23 Years, 5'2, 53kgs 355CC Under the Muscle - Auckland, NZ

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Hi guys I need some help, so I'm getting my BA...

Hi guys I need some help, so I'm getting my BA done in September and have decided to go with 355cc! My surgeon told me this will take me do a 10D and just wanted to know if there is any petite 5'2 girls with the same size implants out there that could show me before and afters of your procedures :) would really appreciate it. I've added my pictures of me with Sizers in. Left size is 355cc and right side is 335cc :)

1 month & 5 days to go

Not that I'm counting down or anything hehe. I'm very excited but getting nervous and a little paranoid as I'm a gym bunny and lift very heavy. So to even think that I can't train for 6 weeks is actually killing me. I've worked hard to get where I am today but I guess it'll be all worth it in the long run. I'm only 23 I'm sure my muscles will bounce back in no time. But just the thought of lying on my bum and not doing anything but light walking is stressing me out! Is there any other gym fanatics out there that can help me put my stress to ease? I've attached some photos of myself so you can get an idea of what I look like etc etc

I'm trying to make myself a list

So, I'm trying to make a list of everything I will need before and after surgery. All I can come up with is...

Triangle pillow
Baby wipes
Netflix haha
Bio oil
Cocoa butter
Dry shampoo

What else did you guys really need or want? I'm going to be stuck at home by myself for a week. I need to prepare!

29 days to go!

Omg it's getting close. So I've been offered a new job which is awesome! But the thing is I need to give work 1 months notice....and my Surgery is in 29 days... Bad timing huh, I'm going in to see the boss at this new job so I'll see what happens.... Anyway back to boobies. I've been told to religiously use moisturisers and bio oil on your boobs one month prior and then keep doing it post op. Does anyone have any recommendations? What worked for you?

Just a question about this website HELP!

How do I find all the recent reviews on BA? All the ones on my "newsfeed" are all old 2015 ones. I'm using the real self app for Apple iPhone so maybe it's something I can't do. I'm not really a wiz with this site! Can anyone help me?!

19 days out!

Crap! I can't believe time has flown this fast! So just to update you guys! I got the job! So nervous about the whole ordeal I don't start until a week after my op. I'm a person who doesn't like change so actually shitting myself haha! Anywhoooo..... I'm still waiting on my information pack from the surgeons office...I should have gotten it by now so might email them and see what's the hold up. All in all, I'm more excited than nervous about getting new boobs. I haaaaaate my boobs when I'm naked. I have mild tuberous breasts so there's no fullness or roundnest to them. My surgeon said he will be able to fix all that so at this stage I'm just excited to see the after math. The things I'm not excited about is not being able to be dependant for the first few days or not being able to go toilet by myself or going toilet at all for that matter haha! Better get myself some stool softener or laxatives? What helped you ladies out? I want to go to the salon the night before and get my hair braided back so it's out of my face. I live with my partner and 2 other males. I don't see them being any sort of help in the hair and beauty department. So I told myself I would get my body fat down and lean out more before my surgery but I've totally gone the opposite way haha! And I'm kinda just not giving a shit right now. Kinda just living life how I want to (still being strict with gym and eating 80% clean haha) but having more treats than I should be hehe. Anyone recommend any type of sports bras that I should buy? I've been massaging cocoa butter onto my boobs the last month, want to try and avoid stretch marks at all possible costs. Did any of you do the same? I've attached some wish pics coz I haven't done that yet! @itsjules sorry I used your picture without asking! But your boobs are aaaaaaaamazing!

9 days out!!!!

Time is surely going fast. I've just at the hospital ring me up to confirm payments and times that I need to be at the hospital. This is all getting real now. Still more excited than nervous at this point. But I'm getting anxious at the thought of starting a new job 1 week after surgery. I'm sure if I get enough rest I'll be ok. I went shopping yesterday and got prunes, prune juice laxatives haha just in case ya know. I've been told by the surgeon to buy arnica. What is arnica? It comes in different forms. Can any of you ladies recommend what I should be getting? Pill? Cream?

Also I've had to stop taking gym supplements from yesterday until day of surgery so I've had to change my diet plan. Chicken for morning tea....yay.....not!!!!

Anyway, if anyone has arnica recommendations please leave a comment :) oh also if any of you gym ladies out there kept taking protein bars prior surgery let me know.

Excited & nervous! Just under 3 days to go.

I'm starting to get a little anxious now. More at the thought of not being able to workout for 6 weeks haha! I went and bought a few things for post surgery. I bought some arnica drops as requested by the surgeon. Do these actually work? Did it help? I got told to also get rescue remedy but I've never been a big fan of natural remedies. Did anyone buy some? Did it help?

I also got some zip up sports bras for after surgery. And bought prunes and laxatives for you know.... I heard your stomach bloats so much from all the drugs etc and it makes it hard to go toilet. Was anyone ever that bad?

