Tumescent Liposculpture under Local & oral sedation

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Had my procedure yesterday. I didn't realise just...

Had my procedure yesterday. I didn't realise just how painful the actual procedure would be. I had it done under local with Hypnovel (versed) as the sedative. The sedative didn't work but I suspect that is because I take Klonopin daily and Zopiclone (lunesta) at night. The infusion of the fluid was the worst bit and I had a number of 'ouch' moments during the procedure. It took about 4 hous and I did receive pethidine to help (downside - vomiting after pethidine.
The Doctor was fantastic and the nurse was great (as were all the staff). I think the vomiting is totally normal with this procedure. It was transient and I was okay unless I stood up too quickly.
What no-one can possibly really prepare you for is the amount of leakage. I soaked through 2 compresion garments very quickly plus countless absorbent pads. I had to call the after hours number to just double check as one incision was pouring out blood and tumescent fluid.
With tumescent lipo be prepared for restlessness and a bit of agitation. Its the adrenaline in the tumescent local anaesthetic that causes it. I am still restless and it is 4.30am as I write this (despite 30mg Zopiclone and 1.5mg of Clonazepam).
On the upside the pain tonight is bearable just with Panadol so thumbs up there.
Will add to this tomorrow and post some photos when I have them.
I had 3D abdomen and no work anywhere else. Back fat is gone and upper belly roll is reduced. I am 179cm tall and weigh 73kg so well within BMI range for my height. :)
I am hoping for a good result - just got to get through the first few days though.
Posting this from NZ hence the different drug names.

Day after procedure....

Keeping active which helps. The compression garments are a nit uncomfortable especially around the bra line but you have to wear them for 6 weeks so got to just suck it up. The seepage is more or less stopped (hooray). Feel a bit punch drunk and quite a bit of bruising but nothing I didn't expect.
Again, pain is controlled by paracetamol only. Nausea still remains but that could be down to a number of factors.
I have awesome friends who have been very supportive and have watched over me today. I am blessed by the fact I have such lovely people around me (even though hubby is not entirely on board).
Seeing my surgeon tomorrow. Will update then and see if I can get a copy of my before photo. Will take some selfies to post tomorrow to show 2 days post op.
Anyone out there going through this experience - love to you and I hope you hang on in there.

2 days in...

Will let you know.

Second night....

Wow, I wasn't expecting not to be able to sleep at all afterwards. I take sleeping pills but they are not working for some reason. I can't get comfy or keep warm enough so I hope this isn't sign of an infection starting. I am not on antibiotics due to poor tolerance. Have an appointment with the surgeon today for a checkup so I will ask him for some suggestions. Hubby going away for 4 nights so I may sleep better without the fear that I am keeping him from sleeping with my restlessness. Pain wise - not too bad. Still a bit nauseated but taking anti-nausea meds now to help. I know I am embarking on a long journey but I just wish the nights were a bit shorter.......

48 Hours after surgery - check up with surgeon

Have been told by my surgeon that it is looking perfect for 48 hours after the procedure. Feel better today. Pain is okay and have managed to vacuum and wash floors. Hate the garment that we all have to wear but then doesn't everyone. Hubby away now for 4 days and then home for 2 days and away for another 4. I can heal better on my own so this is okay with me. We are not all lucky enough to have people who support our journey and I would rather do this by myself than with someone who doesn't want to be around me because I have been 'butchered'. How dumb is that? Hope everyone else out there is doing well.

Day 5

Had a much better nights sleep last night. Bruising is pretty amazing - very colourful. A bit sore at times but kind of twinges rather than aches. Still find it hard to get up from the couch (requires a bit of leverage). The results are starting to look good and I have gone down 2 dress sizes (wow). Going window shopping today (no point in buying as I have been told things will change a lot over the next 3 months and still very swollen especially in lower abdomen). Recovery is good at the moment.

Nearly a week has passed and whaaaaat - I have really swollen up

Cannot believe how bad the swelling is. I was expecting some swelling but today I am so swolen both upper and lower abdomen and back fat area that I look the same as before surgery. My back fat looks worse and actually feels like fat not loose skin. I have my double tummy back. I feel like crying. I know I need to wait at least 3 months for the results but I have been feeling low anyway and this has just made me question my decision to do this. My husband hasn't spoken to me for days as he hates that I had this done. Feel very down right now.

