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I know this review is a "bit" early from when I...

I know this review is a "bit" early from when I hope to have surgery but I keep feeling the need to document things. I'm 37 with two beautiful daughter. and have wished to have my pre pregnancy body back since my first child was born. We never fully appreciate what we had till it's gone. I gained too much weight with my first child going from 125 to 181 on the day she was born and it trashed my body. Fast Forward 14 years and after watch people in my life get cosmetic surgery like it was nothing as if they had unlimited funds to fork over I had had enough of waiting. When my step daughter decided to have hers done at the age of 25 I about had a meltdown. She had wanted them since her first child, a whole 4 years. Why was everyone else getting what I have wanted so desperately for so long. I finally expressed my feeling to my husband in a way that let him know how serious I was and how much it meant to me and he said "Can you wait 18 months? In 18 months we will have some stuff paid off and will be in a better position to pay for it. " of course I said yes but that I didn't want this to be a way of putting me off, that I would hold him to his 18 month mark. So I plan on a December 2016 surgery date. I have been doing a lot of reading on RS and have learned a lot of great information but in some ways I feel more confused than when I started. Mainly when it comes to narrowing down a pool of doctors to go to for consultations. We only have one doctor in our area and I'm not loving his MM results. Nothing bad but I have seen better. I'm looking into Atlanta and Columbus Georgia doctors as well as Dothan and Birmingham Alabama. I have thought about taking advantage of free consults offered by nearby PS especially since I have a good amount of time to narrow my choices. But I'm not sure if that will make my wait seem longer or help me to feel like I'm moving forward with something. Any thought and suggestions about what to do this far out in the process would be wonderful.

First consult scheduled

I finally scheduled my first consult with a local doctor. I am starting local and plan on branching out to surgeons in the cities closest to me. Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta.
I'm still thinking about a surgery date of fall 2016. This year has gone so fast it will be here before I know it.

First PS Consult

Well I had my first consult with a local doctor on the 16th of December. I'm really shooting for a October surgery date. I'm getting myself into a different financial mindset to save as much as I can for the surgery.
I met with a doctor several years ago and I can say my consult with Dr. Aquadro a few weeks ago was much better. He was knowledgable, kind, listened to my concerns and offered his opinion. I'm pretty easy going even with things like this. I know I will never look the way I did before kids, and I'm confident, barring any horrendous complications, that I will be happy with anything that makes me look better than I do now.
He felt, and I agreed a 375-400cc silicon implant under the muscle would give me a good look. In regards to my TT my scar won't be to long since the amount of skin to come off is nominal compared to others.
I did forget to ask for references and to see a book of before and afters. But I am still 10 months out. I'll call and ask to stop by and take a look without having to see the doctor.
I'll work up the nerve to post pictures soon. In the mean time here is a wish pic.

More Wish Pictures

New development????

Well my mom threw a well meaning wrench into my plan for an October surgery date. She, my grandmother, and a cousin on my mothers side all have had breast cancer, so she asked me to consider a double mastectomy. Talk about throwing me into a tailspin, emotionally. I was feeling so good with my decision now I have to deal with both the physical and emotional ramifications of considering such an procedure. The thought of having both my breast removed is extremely hard, I'm torn between doing the right thing and doing the vain thing. I would t be on this site if my breasts weren't important to me, maybe they shouldn't be, I know they don't define me but they are a huge part of what makes a woman a woman, right or wrong. My boss suggested having the BRCA test which sounds like a good idea until I think to myself, it will probably come back positive so why waste the money. I'm so up in the air, I finally took the first step and called my insurance company to see if they will cover it under my circumstances, next I will call my OBGYN to schedule it then schedule a consult with a PS who has done such a procedure.
I'll keep everyone posted.

BRCA test scheduled

I found out from my insurance company that they will cover the BRCA test in full so I called and scheduled my test for March. I am coming to peace with the decisions I have to make in the upcoming months. If my test comes back negative I will move forward with my original plan for a Mommy Makeover. If the test comes back positive, which I'm pretty sure it will, I have found out my insurance will cover a double Mastectomy and Reconstructive Surgery at almost 100%. I discovered a surgeon in Birmingham who specializes in breast cancer treatment, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. His case photos have wonderful results that I feel I would be happy with the way my body looked post op.
I will schedule an appt with them in April most likely after the test results come back. I will post again after I get all the information, find out what my options are and what he recommends.

Lots to Report

Well my last post was about scheduling my BRCA Test. When I go to my appt. they told me it would make much more sense to test my mother as she was the one who had actually had cancer, so pretty much a wasted trip. My mother agreed and they worked her in quickly. She had the fullest panel they offer and her results came back negative across the board. So the fact that my mother, grandmother and cousin have all had breast cancer has been a fluke. Bottom line this means I will be moving forward with my original plan of a "Mommy Makeover". Dr. Aquadro got me in touch with one of his patients who was willing to speak with me. I was able to meet up with her at the pool so I got to see his work up close. She couldn't say enough good things about him. She also works at the hospital where he preforms his surgeries, in the scheduling and OR part so she has seen first hand how meticulous and thorough he is. I have almost saved up the deposit to book my surgery and I am aiming for the beginning of October. So hopefully 4 months from now I will be a week or two into recovery. I can't believe it's so close, I don't think I will believe it will actually happen till I get approved for the financing.