I've attached even more wish boobies. All I do is look at boobs these days....hahaha

Less than 24 hours till surgery :)

It's nearly time! I'm so anxious- I've done 3 loads of washing and will be cleaning the house like a crazy mad woman when I finish work (forever) today. I'm getting my hair professionally washed and braided out of my face so I don't have to deal with it for the next 3-4 days.

My brain is literally slosh right now, I can't think of what I'm going to need post surgery. I've ordered my meals so I don't need to cook and also might order some smoothies for breakfast because I don't think eating a huge breakfast in the mornings is going to go down well at all haha. And yes I said order smoothies because I'm too useless to create them myself.

Anyway here is another before photo of the little titties. Thought I'd do a before and after shot. Just to recap I'm currently a 10b and I'm getting 355cc motiva silicone implants placed under the muscle with a moderate profile. I'm hoping this takes me to a D. But we will see once I'm healed :)

And it's over :)

Hi ladies

I got out of Surgery around 10:50am and everything seems to be going smoothly. I'm in a little bit of pain. But only my left side around the incision and my armpit :( I feel pretty groggy and light headed. I've peed 4 times already!? Hahaha. I've been well taken care off and I'm very comfortable. I've had a little sneak peak and from what I can see they are looking good. Really hard though haha. I'll upload some pictures when I'm aloud to take off the bra and strap.

Yay exciting times!

Just another quick update

Because I am so bloody bored in the hospital bed I thought I would sneakily take some photos. I have full use of my arms (I think) pain is starting to decrease a bit and I've just had dinner and desert. Yum! ????

My boobs have tubes in them with little bottles that are collecting some stuff. Not actually sure what it is and don't think I want to ask. They are pretty firm, keep touching them hahaha. Anyway I'll update you ladies in the morning. Wish me luck with sleep! I get a dose of morphine at midnight and I get some sleeping pills at 10:30. Thank god!

My photos didn't upload!

Here's the photos

Next day

So it's only 5am, I got woken up to take some more meds and to get my blood pressure taken. My pain level is about 3/10 at the moment which is great! I dear they feel a little softer than yesterday already! Haha. I'm still very bloated but I'm not too worried. My left boob is less sore too. Let's try and update those photos again....

Ok one more update for today!

So I got to have a shower and I feel so good! Not in too much pain at all! Got my little tubes taken out and I'm free to go walking on Monday. Which is great! Not as bloated now yay. Ok let's hope uploading photos will work this time ????

Morning boob is actually a thing

So this morning I've woken up with severe morning boob in my left boobie it's pretty sore! It's either morning boob or the fact that I found myself sleeping on my side at one point in the night!

During the day I'm actually not too bad, I've been keeping on top of all my pain meds. The swelling has gone done a little bit and they are starting to get a little more squishy.

I've been so constipated from all the meds it's actually uncomfortable. Alpine tea is finally starting to work though.

It's crazy how scary it feels taking off the sports bra and letting them free. It feels so tight and uncomfortable it's like they are going to fall off..

I have my post op appointment on Wednesday hopefully everything's healing the way it should be. Sleeping on my back is getting easier as well. I'll add some pics. I even did a day of surgery photo to and now photo to compare

5 days post op

Not much has changed appearance wise. My left boob is still pretty sore and my right has next to nothing pain. My nipples are really sore and sensitive and so dried out from
Stretching. I've been using coconut butter on them religiously but my god it's super sore!

I've been going for hour walks for the last 3 days to keep me sane. I trained everyday before my operation so it's doing my head in not being able to lift. My definition in my body is slowly disappearing and it doesn't help that I'm craaaaaaaving sugar and carbs!

Anyway I took a photo this morning to see if there's any difference but don't think there is. They are more squishy though!

4 week update

Hi ladies.

It's been four weeks since surgery and I've literally had the best recovery I could have asked for! Everything has been a breeze with the odd pains here and there (I get random uncomfortable pulses, kinda like a heart beat just above my implant, it's my left boob so wonder if it's got something to do with my heart?) it's not constant, it just comes and goes. I'm not too stressed about it because it hasn't given me any pain or grief just annoyance! I've been going to walks mostly everyday but have managed to put on a bit of weight haha but oh well once I get back into training I'm sure it'll come off easily. I've been religiously using scar tape to help heal the scars, that stuff really works wonders!!!! So just to refresh your minds I got 355cc motiva implants placed under the muscle with a moderate profile. I love them! Here's some progress pics I'll update you girls again at my 6 week mark.

6 week update

WOOOHOOO! 6 week mark has been and gone and I'm so happy with them!!!! They are still getting squishy by the day. I even went bra shopping today and got sized out to be a 10D or a 32D. So happy coz that's exactly what I wanted. On the down side I've put on so much weight and it's taken a toll on me mentally but I know I'll get back into shape in soon. Anyway! Here's some updated pics!!!!!!!
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