At the 2 week mark now.

2 weeks in and the bruising has really improved. Still wearing the garment 24/7 and I am getting used to it now. I have some lumps and bumps and I do look like I still have a 'double tummy' but it is rock hard. Seeing my surgeon on Thursday so will ask him for his opinion. Looking forward to buying some clothes that will fit my new shape as my old ones are a bit large and my undies keep falling down (totally embarassing). Will leave any serious shopping until the 3 month mark. Now thinking about getting my arms and chin/jowls done so it couldn't have been that bad eh?

Over 3 weeks since procedure

Well it has been 3 weeks and 3 days since my procedure. The surgeon is going to take more photos at the six week mark and I will get a copy of them so I will be able to post his before and afters on this site. Very little discomfort now - just the odd twinge. Had no real itching - just a bit at the 10-14 day mark. The garment has become part of me now.
I am not thrilled with the results but it is very early days. I have significant swelling in both upper and lower abdomen which comes and goes. I have lost about 10 cms from my waist so I am pleased with that. Very little (if any) difference on the scales but I have not been to the gym yet as running feels weird and I am still scared of 'doing damage'. My surgeon has assured me that it is fine to go back to the gym - no restrictions but I am still a bit unsure.
Emotionally this is a roller coaster ride. I certainly did not prepare myself for the way I would feel afterwards. I have been wanting to have this done for so long that it all feels a bit like an anti-climax. Maybe I was expecting better results or different results. I am hypercritical of every part of my new shape and notice bits that don't look or feel right and think I look uneven etc etc etc. Reading reviews of Lipo I understand that this is completely normal but I am scared I am becoming a bit OCD about my new and still improving shape. I have had to give myself a bit of a telling off and need to stop examining the way I look all the time. I appreciate that 3 months is really the turning point which will be just in time for our summer here - yay.

A month has passed....

I am swollen right now so I feel like I have gone backwards. I need to start on a healthy eating plan and get back to the gym. Some days I look and feel better than others so I have to remind myself that 3 months is the goal. I still have back fat which really really bothers me as I specifically said to my surgeon that above all else I really wanted to be rid of the awful 'back fat' (technically more of a flank extra roll than back fat) as this extra roll made me feel uncomfortable in anything 'clingy' around the back area. I am actually a bit annoyed that this fat is still there in all its glory and will be talking to my surgeon at the 6 week review about it. The emotional highs and lows following Lipo still haunt me from time to time. We tend to forget that it is a major trauma and we need to take time to heal on every level. I thought I was both physically and emotionally prepared for it all but the reaction of my husband continues to hamper my recovery on every level. He continually reminds me of how much it cost and how I don't look any better and that I have been 'butchered'. To everyone out there thinking of having this procedure please make sure that you have the full love and support of someone as it makes a huge difference.

Not much to say...

Almost at the 6 week mark. Still swelling. Don't know how I feel at the moment. Will post 'before' and 'after' pictures when I have seen my PS next Friday (20th).

Photos are coming....

Had my final appointment with my PS today. The garment is off (yay) but I am still swelling in the afternoon/evening especially if I have been active during the day and don't have enough fluids. Had Juvederm in my lips yesterday so I have a lovely puffy mouth to match my puffy tummy. My skin is a mess as well so looking just great at the moment (not).
On a positive note (yes I do have one), I have lost over 3.5kgs since the procedure and I am realising that diet and exercise will just help tweek my results. PS reckons just 5kg and it will make a huge difference at the final 6 month mark. Unfortunately my back fat is kind of stuck where it is. My age and skin elasticity were against me. The skin is unlikely to completely redrape over this area so I will always have a small bra roll. I have also taken 10cms off each of the key areas (waist, flanks and hips). Another Yay!. I will post the photos as soon as I get them (being sent by email sometime in the next few days) so you can all see what changes there have been. Take care out there in realself world.

Photos are here

Not overly happy with the results but I admit I do look better. I still have a strange lumpy roll around my middle and the back fat hasn't gone. I am now working out at the gym and following a nutrition plan to try and tidy the results up a bit.