Surgery Date Scheduled

OMG! It feels more real now, I finally booked my surgery for October 7th (Pre-Op September 21st).
Dr. Aquadro seems like such a great choice, I am so comfortable with him. My consult was back in December so he wants to see me again for a re-consult. I'm glad he wanted too as I feel I need to talk to him again and go over my expectations a little more.
He said I would need to take off two weeks. I have an extra week of vacation that I'm hoping to keep in case I have days, after I go back, that I am tired or hurting and need to leave early.
My work has been so wonderful, my boss pretty much picked the best date to coordinate with our slow time. LOL. She is so excited for me. She just had her eyes done by Dr. Aquadro????.
Fall is usually the busiest time for my family; football, cheesecake baking(50+ in recent years) holiday prep... But I have talked to my kids (16 &15) about how I need them to step up. They can be complainers but usually step up when they have to with little complaining.
Last Christmas my mom gave me a girls weekend, with shopping and good food, to use whenever I needed it. So I think I'm going to call that in sometime in early December. I also booked a massage at a local spa for just at a few days before surgery.
The next 3 months are going to go by so quickly, I hope! I'm not really scared but I may get more nervous the closer it gets. I'm a researcher and definitely believe knowledge is power. Being knowledgeable, informed and prepped helps me to not be nervous. I'm thankful to the RealSelf community for helping gain that power.
I'll keep everyone posted. I'm done rambling.
Bye for now.

18 days to go!

Wow when I think about it like that it's kinda surreal. I have contacted the SX coordinator, Beth several times for quotes on adding/ modifying the procedures and she has been just so kind about the whole thing.
When I went in for my re-consult the Dr. threw some extra options at me but I would have had to of split into two surgeries to get the results and I didn't have the time or money for that. I think I have settled on Breast lift with 300-325cc implants, Tummy tuck and Lipo of the flank and inner & outer thighs.
My pre-op is this Wednesday and I finally bite bullet and pay for it all. Honestly I'm not really thinking much about it because I know I will still go through with it no matter how nervous I get, I have waited to long. I don't think my family has any idea what the recovery will be like and they will be quite surprised.
I will put on a wish bikini this evening and take a picture to upload as my before. I live in such a small community I worry about doing nude photos (even without my head). Really don't want my husbands friends or my coworkers having access to that. ????

Post Op 4 days

Well I ended up staying in the hospital overnight due to all the lipo that I had done, that was the worst night of my life. Not pain wide I was just uncomfortable and very frustrated with the sleeping situation. I wasn't put in my compression garment till just before discharge so the makeshift garments cut into me something aweful. I am a side sleeper and not being able to turn over was HORRIBLE. I moaned, cussed and cried most of the night.
They got my pain meds worked out the next day and the compression garment on me, that was an ordeal. And man that changed everything. Honestly the worst part right now is the damned itching. ???? I finally showered Monday night and am up walking with ease with and without a walker.
I LOVE MY NEW TATA'S. We went with 415 in each with no lift. I can't wait for these suckers to drop and to try on some of my bathing suits. ????
Also I'm expecting my jeans to fit so nicely now.
I am so happy and t this point feel it was SO worth it.

10 days PO

First I want to say that, in my last post, when I talked about my horrible night in the hospital it had less to do with pain per say and just an overall discomfort and frustration with my situation of being in the hospital, and an inability to sleep for any length of time.
Now on to the PO check in. Yesterday I got my last drain out, and all my stitches removed. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my compression garment. I was out from 3 to 5:30 yesterday and while I did feel fatigued in the evening I really felt it this morning. It's so frustrating because my mind is going, going, going as if nothing is wrong and I could do a bunch of the things I used to do, but I shouldn't do them and it's driving me crazy.
My breasts are still slightly tender and I'm noticing my nipples are quite sensitive. Anyone else have this issue?????
The areas of liposuction feel doughy and soft and I am still pretty numb everywhere.
I'm attaching all the pictures I've been meaning to upload but never taken the time. I'll update again soon.
Dr. Trey Aquadro

I felt at ease the moment Dr. Aquadro said "Hi". He was patcient (damn I hate that word) and very thurough. He threw out ideas for different price ranges but never once made me feel like he was trying to up sell to make himself more money. His nurse Linda made me feel so at ease and Beth his surgical coordinator answered all my questions, and I had a bunch. I feel after a few months of healing I am going to see results that I absolutely love. I highly recommend him and his clinic for any of your cosmetic surgery needs.

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