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Ok... I'm in checking it out phase. Went over ten...

Ok... I'm in checking it out phase. Went over ten years ago for consults after my first child and waited until I was done having kids. I am. Turning 40 and in decent shape. I'm 5"3 150 lbs . I have my " divot ". I can't get rid of.. I love running and am very content every where else. I work in a school so am contemplating .... Do I wait till next summer or cram it in the end of this one? If I did it by the 20 th... I'd be up against the 2 week mark at Labor Day. Consult on Wednesday.. I don't smoke... Thoughts? I'm nervous and almost want to do it so I can start next summer with it done and healed...dont know cost yet will update when sure

Had my consultation

I really like Dr Rayfield. I won't update this much as my surgery wont happen until next June. But after speaking with him I am all in. He had said due to my c section scars that look really good, my weight, and the shape im in. I am a good candidate. I have some time to save $$. I will update next spring as I get closer but so excited to do it!

5th out-- Being obsessed on here

So, I have put my deposit-dates locked in, and keep reading how people are doing. Looking at the first days and weeks - there are so many vast recovery stories from horrible to not so bad. I keep looking at what people are saying as far as vitamins- seems to be some suggestions on how some help in the healing recovery. I need to start putting together a list of what I'll need pre- op & post op. Anyone who has been through it, "Anything you wouldn't do this TT without? " Also, I am staying overnight in the hospital so at least my first 24 hours I'll be watched and taken care of-- nervous but still can't wait--

4 months away

Trying to be busy so time flies- following so many stories and I cannot wait until I can tell mine

Exactely a MONTH!

I wish I could say it's settling in but its NOT! I have been on WW and trying to lose the last few lbs. I am down about 7 lbs. I was only looking to go 10 total- so I am almost there. I am so satisfied with my legs, arms, etc....but that belly. Ugh. Its the only thing that bothers me and no matter what the weight it goes no where. So my pre-op is in 2 weeks. I go through the day trying to push it back- but it sneaks up on me. I just cannot imagine me without my Divot, but I'm patiently waiting. This decision was made a year ago- and its rounding the bend. I guess after my pre-op I'll start shopping for some things...ok I'm rambling talk soon!

c section I did well

So I'm wondering~ I was up and moving~ recovered great. Wondering if that's an indication how I'll do~ ordered Arnica~ got my walker~ slow but steady

pre op Tuesday

Went well~ thinking I'm over thinking~ need to calm down being completely obsessed on here~ 19 days

9 days!

I have been looking at a tt for over 15 yrs and now I'm days away. Funny I'm only excited..not nervous. I'm down 10~11 lbs. Everyone is commenting how great I'm looking ( just wait..I got more: ) )I hide that divot well. I have stared at my Calendar my hubby and I organizing running the kids or me organizing him running the kids lol. I bought a few supplements but won't start anything till after. My doc said don't do anything but the antibiotic the day before and metamucil a few days prior....I have my hospital pre op Monday. I have already paid everyone. Here's what I have left to buy ( based off what I keep hearing people on r s suggest) toliet lifter, grabber, underwear~ I already have a walker, Brolemein, Arnica, hip o clense, dial: bar & liquid, metamucil, dropping off prescription today. I just keep looking at myself thinking~ ~ my stomach may actually be flat for v the first time in 20 yrs. I'll have to buy new pants they always either to big on legs but waist it good or good on legs too tight on waist....can't wait to say they're perfect on both! And I can say that in 9 days!!!

I can say" next Monday"

Yay. I bought grabber thing and toilet riser. Cannot wait. I have my hospital pre op tomorrow. I am having sx next Monday. Did I mention I can't wait!

Pre Op appt- DONE!!

It's real got a time & a run down on procedures....This time next week I'll be recovering!

2 days and more than ecstatic

okay, so we're two days away got the meds ,got the equipment ,got a few books ,got some puzzles~ biggest worry I'm gonna be so bored sitting on the couch for 2 weeks.... keep reading everyone's posts ...everyone sounds so positive its not as bad as others were saying and I know all I am going to be so excited when I see that flat side. I'll start cleaning like crazy Sunday so on Monday I don't have anything to worry about ~~~did I mention that I was excited

laying here. ...today is the day

Just looking over site. I had a hard time falling asleep. I'll catch up when I'm knocked it..Lol. excited~ lil nervous~ look at my saggy skin..gonna be weird that it'll. Be gone...worked to lose a few me lbs.~ready ~

Flat side I have arrived

So I'm at hospital for the night....definitely recommend that. Laid i n bed all day. Thinking because of that my back hurt....tight in stomach but really not unbearable. When I got up to pee~ it felt good. So I walked the floor with the nurse twice. Slow but it felt so good and the nausea went away since I was breaking the bubbles in my stomach. My back.....and the anesthesiologist gave me a blow thing to 're expand my lungs... the walk Helped that too. Being careful not to over do it~but so happy tho be on the flat side

post day 1~officially went 24 hours after

Not on heavy duty pa i n meds. But the anti inflammatory helps a lot. I woke up a few times to pee. Needed assistance getting up and Down. But walking ok~ just slow. My drains are doing good...not in too much pain just tight.

