Cool Sculpting , LIPO, implant replacement- Auburn, AL

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I have been back and forth about a few procedures...

I have been back and forth about a few procedures over the last few years. I have breast implants that need replacing and I have belly fat and thigh fat I just can't get rid of. I would also like to get rid of my extra chin. So I purchases 8 treatments, one each for the inside and outside of my thighs (4), one each for the banana roll area under my butt cheeks, and two for my chin because they said it takes that many.

I went for my chin and inside both thighs on 6/4. My chin wasn't bad, it was cold, then numb but when she took it off, the 10 minutes massage was very uncomfortable because it was thawing out. I had no bruising. A warm cloth also helped get it back to the temp it needed to be.

The inside of my thighs are another story. The procedure itself was not unbearable, the massage was not even too bad. By time I got home though, my legs were bruised and swollen. I took pictures and she said it was the worst she had ever seen. Black and swollen the next day from my crotch area half way down my thigh. But it was gone in a week.

I went back on 6/7 to do the area on the back of both thighs, called the banana roll, below my but. No bruising and it didn't hurt at all. I was just a little numb for 4-5 days.

I have an appointment today for the outside of my thighs.

I have surgery scheduled 6/28 to have my implants exchanged and lipo of my flanks and abdomen.

I'll let you know how it goes. As far as progress, I think my double chin is much better, I will do one more treatment mid July. I have not noticed much on my legs yet but I think it is too soon.

Drink lots of water, you can also massage the area or have someone else do it if it helps.

3 weeks post op from LIPO and Breast Augmentation

I mentioned in my first post that I was having my saline implants replaced with silicone. I also scheduled liposuction of my bra fat, flanks, upper and lower abdomen. I had these procedures on 6/28.

I don't have pictures yet. I went for my 4-6 week check up yesterday of the cool sculpting and the 3 week check up of the lipo and breast augmentation, and of course more pictures and measurements were taken. My doctor says I am right where I should be and everything looks good.

I have lost 1/2 inch on both thighs which is good but not significant. The technician said my banana roll area looked great...showed the most improvement.

I have lots of edema from the lipo, and it has been quite painful despite wearing the stage 1 compression garment for 2 full weeks, then intermittently with a stage 2 garment this past week. I still feel lumpy, but Dr said it was normal for me to still feel this way, only 3 weeks post op. The day of my surgery went well. After recovery I got up to go home and had lots of drainage from the lipo suction, almost all drainage was coming from the lowest incision on my abdomen. I had an incision under each arm, one thru my navel and 4 across the lowest part of my abdomen. I was extremely swollen, sore and bruised over the next 2 weeks.

I went from 375 cc saline implants to 475 high profile silicone implants, a huge improvement in the way they appear, but not much larger. They are higher and fuller.

The dr said he suctioned 1900 ml or almost 2 liters of fat during the lipo. However, I found out first they put in 4 liters of fluid before they take out the 2 liters of fat. I guess to soften it up and make it easier to suction. Not sure. I also received 2 bags of IV fluids. SO this explains some of the swelling and edema. The trauma from all of the lipo explains the rest of it. My abdomen feels like I have been punched in it about 100 times, it really took a beating. But this is normal too.

Post three weeks, I feel good, not as swollen but still some swelling and pain. I think it will only get better.

One month post lipo of abs, bra fat and flanks as well as implant replacement

I still have some swelling and a few lumps in my abdomen and flanks. All bruising is gone and there is very little pain now. I have started getting lymphatic massages. I had one last week and this week. It seems to help with the edema. I have also increased my water. I am smaller than I was but still swollen if that makes sense.

It's also been 6 and 7 weeks since my cool sculpting of my chin, inner thighs, outer thighs and banana roll. My legs were 1/2 in smaller (4 and 5 weeks post cool sculpting. I hope to see more results in 4 more weeks when they measure again. I am to have my chin cool sculpted again in Sept, they tell me it takes 2 treatments here. It will be my last.

So far I am very satisfied but I do wish I had done it late fall or winter, the compression garments are hot. I still wear mine 24/7 unless in the shower hoping to compress myself into a smaller package. It also feels better to have it on and I know it helps with the lumpiness.

It's hard to have the patience because I am a right here, right now, right away person. But all I can do is wait.

My doctor says all of my results are good and they are normal.

10 weeks Post Op Breast Implant Exchange and Abdominal Lipo

I am 10 weeks post op and it's been 12 weeks since my first cool sculpting treatment on my chin. I just had my 2nd one. Everyone says it takes at least two in the neck and chin area.

I am still a little swollen in my abdominal area from the lipo and maybe a little lumpy, although I have been wearing compression garments this whole time. I don't wear it 24/7 anymore, but at least 12 hours a day. I am a little discouraged to say the least, but maybe I am one of those late responders, who knows? My flanks are down and my bra fat area looks good. My belly is just still sore around my navel. My doctor is aware and wants me to give it the full healing time. I go back on 10/3 and see him. He is very caring and wants to see results as bad as I do, he stands by his work and I appreciate that. I hope to have pictures soon.

Dr Aquadro and his staff are very professional. His nurse Linda is very caring. Rosemary did my cool sculpting on my inner, outer and back of thighs as well as my chin. I had implants replaced (saline and on top of muscle, to silicone under the muscle) I went up about 100 cc and got a high profile implant...however 5 weeks post surgery I wish I had gone up 150 cc's because I am the same bra size, went from 38D to 36 D (had lipo of bra fat, flanks and abs also). My breasts are a little higher but no larger and I feel like they look the same. He and his staff have a good bedside manner, he listens and gives you his cell number for post-surgery. I have my 6 week check up next week.

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