32 Years Old, 1 Child, Recent Weight Loss *TERRIFIED* - Augusta, GA

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Going under the knife 3/31 for a hysterectomy,...

Going under the knife 3/31 for a hysterectomy, bladder repair, mini tummy tuck and vaginal rejuvenation. My doc has been very thorough in explaining things to me, but I'm definitely still apprehensive and nervous about the pain. I'm told to expect to be out of work for 6-8 weeks. Yikes!! I hate missing work!

3 days post-op

Well, I've had my surgery! I'm 3 days post op. The day of surgery, I woke up with heart palpitations and nearly cancelled. I was so nervous! The surgery was about 3 hours- total hysterectomy, bladder repair, vaginal rejuvenation, and a mini-tuck. I woke up in MISERY, I will not mince my words. I can't even remember much of my surgery day. That night a godsend of a nurse worked above and beyond and got my pain under control. My heart rate dipped continually in the 40's, but this was because of my pain and nausea meds. Post op day 1- my catheter was removed but I was unable to void on my own for 6 hours so it was reinserted. However, pain on day post op day 1 only exceeded a 4 once. Post op day 2 I was discharged. Pain is well managed. I'm taking ibuprofen 800mg routinely, and 2-3 dilaudid per day if needed. I'm alone with lovely people popping in to help if needed, but overall this has been manageable! I was sent home with a wound vac to aid healing, and a binder to reduce swelling. All in all,I'm pleased with my process so far. Here is my day 3 post op pic. I'll touch base in a few more days. :-)

Just a few more pre-op photos

Pic Update

What a difference 3 days makes! Significant difference in the swelling and pain. I'm a happy girl!

3 week progress pics

Posting these late, but here are my 3 weeks progress pics. I'm pleased!!
Dr William Barfield

GYN with cosmetic surgery training as well.

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