day 2 flat side

Last night tried bed/ no comfortable spot. Ended up on couch sitting position.took a perk had the best nights sleep. Home alone...quiet by myself. Feet lil swollen. But i m doing good. Not any much pain just tight. This binder had tape like stuff under. I feel like I could stretch if it wasn't on but it's probably pin so I won't lol. Can't wait for a shower...I have first post op visit tomorrow drains are about 18 every 8 hours. Last time at 1 and I have barely any drainage....any way thanks for reading~~~I hear day 4i s the worst~~holding tight

Thunderstorms woke me up

Because I'm home all day - I am well relaxed- my sleep is off- the thunder was so loud-woke me only me right up
I see my PS today- Im draining less than 20 on each side- not sure if that means I'm getting them out- but boy I'd love a shower. I have been on top of the ibuprofen- but only did one Perkie 2nd night. Slept on couch half laying down- it's just easier for me to grab things and help myself up- plus getting up is such a procedure I don't have to wake anyone else-...
I have to say this recovery has been a lot better than anticipated- I don't want to jinx myself- but what I read I was expecting a nightmare. Am I tight? Yes Pain? not really-- well let you know how my appointment goes

day 3 post op visit

Drains out, tape off~ ~~ wow.feel so much better. Drains were a lil wierd coming out. But not too bad~ can't wait to shower. I washed my hair in the sink earlier and a sponge bath....even that felt better. I got a birds eye view can't wait to get home and really see it. Doc said~ nicely hydrating, skin color is great, I was really healing well~ no sit ups for a month~I can drive~ and I have follow up Monday to check if any collection~ let me say I was so scared of all of this~ but it's been great.

Day 4 Post op

Ok so I am on day 4- my first outing by myself- did good driving and walked the store very slow. But it was nice getting out. I took my first shower last night-- wow- I love showers :). My stomach felt wierd- I was barely touching it- just so scared and there is no sensation. I looked it up that you regain your sensations from the outside going in. Which means my side- working its way in toward ( which explained why the tape removal was painful lol). I have a full length mirror so I really got a good look- wow. I can look down and see my feet- not just my belly. It was unreal. My husband kept staring at me saying wow. Then apologized and I said, " all that money- keep saying wow!!". He's so great. I'm definitely swollen but every day my weight goes down letting me know that my swelling is going down too. So on day 4 what do I suggest you get for this- what do you really need 1. Pillows- couple of them. You will not sleep laying down and you'll need so you don't sink into your couch. 2. A toilet seat riser- a must. 3. I had a walker ( never used)- grabber thing ( used today to pick up a few toys but could have done without 4. Advil or get prescription strength- used it religiously 5. I got arnica & bromelein- I do not know what effect they had I bruised bad but its clearing up good & I am less swollen so I don't know if I would have been worse. 6. Gauze pad & hydrogen peroxide- to clean the drain holes. 7. Hipoclense & Dial liquid/ bar- constantly washing my hands & wash myself pre- op & when the tape came off- 8. Water bottle- a constant reminder to someone like me who hates water- I was drinking it non-stop 9. I wore a pair of baggy sweats- so wear something loose- those drains are not comfy in anything tight- you do not want to bump them around 10. I had at least one protein shake a day- and brought protein bars into the hospital with me- 11. Right before I went in I dropped weight and really ate healthy. I started about 6-8 weeks prior. When I came out- all the choices I had was healthy- I think that was the best thing I could have done. 12. Last metamucil/ fiber bars/ smooth move tea (you don't want to have to push- afraid you'll pop a stitch - you won't but its psychological)
So here's some final advice- if your thinking about it and are scared -- DO IT!! It's mind over matter- get up walk- focus on you- it's ok- us Mom's spend our lives thinking of others for a few weeks its ok to put you first- It doesn't hurt as bad as your hearing. If you had a C section- its the same- no easier.

7 days post op

I'll snap a pic before the shower. I haven't posted only because nothing too exciting. Lol~ well I read day 4 is supposed to be hitting a wall~ ~ I must have turned around it. I have to say my recovery has been great. The first day was rough. .not painful just moving around..getting used to lift my body carefully...swollen. I put about 12lbs of swell on and am down 8~ 9 lbs. Almost back to normal. I have watched my salty intake and continue to eat healthy. Yesterday I took Advil only for bed. So it was my first day of meds~ still doing Brolemein and Arnica I don't know if they're really doing anything but hey they're not hurting. I drop metamucil in my water so I don't strain. I sit a lot and am still taking it easy...but feel really good. I wear my binder constantly it reminds me to keep moving slow. I go to get belly button stiches removed tomorrow. I went out 2 times yesterday~ 1 as a passenger~ next I drove. I have been out of house 4 times in the week...very careful moving in and out .well like I said if you're considering this~ ~~do it. Be in the mind sense that the pain is temporary..get up and walk as soon as you can. I walked the hospital floor 2 the first day and 5 times second. I think that is huge...I just kept thinking about what my bikini will look like


pic dy6

day 8- doing great.

