49 Yrs Old, Mother of 2, Current Size: 32H. Desired Size: C or D Cup - Augusta, GA

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Insurance approved breast reduction scheduled for...

Insurance approved breast reduction scheduled for Monday, November 28, 2016, 7:30 a.m. My symptoms includes shoulder indentations from bra due to heavy breasts; neck and shoulder pain; rashes; back aches/headaches; discomfort during certain exercises; difficulty shopping for beas, etc. With surgery, I hope to be reduced from a 34H to possibly a 32D or 34C.

Scheduled surgery date: 11/28/16. I am both nervous and exited!

11/28/16 Surgery Day

Breast Reduction - Day 8

12/05/16: Drains and staples removed; fitted with sports bra. Now approved by Doctor and Nurse to shower (sponge bathed prior to this day). Steri-strips to remain in place until adhesive dissolves.

Advised to wear sports bra until next post op visit scheduled one month away (January 2017). Purchased two inexpensive sports bras with front zipper from Wal-Mart ($12 each). Also purchased silicon gel from my doctor's office which is formulated to reduce the appearance of scars. Note: Advised to only use after steri-strips are no longer adhering and are no longer in place. Excessive sun exposure to be avoided to prevent darkening of scars.

Still sleeping upright. It's simply too uncomfortable to sleep any othet way.... Sleeping at practically a 90 degree angle is a pain (most of the time)...literally!

In January, 2o17, hoping to find out true bra size and if I'll be cleared to wear a regular bra. However, wearing a sports bra feels comfortable at this point and time as it offers the much needed support during the healing process...

I am truly happy with my results so far! No regrets.

Abdominal Bloat

Immediately following surgery, I noticed that my abdomen was really distended, as if I was pregnant. My bowel movements are also a bit off. I've taken stool softners to help. It is day 12, and it doesn'tappear to have changed much (bloat and distension). Any suggestions to help relieve/eliminate the bloat?
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Randolph Smith of Augusta Plastic Surgery is the physician I've chosen to perform my breast reduction and lipoma removal from my back. Upon research, I immediately became impressed with his years of experience, certifications, as well as the office location. His staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Customer service is well above average. Dr. Smith also assisted with the the pre-approval from my insurance company (United Healthcare). My approval letter from the insurance company came within 2-3 weeks. I am scheduled for November 28th. Pre-op occurred two weeks prior to scheduled surgery date.

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