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Hello, I am in total disbelief that my surgery...

I am in total disbelief that my surgery is in 4 days! I am 36 years old and I've been dreaming of a reduction for at least 10 years! I have spent a lot of time just talking about it, rather than working up the courage to actually do it. I am currently a 44H and I am hoping to eventually be a C or D cup. So here I am, less than week from surgery, and the mere thought of being able to pick up a bra in a regular dept. store, hassle free, makes me giggle:-D. Now I will admit, there have been a few moments when I have thought of backing out. But, then I come to my senses and realize the final outcome will be worth it (thanks to the reviews I have read)! Today was also a day of confirmation for me. My family and I spent the day at the zoo. We live in the south and it is very hot and humid here. Within the first hour I was miserable. My back and neck hurt(we all know that's a given), my bra was digging in and drenched with sweat, and I could already feel the start of the dreaded RASH:( It was in these moments that I caught a reflection of myself in the glass and smiled(despite the fact that all I saw were enormous!) For I realized that these days were soon over!!! Granted, I am still working through the fear that's keeps wanting to rear it's ugly little head...but it's ok, I'm doing this thing. Come next week, a huge weight will be lifted off my chest...WooHoo!!!!

I made it! Surgery went well. I do not know how...

I made it! Surgery went well. I do not know how much was taken out at this time, but I hope to find out on Monday when I have the drains and bandages removed. When I look down they seem rather small, but I try to remember that they will be changing a lot over the course of time...and honestly, anything is better than the boulders I was carrying! I have to say that the whole surgery experience was great. I was extremely nervous going in at 5:45 yesterday morning, but I was greeted with some truly awesome nurses and staff. I was very much at ease...which amazes me! After the nurses prepped me, my surgeon came in and talked with
me and made her markings on my breasts. Then anesthesiologist arrived, a team of 3, they slipped some wonder drug in my IV that had me on cloud nine before I was even out the door of my room! This was the part that I feared the most and it was a piece of cake! Lord only knows what I may have said on the way to the OR, I do recall telling them that I felt REALLY! The procedure took about 3 1/2 hours and waking up afterwards was fairly easy. I was a little nauseous, but luckily I did not have any vomiting:) I was released around 4:30 that afternoon and was very pleased to have the comforts of home. I have been taking my meds(Percocet) every 4 hours which has kept me quite comfortable. And my drains seem to be filling up good too. Overall, this entire experience has been very easy. I hope that tomorrow offers the same and I am continuing to pray that my nipples do well and that I have no problems with infection. I did take a before photo and plan to post once I get my first post op photo on Monday. Definitely NO REGRETS here:)

Tomorrow will make 1 week since surgery. I am...

Tomorrow will make 1 week since surgery. I am doing very well. My bandages and drains were removed 2 days ago(4 days post op). My breast did not look near as bad as I thought they would. I actually have more bruising on my stomach than my breasts, I guess from the Lipo rod??? Never the less, I am very pleased so far. Pain has been minimal, not even enough to complain about. I had a total of 3,160 grams of breast tissue removed, and an additional 1,100 cc removed with Lipo rod. We converted and calculated and it came to about 9 1/2 lbs! And let me just say...I DO NOT MISS IT!!! I am so utterly happy with this surgery, there are no words to express my feelings right now. However, I know that anyone reading this that is post op, COMPLETELY understands. The family and I went out to eat tonight since my mother will be returning to her home tomorrow morning(such a blessing to have her here) and I have to say how shocked I was when I sat down at the booth and saw a huge gap between me and the table! I was even able to place my arms and hands comfortable in front of me on the table! What a great feeling to look down and not see my breasts resting on the table!!!! I want to also add that I feel so motivated to work on the rest of my body now. I really feel like my overly large breasts were somewhat of a brick wall for me. I felt defeated before I could even get started. Those days are over now. The only word that comes close to describe what I am feeling is...LIBERATION! Having this surgery is the best decisions I have ever made for myself!

PS..posting review through my phone and it will not allow me to add pics. Will post as soon as I can get on desktop.

I am 3 weeks post op now, and doing very well. Im...

I am 3 weeks post op now, and doing very well. Im still dealling with a little soreness and discomfort in my breasts. The outersides of both breast are still a little tight and hard feeling and the incisions on the outersides still burn and sting a little. But the the pain is bearable and does not require any medication. Im having back pain due to the fact that I still cant lay down comfortably in my bed, but i know it wont be much longer until i am able to get back in the comfy bed! Also, I am down 16 pounds! woohoo!!! I am going to try and add pics today. I tried last week but they wouldnt download for some fingers crossed:)
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