope everyone else is doing well!

Updated pictures

A few more pictures

I'm swollen still. I will expect to be like this…uh, until I'm not? I can't wait to start really working out too. I did email my incision to my doctor a little while ago. It is looking nasty where they meet.

Thanks Floridatish72!

So, after reading Floridatish72's update about her necrosis I started looking at my incision. I also thought I just had a scab where the two incisions met. Then after reading her update and talking with her I sent my doctor a few pictures. I went in today and yes, it is a wound issue. He cut out the scab and dead tissue and told me that I have to pack it with the gauze (same as Floridatish72). He said there are 3 levels of tissue health. Level 1 is bad and he removes it, Level 2 is in between - it can go either way and Level 3 is good healthy fatty tissue. He said I need to keep up the massage because that is what helps get the blood flowing to the skin. He also said I need to double up on my protein. He already has me drinking a protein shake a day, taking multi-vitamins and extra vitamin C. I have been having an occasional beer or 2, but I am replacing that with my protein shake. I really want to get this cleared up and healed. My doctor was a little upset because this was the first wound problem he'd had in a several months...I assured him, I was upset too. I had a massive amount of "stuff" done to me with the removal of the old scar so I'm really not surprised about this. I just want to make sure I give my body all the necessary ingredients it needs to heal. This is just a prime example of why this site is so helpful. In fact, I am going to post the same picture I sent to my doctor just in case anyone else is worried about it. It is gross and I know that we all want to look pretty, but if I can help anyone else catch this as soon as possible, I can deal with posting a nasty picture.



Every time my husband has to pack my wound I have to think about something else. It really makes me sick. He is such a trooper. He said it looks like it's closing up already. I will take his word for it. This morning I sang a song loudly as he changed the gauze out. I know this seems silly but, if I think about what he is doing it will make me want to throw up! I really haven't gone through the depression a lot of people talk about, but I tend to get angry not sad anyways. I've been pretty restless at night sleeping in my bed. I can't get comfortable so I thrash about and huff and puff, mad, all night. That's how I deal! Sounds sweet, huh? I get aggravated and just want to be healed already! I want to wear something other than leggings already! I did wear a skirt today, but I can't wear anything with a zipper or button. I'm tired of this bra, it cuts into my skin and is just ugly and irritating. Oh, and the stitch that's sticking out under my boob, will randomly poke me and hurt. Wow, I'm in the Christmas spirit. I just needed to vent and bitch for a minute. I don't feel too sorry for myself. I do have these super nice boobs and from the panty line up, my stomach looks awesome. Now, if we can only heal this hole, sleep on my side, wear a real bra and real pants I will be in business. Maybe I will write Santa a note and explain that's what I want for Christmas!

The Day after...

I'm back at work today, fun stuff! I have been sick since Monday. The hubby finally spread his germs enough so that I shared in his cold. Coughing, fever, snotty, stuffy...all the real Christmas fun. Most exciting was yesterday when he went to change my gauze in my wound. It started bleeding, a lot. We tried not to freak out, called the on call doctor and talked to him. He said it seemed normal. This is a person who has no idea who I am or what I have going on, but hey, he's a doctor (I guess? He said he was?). After my husband spoke with him and no more bleeding occurred, we felt content. Today my PS emailed me and said it's expected and good if my wound is bleeding...means it's healing. I have my appointment tomorrow at 4 pm with him so hopefully my wound looks good. My husband just says..."Whole lotta red," everytime he changes the gauze. I prefer to stay dumb about the whole situation. I just take comfort in the fact that my boobs are too big to actually see it! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate!

Christmas present

My hole is healing...

I went in on Friday afternoon and my doctor's office was crazy! With the office closed on the holidays people are just crammed in there. They put me in what looked like the supply closet/exam room and he ran in before the pre-op ladies I saw outside in the waiting room. Thank GOD! I know those appointments last a LONG time. He cut on my a little, scraped on me a little, all while I managed not to puke or pass out. He said it looks good and crammed me back up with gauze. I inquired how long it would take to heal and he said a few weeks. A few weeks? Really, I have a hole that my big toe could disappear into? I actually looked at it Friday and wished I hadn't. OMG, it is a huge hole. How can humans be walking around like this? I went out dancing the other night with a gaping hole in my abdomen? I lived. To my surprise, yesterday my husband says, "Wow, this thing is really closing up." What? Should I look again? Nah, I will take his word on it. I am cramming protein into my body as instructed. I would like to get completely back to normal...and that won't happen until I no longer can touch my guts. Ok, not really but it might as well be. I want a real bra too. My boobs start oozing out of this one by the end of the day so I have to wear undershirts. I want to be able to lift weights and sweat like crazy. I want to be able to do all kinds of stuff I still can't do. HEAL ALREADY! Ok, I feel better. Happy Monday.


