Upper & Lower Ab Lipo- Auckland, NZ

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After 4 years of working out at gym 4x a week, the...

After 4 years of working out at gym 4x a week, the belly fat and the overhang just won't go away! I came to the conclusion that this is me, I hate it but it must be the trade off for being a mum. I will never be happy with my body for the rest of my life!! Then I found this site with people who has the same issues as me. The more I read, the more I realised that there may be a light at the end of this tunnel I'm in.

Upper and Lower Stomach Lipo

A month ago I went to the Liposuction Institute because Dr Goedeke has performed over 1200 liposuctions and I read a good review on him in - The Style Insider. During the consultation he explained the process and I was so happy to hear that I don't need a tummy tuck and that I was a good candidate for Lipo. Dr Goedeke suggested that lower and the upper abdomen was the area that I need Lipo on. Right there and then I made up my mind and made an appointment for the surgery 3 1/2 weeks later.

I have used this website, I have read other people's reviews and looked at pictures. I have taken it all in so I know what to expect and reading the reviews has helped me get mentally for this surgery.

The day of my Lipo!

The day of the surgery I was pretty relaxed because I was given Lorazepam which I had to take the night before surgery to help me sleep and another one to take an hour before my appointment. I also had to take antibiotics the night before and another one with breakfast.

I arrived at the clinic at 8:30, the before photos were taken and the doctor started the surgery just after 9:30. I think putting the IV was more painful than the Lipo. There was prodding and at times it was uncomfortable but I did not feel pain. During the surgery as I watched Dr Goedeke do the Lipo from my observation it wasn't just a job for him. He really has pride in his work, he wants to do a good job and what a great team he has at the clinic.

By 12:45 I was helped by the nurse into the compression garment that was specially made to me. I laid on the bed, I was given a small plate of cheese & crackers and water. After an hour my husband came to pick me up and the nurse change my dressing. When the compression garment was taken off, blood tinged solution dribbled out of the puncture wounds on to the floor and there was no panic because I have read that this will happen.

When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep, I felt like I was run over by a truck, not in pain but I felt dizzy. I was given Panadine which I took every 4 hours and my husband helped me change my dressing 3 times that night.

7th days after Lipo

The first 3 days after Lipo were the hardest and I started thinking what was I thinking!!! The leakage from the puncture wounds stopped the 2nd day and the feeling of being run over by a truck subsided on the 3rd day. The biggest thing for me was the dizziness I felt when I forget to get up slowly and pain wise I took Panadine every 4 hours. I have 2 young kids 9 & 6, I have to say that there was no way I could look after them in the first 3 days. I also saw the doctor on the 3rd day, he said that the area was looks good and that the the swelling should subside in 3 - 6 weeks. He suggested that I need start walking to get things flowing and that I drink plenty of water. Water was easy but I food wasn't easy to take in and walking was far from my mind as all I wanted to do was sleep. I really needed to sleep, I craved salty food too and anything sweet made me feel sick.

Everyday I wake up I feel a little better and I started going for a little walk on the 4th day but energy wise - gets pretty tired easily. 5th and 6th day I was able to walk further and not as tired as the day before. Yesterday we walked (slow) for about 5km and by night time my stomach felt hard and swollen. Maybe too much??

Still on the 7th day

Day 7 today, I feel normal and no more head aches. I woke up sleeping on my stomach, it was not sore and the puncture wounds were healing well.

The doctor said that there was still a lot of swelling but you know what?... I am happy with what I see already. I think that that having Liposuction is absolutely worth the the money and being uncomfortable & sore for a week. I just need to remind myself this at night when I complain about the compression garment being so..... uncomfortable!!

I will being seeing the doctor again in 3 weeks. The initial blood test taken pre-op, Dr Ron said that I need to cut down on carbs, sugary food and I have also decided to cut down on drinking Diet Coke. Day 7 and I still have not had 1 can of diet coke which I used to drink 2x a day. I said to myself that I will stop drinking diet coke for 1 week, now that it's been 1 week and I have had no craving for it so I will continue to drink water only. I want to flush all the toxins from my body and hopefully the swelling will go away faster than 3 - 6 weeks. I will post something again a week from today.

2 weeks after Upper & Lower Ab Lipo

For the last 7 days I have been doing quite a lot of walking and my stomach was scary hard towards the end of the day but I kept at it because I the doctor said I should. I haven't had anything else to drink but water hoping the swelling would go down a lot faster and oh, coffee with breakfast. I have noticed some lumpy areas around my stomach and it's where my belt has been rubbing . I have been doing my own lymphatic massages and I have just stopped wearing belts so I don't aggravate the area anymore.

2 weeks on and I am so happy I decided to have stomach Liposuction! I've been told by my doctor not to go back to my normal gym activities until the bruising is all gone and I still have some bruises so I'm holding off . Today I walked on the treadmill on 4.5 speed and 4 incline for 1 hour. I will increase this slowly and hopefully next week I can start doing Pump, Combat and CXworx. I will post again at week 3.
Dr Ron Goedeke

I felt vey comfortable with Dr Goedeke and his team. I would totally recommend him to anyone who is thinking of getting liposuction done. He doesn't just want to help you with how you look outside, he also wants to help you with what you put inside (nutrition).

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