Not Sure rating changed to No

I have said no because in my case I feel that I spent a lot of money and from the front I look no different. I am still 'wide'. The after photos are not flattering at all. Maybe it is the unnatural pose that I am in. I am going to take some more photos at the three month mark and post them. Hopefully they will look much better.

Getting There

Almost at the 3 month mark and the old body is looking and feeling much better. Have lost almost 5kgs now and 15cms from my waist. I am using the gym but haven't been for a week due to a problem at home but will be back into it tomorrow. I will post photos at the 3 month mark. Only issue I have is a couple of the incision scars still look a bit big and red. The ones on my tummy have gone completely but the ones on my back and side are still there. Still have some excess skin around my back (it is excess skin that hasn't 'redraped' rather than fat) but I am doing heaps of back exercises at the gym to help with it. My upper abdomen is still lumpy at times but is slowly improving. Hope everyone else is okay.

Just Over 4 months since the procedure

I am seeing the surgeon again on Friday as I have a very odd lump to the upper left of my belly button. Not sure if it is a bit that was missed or some kind of fluid filled lump but for my peace of mind I want it gone. The surgeons receptionist has assured me that this is quite normal and they will fix it up if it is a bit that has been 'missed'. Otherwise things are definitely starting to look a lot better. The skin on my back has miraculously started to tighten and re-drape so I may end up with a much better result in that area than I thought I would.
My weight remains at around 68kg so 6kg less than when I had the surgery. I am aiming for 65kg but the time of year is conspiring against me (a poor excuse for a rubbish diet I know!).
I had to suspend my gym membership as I developed some skin problems which a dermatologist said could be aggravated by working out especially as I was lifting weights. Hope to start swimming again now that our pool is a bit warmer. Swimming is great exercise - total workout and you dont get overheated.
I look at myself now and I am actually pleased I had it done but wish the surgeon had been more aggressive around the love handles.

More Surgery in March

Spoke to the PS and he agrees that this area needs a bit more work (common in 'apple' shaped women). He will do it for a nominal fee but the earliest is February but way to hot in NZ in Feb to be stuck in that Garment Thing for another 2 weeks (yes, only two weeks after the revision surgery). He tells me it will take about an hour and no sedation needed so I can drive home. I have to see if the area 'settles' between now and then but to be honest with all of the festive season junk I have a little food belly so I am going to need to work on that!

Back Fat has returned - arghhh

I am so fed up. The back fat has returned. I am almost 2 years post Lipo and I was feeling happy with the results for a while but over the past 2 months the back fat has crept back. I lost a lot of weight due to chronic stomach problems (14kg in total). The weight dropped off very rapidly (maybe over 3-4 months). I had a heap of tests and was diagnosed as lactose intolerant in early January 2015. Prior to the diagnosis I only weighed 60-61kg which is light for my 178cm height. I was given some medication to help settle my stomach and I noticed quite a quick weight gain. I gained 4kg in 2 weeks. My specialist said it wasn't the meds but more likely me eating more as I was not in as much pain. I stopped the meds as I know that they cause weight gain and I didn't want to be gaining weight so rapidly especially as it seemed to be going straight onto my lipo'd areas and my boobs which are big enough already. I have been feeling heavier so I jumped on the scales today and was horrified to see that despite NO CHANGES to my eating habits my weight had shot up another 4kg and looking in the mirror I can see that the weight is definitely on my back area, abdomen and breasts. I am so upset about the back area as this was the area that I really wanted the fat removed from as I felt so self conscious about the 'bra rolls' in any top that was a bit fitted (like a t-shirt). I am crying as I write this. I am not a vain person but I am just gutted that the fat has returned to this area when I weigh less than I did a year ago and had no back fat. My husband won't let me do any more Lipo (he was soooo anti the whole thing anyway) so I am stuck with these lumps. I think it could have been the rapid weight loss and then rapid weight gain that has caused it. If anyone else has been through something similar please post a comment. Thanks.
Dr Ron Goedeke

Awesome. Couldn't speak more highly of the service I received throughout from the Doctor and his staff. Highly recommended especially for nervous people like me. If anyone in Auckland NZ is interested in Lipo then contact the Liposuction institute, Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay.

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