BMI 57 and Planning on Gastric Sleeve to Help, Atlanticare Weight Loss Center, NJ

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I am 38 yrs old, 5'5" and weigh 343 lbs. I have...

I am 38 yrs old, 5'5" and weigh 343 lbs. I have been overweight my entire adult life; however, over 300 pounds from 25yrs til now. I have been on weight watchers and lost 72 lbs but gained it back plus 20 more. I lost hope in being able to lose weight. I had a hysterectomy last year and I believe that has changed my metabolism too. I watched the webinar on bariatric surgery and chose the Sleeve. Although my husband is not completely on board he is supporting me in my decisions. I met with my surgeon last week and he put me on a 1500-1200 calorie diet so I can get used to eating less. I have upcoming appointments with the cardio and pulmo docs, as well as a nutritionist that my insurance requires to see two months prior to surgery. We have an 11 yr old son and I don't want this obesity to win and rob me of my years with him. My dad died at 50yrs old and my mom died at 54 yrs old. I want to out live them by 30 plus years. It is scary to think about the complications of this surgery but when I compare them to the complications of living with obesity it is worth it to me. I read all of your posts and they are very inspiring and give me hope. Please share your thoughts, i'd love to read them ??

First round of testing done!

I went for my upper GI, CXR, EKG and BW today. My insurance company requires these tests in order to have the VSG. I have seen my nutritionist and psychologist but need to follow up with them again next week. Also, next week I see the pulmonologist for a consult, then the following week I see my PCP and cardiologist. WHEW!! I am a busy girl this month!! I am happy to report that I have lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks by following the 1200-1500 calorie diet my surgeon gave me. The nutritionist was very helpful in personalizing the plan for me. Once all of the visits are done and the consult notes are sent to my surgeon, then I can see him again for another appointment and to schedule boot camp, pre-op appt and surgery! I want the surgery in March. It gives me time to save money for the time I will be out of work, and allows me to lose more weight and adjust to the new way of eating. I will post updates after all my appointments are done :)

Pre-Auth surgeon appointment today!

I am very excited about today's appointment with Dr. Onopchenko. I was cleared for surgery from pulmo and cardio, as well as psych and nutitionist. Today I get my surgery date. I am looking to schedule mid-february. I want to give myself enough time to get used to my new diet, and also be financially prepared for missing work...I will post my date later today. So far, I have lost 8 pounds on my own. It's a little duscouraging because I started the diet 10/15/14 and I feel like I should have lost more. I am proud of myself for the non-scale victories I am having throughout this journey because they are the ones that will mold me into my "new normal". Thank you to all who comment!! And God Bless!

I got my surgery date!

I am having the gastric sleeve on 2/23/ excited!! That is five days before my 39th bday. Scared but cannot wait to lose this weight and feel freedom within my own skin!

Last New Years looking like this! Feb 23, 2015 here I come ????

Post op 2 days

Surgery went well. I am home now. When reading this please keep in mind that I am on tylenol w/codeine for the soreness so some things may not be consistent. I am typing under the influence!

Coming out of anesthesia was rough. I was in pain-about an 8. Then they gave me meds and it completely went away. They brought me to my room and I was extremely nauseous. I thought I was going to vomit but I didn't. They gave me meds for that too. I was able to sip water without any problems. Around noon they gave me a lunch tray of broth, jello, and decaf hot tea. The nurse put equal in my tea and it turned my stomach. It was way too sweet! And the broth was way too salty! I had a little jello and some water. Even the jello was very sweet to me. By dinner, I was able to eat half of the broth, it was a tomato/veggie broth-very tasty. I also drank a little of the decaf tea, unsweetened. I always felt full because of the gas they pumped in during surgery. The jello was off putting to me. I was up and walking within 3 hours of me getting into my private room. I walked a total of 11 rounds within my one night hospital stay. Walking was the only thing that alleviated my gas pain.

My hunger is still there kinda but then I drink and it goes away. The head/heart hunger is there still. It's weird. I want to eat chicken and string beans from the Chinese place, and yet when I take the tiniest sip of my protein shake it is sooo filling! It has only been two days, so I know I have to get used to my new stomach. This surgery was the restart button for me. My stomach is like a newborn baby. That is how I intend to treat it.

One of my incisions tore, so I went to my surgeon today and he said to just keep it clean and cover it with a band aid. It cannot be sutured closed because an infection will occur. No complications other than that! I feel good that I did this. I know everyday will be better. I am now just concentrating on getting in my water, protein, and vitamins. This is enough for now!

Trouble Sleeping-One Week Post-Op

I am one week post op today and I am still having issues laying on my side. I am a side sleeper and for the past week I have slept on my back with pillows elevating my upper torso. The past couple of days I tried to sleep on my side but it is still uncomfortable. On my left side, it puts so much pressure on my new belly, and on my right side it feels like my new belly is pulling. Is anyone else having this issue?

7 weeks post op

I am doing very well. No complications except for major heartburn every time I eat, so tums are my buddy right now! Went to my follow up at 5 weeks and lost a total of 23 pounds after surgery for a total of 43 pounds! I am happy with thst since it took me nearly 5 months to get 20 pounds off on my own. Energy is up but the struggle to change my lifestyle is a challenge. Every day is a journey and my hope has been restored since having the sleeve. No regrets!!

2 1/2 months post op

Down almost 50 pounds! 20 pre-sleeve and almost 30 post sleeve ????

First three months of progress

Total lost 50.2 so far! Started training for my first 5k run, and I plan on running the entire 3.1 miles!!! Downloaded couch to 5k app and it is helping me train :)

5 1/2 months post op

Doing very well! My emotional eating almost got the best of me until my nutritionist suggested OA. I joined two weeks ago and am staying on my eating plan. My stats are HW 343 SW 322 CW 282. Total loss of 61 pounds. Was sleeved on 2/23/15. I feel great and know that this is only a tool, not a magical answer for my obesity. For anyone who is looking to have this surgery please know that it will not fix any emotional hunger you may be dealing with. It is not brain surgery, just stomach surgery! You can and will gain weight if you continue to eat in an unhealthy way. Surround yourself with a support system. For me, my husband, nutritionist, friends and my OA support group are my rock. Most of all I have learned to give my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my will and wants-each day, hour, and minute that a temptation of eating off program enters my mind. All the glory I give to Him because at my weakest He is the strongest! I cannot rely on will power...for me I will never be strong enough. I am setting a total weight loss goal of 100 pounds by Christmas-I will try my best to get there!

First 5k Color Run

I walked almost 3 miles. It was a fun time!
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