New Zealand Brest Augumentation Dr Janek Januszkiewicz, 270CC Anatomical Under Muscle

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Sorry no pictures but I just wanted to write a...

Sorry no pictures but I just wanted to write a review for my surgery because I was a regular on this site when deciding whether to get implants, and there are basically no reviews for New Zealand plastic surgeons!

I had small 270cc anatomical implants with Dr Janek and overall they are beautiful breasts and I am really happy with them.

The only negative I have is that because my breasts were uneven, he chose to use two different implants, one was medium projection and one was low projection. The lower projection one was used because one of my breasts was more projected than the other, but higher up. So he had to lower the pocket for that one. They are definitely very even, but I do have a visible sort of dent where the implant is lower than the breast tissue, and the shape of the lower projected implant is a little odd (if you look at the implants in his office you see that it's kind of squarer than the med and high). I think the slight dent is preferable to what would have probably been visibly uneven breasts though, and it was probably unavoidable if any surgeon wanted to lower the pocket. However, be aware that if a surgeon talks about evening out your breasts, you should weigh this up with having distortion etc - I didn't realise that was the flipside to evenness so didn't discuss this.

If I did it again I would have just get two medium projection implants, because who is really analysing/would even notice how evenly your breasts project except yourself when you look down? I think the lack of the odd shape of the low projection one would improve the dentedness, which seems to be more apparent because the underlying implant has a less curved edge than my natural breast tissue.

I had under the muscle, which had positive and negatives to it. They look really natural from the top, but when I tense my chest muscles I get distortion in the lower portion of the breasts, particularly on the the side that needed to be lowered. It is also annoying when working out, and I can't do chest exercises. Janek insisted that I needed under the muscle because of the lack of fat on my chest meaning that they would be very visible, and I trust his judgement. I have friends who had over the muscle and you can see the outline of the implant on their chests. I think on balance I prefer having boobs that look a bit funny when tensing but look totally natural when not tensing to obviously having implants at the cleavage area.

I REALLY wanted small breasts, and had to fight for him to give me the size I wanted. Like really really fight. So if you want small breasts, don't listen to surgeons when they tell you that "you'll just regret not going larger" - stick to your guns! I am very happy with my size, but it was a size that he wasn't actually going to take into the surgery until I begged, so thank goodness I did.

Also be aware that your breasts will change, I feel like they keep looking better and better as they soften, so hopefully this continues. :)

Dr Janek is one of the most expensive surgeons in New Zealand, it was $11000USD because I had to give the amount in USD, but that is about $15000NZD. I have had friends who have had surgery with other surgeons in New Zealand for much cheaper, and their breasts are just as nice. For instance Julian Loft did my friends and hers are AMAZING. I sort of wish I had known that before going to Janek, but another friend had just had hers done with him and was raving about them. I'm not sure that the extra $$$ was worth it. However that is easy to say after the fact, but at the time I was very reassured by his skill and the professionalism of his staff.

Overall they are really beautiful, and very natural looking. They are seamless from the top and just look great, apart from those little niggles!

In terms of general tips:

a lazy boy type chair is amazing for recovery. I slept and rested in mine and it is so comfortable and great for sleeping upright.

If you need to sit up, you can't use your upper body, so grab your thigh with both hands and pull your leg down to help you sit up. (I actually still use this!)

You might feel extremely depressed/horrified after your surgery. I definitely went through a teary stage of "oh my gosh I can't believe I have mutilated my body due to vanity!!!" - this will pass! I found that as soon as I stopped taking the tramadol my emotions improved markedly. So try to get yourself off the strong pain meds as SOON as possible, because they are messing with your mind!
Dr Janek Januszkiewicz

Dr Janek was very kind and professional. In the lead up to the surgery he saw me multiple times to make sure I was absolutely happy with everything, and let me pore over the size chart and was generally great! The day of the surgery was a dream, the clinic there is well appointed and all the staff are lovely. The drugs were amazing and it was so fun closing my eyes and then opening them and it all being over. In terms of follow up care he was a bit more rushed and he did brush off my concerns in a bit of an arrogant manner, but I think that is sort of just what all surgeons are pretty much like, they don't like to admit any failures! His personal nurse Asha was so lovely, but the rest of the nurses/reception women in the Remuera practice were pretty stuffy to deal with, and gave off a very unwelcoming vibe. My friend who also had surgery with him thought the same too. The wait times are quite long, but conversely if you are 10 minutes late they are fairly unhappy with you, so be on time and be prepared to wait to see him.

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