I skated over an hour tonight. I actually broke a little sweat. I did get into zone 3 for a little bit, but other than that, I stayed in zone 1 and 2 like I'm supposed to!


Happy New Year

No more surgery bra!

I had an appointment yesterday...and the stupid bra is gone! I was going to go get fitted (still probably will) but my old bras fit fine. I think this means my doctor did exactly what I asked in the boobie department! He didn't do anymore cutting in my wound, he only scraped it out. He told me to get promogran to put into my wound. It was pretty high and I ended up having to order it on the internet but hey, if it helps heal me faster...I'm all for it. I also got my newgel lollipop scar management silicon sheeting from my PS. I looked that up too, it's 65 bucks! He also gave me some massaging instructions. It's so weird how different doctors are. This is the first time he's said I could massage my implants. And now, he wants me to squish them, like it hurts! What's that about? I read a bunch of stuff about it yesterday but, who knows? That's all the good news. The bad news is my husband has to go out of town next week and the week after??? Who's gonna pack my wound? I asked him if I could do it without looking? He says no. Great. Now I have to worry about that for a week. Maybe the girl at the PS office will do it? I'm such a baby about that stuff. Hopefully it will be over soon!
Hope everyone else is enjoying their NEW YEAR!

More pictures

I really like looking at other people's pics so I figured I should post more too.


I hit the wrong button. Here are the silicon sheets.

Happy :)

I just wanted to say that even with my wound issue, I am so happy with my tummy results. I am overweight, curvy and could stand to lose 20 pounds, but my disgusting, ugly stomach is gone. I have on yoga pants today and a tight fitting shirt and I look good. I'm not skinny, I'm heavier now than I was before surgery, but that's not why I did this. I did this to make myself happy when I looked in the mirror and I was happy this morning. I see "wish" pictures that people post on this site and I am so sad. I hope they won't be disappointed after they go through this. I had realistic expectations and I am happy. I did not expect to have to deal with this wound and by reading all the other problems others are having, it seems like you should expect things to not go 100% as expected. All in all, I am so happy with my stomach and the boobs, were just an afterthought, and I'm thrilled with those too. I spent a lot of money to have this surgery, in fact, I will be paying for it for the next 3 years (via my retirement loan) and I think it was worth every dollar I paid. Let's not try to be perfect or we will never be happy. Try to be healthy and happy and love yourself! I had a girl tell me, "I didn't think you were the type to have plastic surgery, you always seems so sure of yourself." What the hell does that mean? I am sure of myself. I am confident and have great self-esteem. Why wouldn't I want to improve on something I already like, ME! I had another girl say, "Wow, now you can eat whatever you want!" If that were true I would have paid double! People have such a warped idea of what this surgery does, what the results will be and why we have chosen to do it. Just be happy with why you did it! Try not to be so harsh on judging yourself and your body. It's hard for everyone. I stand in the mirror and say, "I don't like the way my boob looks right here" and luckily my husband says, "Do I need to hang up the before pictures of your boobs? Right by the mirror so you can compare them?" I have to remind myself to do the same things every time I look in the mirror, be happy, be content, you can't be perfect, only better! Happy Healing!

Stitch was gross!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for him to look at my wound and I showed him under my boob. It had been hurting and bleeding a little. That stitch was killing me but I really didn't want him to touch it. He looked under there, got the scissors and it only stung a little. I was not prepared for what came from out of there…it was about an inch long and had a big loop in it. I thought it was just some little pokey thing. I really didn't realize how bad it had been bothering me until it was gone. Now it's bleeding a little and tender but I'm keeping neosporin on it and gauze under it to try and keep it "unaggravated". My belly hole (as we commonly refer to it) is doing better. It's filling in nicely. He didn't even have to scrape much at it. He said we need to rough it up when we change it out…I think that's to keep the skin from trying to grow in the hole? I'm just glad it's doing better. I would like for it all to heal up so I can move on. I did some arm stuff at the gym and felt weird doing anything that used my chest muscles so I stayed away from that stuff. I will be glad when I have nothing to worry about! Until then…happy healing!

