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I am a 34yo mother of one girl who is now 6 years...

I am a 34yo mother of one girl who is now 6 years old. I have always been a bigger girl but when I say bigger I mean curvy. The scale has never been my friend and up until I became pregnant I stayed around a size 12 about 170lbs. I gained a whopping 75lbs with my daughter and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since! I have spiraled from size 10-16 for the past 5 years and finally said enough! I began a serious weight loss fitness journey to include, Insanity and Turbo Fire workouts, Gym and weights, Shakeology and eating healthy! I am back to a stable size 10 and am loving me but on to the bad.....

I was a full 36C before pregnancy and after my ups and downs I am a 36DD in one breast while the other is a D. Ladies you know what I mean! I am deflated, saggy, stretch marked, discusting, and to add insult to injury my nipples and areolas are the size of a small child's head! My tummy on the other hand is ripped, under all that loose skin and flab. I find that if I flex my stomach muscles all the skin falls to the bottom and just hangs while the muscles try to reveal themselves.

I knew I was always going to do a mommy makeover but I just needed to make sure I was done making babies first. Man that would be a total drag tog through it all and whoops bambino on the way.

Researched and sought out my doc and on to the consult I went. He said a breast reduction and lift ws definitely what I needed and though I thought I only would need a mini tummy tuck be said I need a full because my belly button needs moved, boooooo, more money and pain!

I had my Pre Op on 09/10/12 which consisted of another consult which the doctor asked me where I want my breasts to be size wise and I told him to take as least amount a possible to even the girls out and perk them up. He told me we would be in the C range which I'm ok with I figure after a year if I want more I can get implants. As far as. The tummy goes we are still doing a full because of that darn belly button but he is "throwing in" some lipo on my sides. That's nice I thought, hopefully he is a perfectionist and gets that pesky back fat too.

I am 2 days out and nervous! I have done a bunch on preparation and figured it would be good to share because this site has been so great for me. I will be camped out in my bedroom so I cleaned my room top to bottom and will clean all my bed linens the day before surgery. I have a drawer packed with the necessities; crackers, granola bars, magazines, medication, lotion, baby wipes, oreos(comfort food), iPad and phone chargers, remote, tv, light. For comfort i have a body pillow and several other pillows, walker, robe, and a drawer close by with several tank tops and loose fitting clothes.
I stopped all medications even allergy, shakes, vitamins, alcohol, nicotene(second hand), and unhealthy food. I am taking 1000mg vitamine C extra a day and drinking at least 1/3 of my body weight in water daily. I made a pot of chili, lentil soup, and red beans and rice which are portioned and frozen. Refrigerator is stocked with bottled water and low calorie Gatorade.

My mom is flying in tomorrow and will be here to help for 4 days then I have friends taking day shifts to help me out. I'm super excited but nervous. Surprisingly the thing I am most nervous about is anesthesia. My friend told me I was being silly and one has more of a chance of dying in a plane crash than under anesthesia, that helped.

All set I guess, 2 days ....

Tomorrow is the day! Preparing to do the night...

Tomorrow is the day! Preparing to do the night before wash with the special soap....

Day after surgery and all is well. My procedure...

Day after surgery and all is well. My procedure was a little over 5hrs and of coursing remember nothing. I have 3 drains and I am wrapped up tight. I did great with the anesthesia and only when I got out of bed would I feel nauseous. When I got home I went to the bed and stayed all night. The Percocet really helped plus the 8 pillows on my bed. I have been able to get in and out of bed with little to no help so that's good. The pain is not nearly as bad as I expected over all, only when I move it hurts. My breasts don't hurt at all either. First appointment with doc is Friday....

Day 2 PO and I am down to 1/2 Percocet every 6...

Day 2 PO and I am down to 1/2 Percocet every 6 hours and feeling good. Boobs don't hurt at all but an muscles are super tight and sore. No BM yet....
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I know several people in the Medical community to include Doctors, surgeons, and nurses. I went on the search for the "best" in my area and not have to go to Atlanta. Everyone recommended Dr Lynn, apparently he is the best. I know nothing about the medical field so I am going to trust the ones that do.

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