Sorry hadn't updated. Yesterday, got my belly button stitches out. Lil collection but so small couldn't even drain it. Looks great- doc very impressed. I went back to work today. I took it easy spent the day at my desk. Even had my first glass of wine tonight!! Weighed myself this morning I am less weight than when I started this. I took no advil for bed last night. It was the first time and still did great. I am still taking Arnica, Bromelin, & my multi-vitamin. I don't even know if I need them but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have to say I read such horror stories and was really nervous going in. Believe me it was well worth it- loving the fact my waist is starting to indent a little- lol. Yay...my husband keeps commenting I weigh less than him-- way less. This is the first time-- I jut smile. So happy I did this!!

9 days post

2nd day back to work~ co workers just had me laughing all,day. It is still hard to laugh but I think laughter is truly the best medicine. I had read people becoming depressed at this point. I have to say...no regrets..I saved all year for this ..I had a part of my body which I could never diet or exercise away. It was created from many children whom I love~ I would never change that. My body was given freely So they could grow, be nourished, it had been thrown up on, amongst other things lol, I've taken hits time after time and would never change that I am blessed for them...but one time I did something for me~I fixed something that bothered me and it's ok....it's ok for you too

12 Day s post

Well I had a post op yesterday and I know longer need my binder. I asked about a compression Garment which he said I could buy but studies show it really doesn't Make a difference.I asked about scar treatment and same thing no studies show it really works. So yesterday i went bare but carried my binder just in case. I walked hunched nervous. .but I slept wonderful...no sore back! I can start peeling off my tape , I can go in a pool, I needed no fluid draining, ...doc said you're making this look easy lol. I will go back to him in a month. No crunches nothing to strain abdomen. He did warn me sometimes disposable stitches poke through and not to be alarmed. So I woke up this morning to tell you . I'm gonna grab a shower and go bikini shopping!!!

19 days

Itching still there but less ( ok less then 1000%~ like 800% l o l). My tape is off and the skin Around it is red. Skin is dry~ I put some lotion on it last night...my energy is good not exactly all back but pretty close. I have to say this hasn't been as bad as I had thought. I'm still swollen but less everyday. My belly button is sinking back in. I figure if it's not all in its still swollen. But for anyone hesitant or scared...don't be. Main thing get up moving right away....keep moving. I think it Makes a world of difference~ I can't wait till all the swelling is down but already. Its a huge difference. ..just do it

26 days

Been busy running around. So where ask I? Doc said cream for scar treatment and cg are all not shown to make a deference, so I have none. I watch that my shorts aren't tight. I'm still itchy but not bad. I'm definitely swollen can't wait to see the final results when the swelling is totally gone. Don't get me wrong It's not uncomfortable. ...I'm just excited.

40 something days post op

Sorry been enjoying the summer- beach- pool- bikini- my new body ;)
I have dropped to a size 4 from my size 8-10. I had a 3 wk follow up last week. I can do anything but use a heating pad. still numb- but not itchy, no pain, not too swollen ( he said about 10% left). Everyone keeps saying how tiny I am- and I feel great. I started walking and hopefully will begin to build myself up to a run. Watching what I eat more for healthy reasons and am down to about 136-137 lbs. ( I was about 140 right before surgery- I had dropped 10-15 lbs right before sx) I would like to drop to about 130 ( I am 5''3). Been hard with vacations and summer bbqs- but I still just try to eat healthy ( Weight watchers). I will post pics- I did see my old pre- sx pics in the docs office ( gross) so glad I did this....

Old Pics

Tried looking for old pics- but most of my pics I'm hiding my belly...here are a few..

1 mth. post

follow ups are less

So I'm on here reading. I had to go in and wore my size 4s. I went back and read my journey on here. I have come so far. In retrospect, what do you need? Toliet seat lifter, grabber, prescription Advil,loose clothes, healthy food, pillows, metamucil (or things to help) , dail hand soap, hypoclense ( I washed everyday until bottle gone~), gauze~ hydrogen peroxide for drain holes (one wouldn't close~ used band aid think pulling gauze off everyday was ripping scab open) , protein shake/ bars, water bottle~ ~small but essential~
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon

Barely wait in office. He is very knowledgeable, very experienced, and calm personality.he's who you want~ meticulous~ nothing rattles him. Answered my questions~ very encouraging. Highly recommend in sj. Area

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