Getting closer

This belly hole is closer and closer to being healed! I'm so happy. My husband couldn't get the gauze all the way in today after he put the promogran in. So, that means in 2 days there was a noticeable result. My under boob is healing up too (where he removed the stitch). I'm still not being real great about the massage, so I haven't seen much change in my boobs. I have noticed I can move them with my chest muscles, which is entertaining and both disturbing! I want to post new pictures, but until my belly heals there's really nothing new to see. I need to step up my gym and exercise routine. I think I've actually gained 5 pounds from not exercising while healing. It's been really cold and I've been really lazy. Truth. So, until next time...everyone have a great weekend!

No more wound packing!

The doctor said no more wound packing. He gave me a sheet of polymem today and put that on my wound. He said it would promote the skin growth. I'm so glad that the packing is done. Now, all I have to do it wait for it to heal over. He said he still doesn't like the way my boobs look so he wants me to wear a band over the top to get the implants to push down. He was out and they will mail me one so I will have to wait for that. Yesterday was 10 weeks since my surgery date. I'm hoping when I hit the 12 week mark, this wound will just be a memory!

One week and SWELLING

The good news is, my hole is almost healed up. I can wash it and put the polymem on it all by myself. I will be so happy in another week! I'm sure it will be completely closed by then. In other good news, I can finally lay flat...imagine being excited about that! That's the good stuff. The bad news is I am so swollen. I mean, everything feels swollen. My boobs feel huge, my stomach, hips all of it. This happens everytime I do some serious exercise. Last night I went skating. I haven't really skated much since my surgery, just took it easy here and there. Well, I decided to see if I could skate the 27 laps in 5 minutes (which is a minimum skill we have to achieve). I knew sitting around for almost 12 weeks would make it difficult. I did it with about 15 seconds to spare and felt as if my lungs might explode. Then this morning I went to spin class. I weigh five pounds more than I did 2 days ago. I feel gross and huge. I feel like I went to a buffet and pulled a chair up to it, but I didn't. I didn't eat anything anymore salty than usual. I know it "takes awhile" for your lymph nodes to reroute themselves but this is just discouraging. It makes me want to NOT exercise. I want to drop some fat and rebuild my muscle that I had before surgery. But, this feels gross!

12 week photos

More photos

12 weeks

So, here I am, in week 12. I'm almost back to 100%. I can't lay on my stomach yet and I am still putting the polymem on my little tiny spot but other than that, all things are normal. While everything looks so much better than before my surgery, I hope at my next visit he lets me do some scar therapy on my tt scar. I think the implants are settling down into the pocket but I still hope the band pushes them down a little more. I have always had the one inverted nipple so that was there before! I am happy with my surgery results and I am so glad I did this!


I went for a checkup today. All is well. He still wants me to wear the strap. He said that the lower we can get the implants down into the pocket the better/longer the results will be on the lift. Something about the breast tissue getting pulled down…who knows, that's why he's the doctor! I also got some strips for my tt scar, now that it has FINALLY healed. I have little picky things that I don't really like, but I can live with them. There's really only one thing that has got to go away and he said it may just be swelling still. Above my belly button, in the top of my abs I have a little poochy thing going on. It could be fat and maybe if I lose 10 pounds it will go away…but, it has to go away. I will give it a year and see if I drop some weight if it gets better. If not, I will talk to my dr. further about it. I hope everyone else is doing great and starting to feel normal and enjoying their new selves!

Before and after


Each day I become more normal

I haven't updated lately because I really don't have a lot going on. I have been watching what I eat and getting back into a normal exercise routine. I've lost 13 pounds since Feb 1st and my clothes fit funny. The waist is all loose and the hips are tight. I read somewhere that your body tends to store fat differently after you have a tummy tuck but I'm not sure if that's true? I would like to lose about 10-15 more pounds but I'm trying to take it slow. I am back to lifting heavy weights and doing whatever I want as far as exercise. The only things I still have some issue with is ab work. My doctor said it is scar tissue and it may break loose while I'm exercising. He said it will hurt like hell but other than that, no worries. So, of course this is all I think about when doing ab stuff...I'm not sure I want to break scar tissue? I was finally able to do an exercise on my stomach in a class Monday. That's a first. I have been trying to stretch myself out more often to loosen up those tight ab muscles so I can do everything I could before. Even with the 13 pound weight loss, my little poochy part above my belly button is there. I will discuss options with him at my next appointment (in a month). Hopefully I will have lost another 8 pounds by then. It's hard work but I feel so much better. I am so happy with my results. I don't regret spending the money on this surgery!

New pictures

Still slowly shedding some weight. I'm so happy with my progress!
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