Possibly Some Results, but a Terrible Practitioner - Auckland, New Zealand

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Please do not be put off by my long comment - it...

Please do not be put off by my long comment - it is very important that you read this review if you are considering endermologie/lipomassage. I have only included useful information and advice as I want to give a good quality review.

I am very slim and have cellulite on my legs and slight 'banana bulges' (extra fat that creates a sort of dent) at the top of my thighs - but nothing major. I wanted to get endermologie treatment to help treat these things and to potentially prevent them from getting worse in the future. I had some results from my first 10 treatments, with a reduction in my 'banana bulges' at the top of my thighs. When measurements were taken I had lost a few cm around my waist and hips. However, I had hardly any reduction in my cellulite, when it was estimated that I may get an 80-85% improvement.

For these 10 treatments I had half endermologie (15 minutes) and half lipomassage (15 minutes). I then decided it was worth a shot at achieving better results, so I decided to get another 10 which would bring me to a total of 20 treatments overall. However, I only wanted to do the extra 10 treatments on the condition that the lady kept doing half endermologie half lipomassage because that is what had worked for me so far.

The lady was hesitant to including lipomassage because she didn't want me to reduce in size, even though I explained it was only for my legs and banana bulges. She did end up agreeing to doing half endermologe half lipomassage for the last 10 treatments. However, on the 5th treatment (15th treatment in total) I discovered that she had only been doing endermologie for those last 5 treatments (treatments 10-15) and not lipomassage at all.

She even said she had been using a particular setting that feels like lipomassage but isn't the same thing and that the client can not tell the difference. Do I feel betrayed and cheated? Yes! Whether she forgot about our agreement or purposely went behind my back, I don't know, but it doesn't matter because either way it is totally unprofessional, unfair and completely unacceptable. When you have an agreement and you are the one paying, you expect to get what you paid for. If she didn't want to do lipomassage on me, then she should have declined my treatments, instead of taking my money and then going against what we agreed on and trying to trick me into thinking I was getting what I wanted.

It is also important to mention that she was reluctant to focus on the areas that were my main concern, and instead pointed out totally different areas that she considered a problem (which is a pretty insenstive thing to do). She would claim I was just a perfectionist and needed to be patient, and although that may be true, she ought to focus on what I am paying her for, or not treat me at all. Giving an opinion is one thing, but acting on it is another. She should have focused on what I was paying her for.

I ended up cancelling the last 5 treatments (treatments 15-20) due to her betraying my trust. I emailed her to cancel these treatments, explaining that what she did was wrong. I received no email back from her, which makes it even more unacceptable. Was is worth it? Most certainly not. I achieved some results from the first 10, but was betrayed in the last 5 causing me to stop treatments with her. I am not going to do maintenance either. I am completely put off her business, as well as endermologie in general. In fact, I am not sure why I stuck with her to begin with considering everything else that she did wrong along the way (see doctor notes).

Some of you may think highly of endermologie considering I saw some results, but I think it is important that you all know this: While you get endermologie treatments, you are recommended to go on a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly. I was also recommended to do exercises to improve circulation and to use products to reduce my cellulite. So - the results that I did see could be down to these lifestyle habits as opposed to the treatment itself.....in fact, I bet that is the case.

A word of advice - if you have money to throw around then maybe give it a try - but do not expect results or honesty. Be prepared to be utterly disappointed. *Please see my doctor review to see all the other things that she did wrong*

Brigitte Bourgogne

-Bedside manner is only 3 stars because sometimes she was a bit rude and abrupt. -Answering my questions is 4 stars because she answered most well, but some she did not answer very well. -After care follow-up is blank because I did not get maintence treatments. -Time spend with me is 4 stars because her appointments were a good length, despite the fact that they wern't completely enjoyable due to her being unprofessional. -Phone/email responsiveness gets 2 stars because she is good at answering her phone, but slack with emails (often waiting 2-3 days) and considering she never replied to my complaint email. -Professionalism and courtesy is left blank because she was totally unprofessional with no regard to my feelings about her huge mistake. She also discussed many different clients with me (without naming names) and often in a derogatory manner - I would hate to think what she has said about me! -Payment process gets 3 stars because it is a very quick process. However, at my 14th treatment she informed me that it would be cheaper for me if I payed cash instead of credit card. I would have appreciated knowing this in the beginning....seems a bit sly and sneaky to me. -Wait times gets 4 stars because I was never left waiting for her to finish with another client as she takes big breaks between clients. However, her doorbell doesn't work sometimes meaning I had to wait at her doorstep for 5-10 minutes before she realised I was there.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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