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Well I guess it's time for me to start my own...

Well I guess it's time for me to start my own review ????????I am booked in for the 3rd March to have fat transfer to the breast and hopefully have the fat transferred from lower tummy and hips.
I had put on about 10kg after having my 3 children, after having them I was able to pretty much bounce back to pre pregnancy but then mid 30 hit and the weight crept on. I have managed to loose most of the weight but the lower tummy pouch and love handles seem to want to stick around no matter what so it was an easy decision for me to get the 2 for 1 procedure, lipo of my trouble areas and make my boobs fuller naturally plus I really didn't like the scars implants left and the recovery for this surgery is shorter and will also be done when awake.
I have added some before pics but have covered up tattoos but should still be able to any improvements made.
I have had blood tests done breast ultrasound and have my script for antibiotics filled just counting down to the date now.

8 sleeps ????

Countdown is on next Thursday is the day. I am booked in for 9:30 and meet the surgeon at 10 procedure will take approx 4 hours for the lipo of hips and tummy area and fat transfer to breasts, I will be awake for the lipo which I am happy with that way I can see them taking the fat from the appropriate areas.

5 sleeps

Ok so it's probably not a good idea to go and Google the procedure especially since I will be awake ???????????? I have added some pics of the new bra I am hoping to fill ou it's a VS 36D not long to go now

Tomorrow is the day

Not long to go now all packed and ready to travel interstate will be all over in 24hrs, trying to upload a before photo

Before transfer pic

1 day post

I have added a pic taken for comparison of one day after procedure and before had 290 transferred to one breast and 300 to the other as one was slightly bigger than the other.
So far feeling not to bad yesterday was out of it a bit from the pre med and pethadine shot I was given before surgery as was awake for the procedure but didn't feel any pain at all so after I was released was feeling a bit lethargic so went back to where we were staying and had a lie down last night was uncomfortable mainly from all the padding in the garment to stop the weeping from the incisions. The incisions just have the tape strips over them and the bleeding has stopped so not needing any padding over them.
Did some walking around today to get moving have been taking nurophen plus and the arnica tablets for bruising have the cream but feeling to tender and swollen to start using that yet.
Have 2 incisions under bust one each 2 above groin area 2 at sides 2 lower back and maybe 2 more. All in all feeling pretty good

2 day post pictures

Even with the swelling and bruising I can already see a difference feeling pretty good just tender all over as to be expected

Same bra pic

Here are some pics of the bra that was all gappy pre surgery filled out nicely

Day 3 bruising itchy numbness

Feeling pretty good taking my antibiotics and arnica for swelling then just nurophen plus at night for sleep. The steri strips came off when showering so it's the first time seeing the incision site under bu stand for it even 70 hours post looking pretty good. I think the bruising has hit the worst I have placed so healing band aids over the transfer incision sites to hold the steri strips in place will remove them and place just healing band aids 1 week post.
I have very little bruising to the bust none on stomach just around the 8 incision sites but I don't find it too bad pain wise.
Yesterday my stomach boobs and mostly my back were feeling very itch which I read is a good things as its the body healing from the cannula removing the fat my back has felt really numb too but starting to get feeling back there as well. Each day is improving. I am expecting setback with more swelling etc as things heal but so far so good

4 days post

My stomach hasn't bruised much it has turned yellow on the outside so the majority of the tummy bruising would be internal, swelling isn't too bad the bruising is worst on the butt and sides from lipo to the hips and lower back (surgeon did the lower back as a bonus). The incisions I circled on the right pic they seem to be the worst looking ones but still good for 4 days post I think it's from where they are located so haven't closed over as well from movement etc.
Bust is looking the same as surgery day they didn't bruise any more than the first day and don't feel hard or lumpy they just feel like breast so fingers crossed the rentention is good.


I was told that with the bruising it moves downwards so not to freak out if I get a lot of bruising down below, it actually looks worse than it feels haha. 5 days post and breasts are feeling natural not like hard rocks and no tenderness now it's just a waiting game to see how much fat takes as it was taken from my stubborn love handles I hope it remains stubborn and sticks around ????

Made it to 1 week

Even with some swelling and bruin mostly to lower back and butt still see huge results so far feeling good

11 days post

So today marks 11 days post and I am feeling pretty good I would say an 8/10. stomach just feels like I have done a heap of sit-ups the incision sites are healing pretty well, the bruising is slowly going down. I feel that my breast are
Looking good and have so far retained most of the fat trasferred as they don't look much different just the swelling has gone and they don't look and feel like rocks.

Front pic


2 weeks post lipo and fat transfer

2 weeks post lipo and fat transfer to breast.

So today marks 2 weeks I can't believe how quick it's been, the breasts are feeling good no bruising or lumps and have settled nicely, I hope that they retain this shape.
The lipo areas are improving each day I think by week 3 the bruising will be all gone to the buttocks/hips, the lower back occasionally get a pinching feeling where the skin feels tight but over the next few weeks I think that will go just a part of the healing, the areas don't feel numb anymore.
The incision sites are looking really good and healing well they are very small.
My lower tummy feels tender when you push on it but just a feeling of doing a big ab workout have started massaging the tummy area too.
I have tried to be as active as possible in my recovery the first few days up and down rested when I needed it. About 5 days post started walking about 3.5km a day the first couple of days it was slow and steady now I'm feeling pretty well back to normal pace.

I didn't really talk much about the surgery so will do here so apologies for the long post.

I think the fast recovery had a lot to do with being quite active prior and also the fact that I was awake during the procedure, mind you when they say awake your awake but not really with it, I felt really spaced out haha. you can move around which helps with liposuction in the areas and lowers the chance of lumpy and uneven areas , time seemed to go really fast during the procedure had the pre meds went into the surgery room where was washed in benadine solution felt cold straight after and was then told to lay on the bed was given an injection of pethidine in my arm and was left to let that kick in. I didn't feel any pain and only once recall feeling a bit of discomfort when they injected the numbing fluid into the area to be lipo suctioned but nothing like they said I might feel, I couldn't see anything being done either and just rolled sat up layer down when asked. Apart from that I don't remember much else, I may have dosed but I'm not sure. Hubby picked me up after and I ended up having a sleep that arvo, had a little bit of tea but I mainly felt more uncomfortable from all the padding to soak up the fluid and the numbness. But each day was an improvement on the day before and that's all you can really ask for.
Most seem to say they see the most results from 6 weeks post so I can't wait to see the changes by then and hopefully the fat that's been transferred to the breast has settled and I haven't lost too much from the fat dying it was taken from my most stubborn parts so I hope it stays just as stubborn in the breasts ????????

3 weeks post

Bruising almost completely gone just a little on left hip barely noticeable, lipo sites are healing well hardly noticeable under bust and the ones on butt still look good but are the worst looking ones, over time though I don't think you will notice them. Bra is Victoria secret 34D.

1 month update breast fat transfer and lipo

So it has been 1 month and back into the exercise to help with results. Already notice a difference but want those hip areas to slim down get rid of that muffin top! Breast are feeling good I am really happy with size so still fitting into the 32-34D Victoria secret bras.
Scar sites are healing really well no issues there. Still have times of swelling and feeling bloated totally normal and massaging the abdominal area. Wearing compression just at night.

5 weeks

Feeling great lipo sites are healing really well and are very small, breast I don't think have changed much at all.
Top 2 pictures show the incision under each breast bottom 2 sow the incision on butt and side. I feel like any swelling that was sticking around has gone

6 weeks

Today marks 6 weeks since surgery and feeling fantastic. I am so happy with my breast size I don't think they have changed much since surgery apart from not feeling like rocks and swollen they feel soft and look amazing both in and out of a bra still in a 32D pre surgery I was a B!!!

7 week update

I wasn't going to post again until 8 weeks but tonight decided to take some progress pictures anyway ????
Left before and right pics are 7 weeks post.
No issues to report feeling great and loving the results so far. I had a real issue of being/feeling bloated by the end of the day and no longer do.

8 weeks

Thought I would update since 8 weeks interested to see if I get any further results over the coming months asI do feel that maybe the PS could have taken more but time will tell. Breasts are still looking good and great in a bra maybe a slight change since swelling went but then again no idea how long I had swelling for as I don't see PS until nearly 10 weeks so yeah still happy with size and much better than before.

3 month update

I am really happy with the fat that has been retained my breasts are fuller more even and still look natural. Still in same bra 32D so once the swelling went down I would say I have retained most of the fat that was transferred.

4 months

So it's been 4 months now here are the results so far, first 2 pics are taken just prior and then straight after and the 3rd at 4 months. I have been working out to help the results as much as possible. The breasts look like they aren't much bigger than the before photo it's hard taking a pic at the same angle since I didn't take them and I had to flip the side pic as I was the opposite way ???? Anyway the breasts are certainly much bigger than before and still in a 32D so there has been no decrease since the swelling went down.
I would have liked more taken of my hips?..

4 months

Better photo of boobs

6 months

All is going well scars are barely visible, breast size still a D only gone down a little I think once swelling went away. I would have liked more taken off the hip area as if I wear low rise pants I still have a bit of fat that over hangs at the hips.

9 months post

So it's been 9 months and pretty happy with the retention they sit much nicer and are more fuller and even. Lipo scars are pretty much non exist and happy with the area lipo'd

1 year update

One year post can't believe it was a year ago really happy that I had the fat transfer done , it would have been good if there was more fat taken so a top up could have been done but I guess that's the things you think of down the track especially since the added cost of having another area added for liposuction. You can not even see the lipo incisions which is fantastic. Retention has been pretty good I think and definitely an improvement from the before pics where my breast just sagged! Would I recommend this procedure I sure would
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